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Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

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There are dozens of horror films released each year, and most of them follow the same old tropes we’ve grown to love.

Yes, we all know there’s a ghost hiding in the closet, or that the guy with a hockey mask isn’t particularly skilled at the sport. However, from time to time, something comes out that’s so ridiculous that you can’t help but watch it – no matter how farfetched it might sound.

That’s what happened earlier this year with the anticipated Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. Weird things happen when intellectual property goes public domain, doesn’t it? This take on the plump bear sees him turned into a psycho killer in a spectacularly cheesy fashion. Was it good? Not particularly. Was it successful? It sure was.

Now, Blood and Honey prepares to fulfill another long-standing horror tradition: the (bloodier) sequel! Director Rhys Frake-Waterfield has announced that Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 horror movie is coming quicker than anyone expected – and Pooh’s bringing some friends along for the ride.

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 Released Date

Blood and Honey 2 is still on track for its reported February 14 release date. Despite the short notice, a movie like Blood and Honey 2 usually requires less time in post-production, which explains why the movie aims for a sequel so soon.

Even though the film might seem “rushed,” director Frake-Waterfield has promised a much more substantial movie with Blood and Honey 2. Sure, the first flick was silly in every way, but Blood and Honey 2 is ready to up the ante for the franchise.

Close up of a character in the new Winnie the Pooh horror movie

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 – What We Know So Far

Frake-Waterfield will return to the director’s chair in the next installment, which, once again, involves a killer Winnie the Pooh. However, while the first movie featured Pooh and Piglet as the villains, Blood and Honey 2 brings more pals from the Hundred Acre Wood to the slaughter.

Owl is the first confirmed new character in the upcoming sequel. As you might remember, Owl used to be the voice of reason in the Hundred Acre Wood – though that might not be the case in Blood and Honey 2.

Along with Owl, another newcomer is one fans will surely be familiar with. Tigger was absent from the Blood and Honey franchise – but not anymore. Blood and Honey 2 will introduce Trigger as another deranged maniac out for blood.

Owl in the new Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey 2 horror movie sequel
Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey 2 horror movie

We already have the first images showing the new cast – and they’re every bit as disturbing as you might expect.

Mysterious deformed figure in shadow in the Winnie the Pooh 2 horror movie

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 Cast

Surprisingly, many of the actors from the first film won’t be returning for Blood and Honey 2. The actors for Christopher Robin, Piglet, and Winnie the Pooh himself have all been replaced by new talents.

While there’s been no official word on why the original cast won’t be coming back for the sequel, the director heavily implied that the higher budget and production values might be to blame.

Instead of Nikolai Leon, Blood and Honey 2 has Scott Chambers as its Christopher Robin. The story will now focus more on Robin, as he has to come to terms with what has become of his childhood friends.

Piglet will now be played by Eddy MacKenzie, replacing Chris Cordell. Pooh’s best friend returns for the sequel to chip in the carnage, which the director promises will be even more spectacular than it was in the first movie. “I think the last time I did a count there was over 30 deaths in the movie,” Frake-Waterfield says about Blood and Honey 2, “which is quite substantial compared to most movies. I think that’s at least over three times what the first film had and there’s various massacres and stuff.” (this quote is also in the Fangoria article!)

Close up of a human character in the Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey 2 horror movie

As for Winnie the Pooh, Ryan Oliva will be the new face of the bloody murderer. While Craig David Dowsett’s portrayal wasn’t one of the worst parts of the original film, the sequel promises further character development for Pooh Bear. Peter DeSouza-Feighoney will also play the part of a younger Winnie the Pooh.

Joining the crew is Lewis Santer as Tigger. This will be the first credit in Santer’s career, so we have no reference for how he might approach the role.

Still, considering he will be wearing a “mask” for the entire movie, all he needs to do is look imposing and growl from time to time. It’s not like the original Blood and Honey had any Robert Englund levels of iconic villains to speak of.

What The Director Has Said About the Sequel

To make it bigger, better, and undeniably bloodier – these are Frake-Waterfield’s goals for Blood and Honey 2. The mixed reception of the first movie might have pushed the filmmaker to pursue a more aggressive personality for the sequel, and the director has already commented on what he expects to improve with the upcoming flick.

For starters, the Pooh Bear will now have a signature weapon. Much like Leatherface’s chainsaw and Jason’s machete, Frake-Waterfield wants a killing tool that becomes synonymous with his version of the character. It makes sense that Pooh would choose a bear trap as his signature weapon. 

Using a bear trap as his main torture instrument proved challenging for Frake-Waterfield’s team, but, in the director’s words, it allowed the team to come up with “Some crazy kills.

First look at Tigger in the Winnie The Pooh horror movie

Speaking of kills – since they are one of the most influential metrics for a slasher flick, the director has also boosted the kill count considerably for the sequel. Blood and Honey 2 effectively doubles the prequel’s body count, bringing the total to at least 30. “I think the last time I did a count there was over 30 deaths in the movieexplains Frake-Waterfield.

The increased gore – and the much-improved character prosthetics – comes thanks to Blood and Honey 2‘s budget. In the director’s words, the sequel has “Over 10 times” the budget of its predecessor.

Considering Blood and Honey was made on a “shoestring” budget of 100,000 US Dollars, we can expect Blood and Honey 2 to look more like the blockbuster horror films we usually see released in cinemas.

Is There a Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 Trailer?

Not yet. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 is currently in production, and a trailer has not yet been released. The film is expected to be released in 2024, so we can expect to see a trailer in the coming months.

Do You Need to Watch The First Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie Before the Second?

Considering the sequel goes in a radical new direction for the franchise, you can comfortably skip the first movie and just jump right into Blood and Honey 2. With new actors, a bigger budget, and a story that takes viewers outside the confines of the Hundred Acre Wood, Blood and Honey 2 stands on its own as a horror film.

Considering the original’s poor reviews, you might be better off ignoring the previous film. All you need to know is that Winnie the Pooh is out for blood in the Blood and Honey universe and that the upcoming movie will be everything a horror sequel aims to be: bigger, louder, and bloodier.

How is Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey Legal?

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey is legal because the original Winnie-the-Pooh book entered the public domain in the United States on January 1, 2022. This means that the characters and stories from the book are now free to be used by anyone without permission from the copyright holder.

The Walt Disney Company still owns the copyright to its adaptations of Winnie-the-Pooh, but the characters and stories from the original book are now public domain.