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Will There Be a Mean Girls Sequel? Reunion Rumors Explained

Will There Be a Mean Girls Sequel? Reunion Rumors Explained

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Every October 3rd, fans of Mean Girls flood social media with jokes, references, and memes about the movie. The jokes come from a Lindsay Lohan scene from a movie, but that doesn’t mean fans only remember the movie on that one day.

It’s become a cultural touchstone since its release in 2004. Audiences have been wishing they could watch more of the Plastics and their rivals for almost twenty years.

That’s why there was so much buzz about photos that showed three original cast members seemingly reprising their iconic roles.

This guide will answer all your questions about the Mean Girls mini reunion and whether or not there really is a sequel or reboot on the way.

Is Mean Girls Getting A Reboot Or Sequel?

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to reboot or make a sequel to Mean Girls. A movie version of the musical is coming out in January 2024.

Mean Girls did have a made-for-TV sequel that aired on ABC Family (now Freeform) in 2011. However, the only cast member to return was Tim Meadows as the principal. The plot was very similar to the first movie and generally not well received.

A theatrical spin-off called Mean Moms was in development in 2014. Mean Girls was based on a non-fiction advice book by Rosalind Wiseman. Mean Moms would also have been based on another Wiseman advice book.

Lindsey Lohan in the Mean Girls movie

Warner Bros. even gave a May 2015 release date for Mean Moms but delayed it in favor of a Reese Witherspoon movie. After that, it never got off the ground again.

Paramount announced a film version of the Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls in 2021. Since it’s not based on the original film but on another adaptation, it’s not really a reboot.

It won’t feature any of the main cast like Lindsay Lohan, but that’s not to say there won’t be familiar faces. Both Tim Meadows and Tina Fey will reprise their roles from the original movie. The movie will be released on January 12th, 2024. Watch the trailer below:

Why Was There A Mean Girls Reunion?

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert reunited in October 2023 as their Mean Girl personas to film a commercial.

The possibility of a Mean Girls sequel ignited the internet when someone took photos of three of the original leads filming together.

The photos showed Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, and Lacey Chabert on a film set in Los Angeles. Seyfried and Chabert sported pink outfits and sat in a silver convertible like the one in the original movie.

Two of the Mean Girls at a Halloween party in the Mean Girls movie

Lindsay Lohan was carrying a clutch with the words “Plastic Clubs Member, Est. 2004” written on it.

Rachel McAdams wasn’t on set, but people were still buzzing about the mini reunion. It turns out that the other three actors weren’t together for a Mean Girls project at all.

It was originally thought to be a commercial for Pepsi inspired by the movie. However, on November 1st, a Walmart Black Friday came out instead. Some of the outfits from the photos appeared in the commercial, so it’s almost certainly what the women were filming earlier this year.

Rachel McAdams did not appear in the commercial.

Would The Original Cast Return For A New Mean Girls Movie?

Several of the main cast of Mean Girls, including Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan, have said they would like to come back for a new movie. Tina Fey and Tim Meadows are already reprising their roles in the upcoming movie musical.

Amanda Seyfried admitted in February that she’d also love to have a cameo in that same movie. There’s been no announcement or confirmation of any of the four leads appearing, however.

Seyfried said, “It’s not it’s not really up to us, is it?” But she then reassured everyone that “all four of us are 100% into it.”

Lacey Chabert agreed in 2019, saying “Gretchen is one of my most favorite characters I’ve ever had the opportunity to play.” The actor thinks it would be interesting to see what her and the other “Plastics” are doing as adults.

She recommended that fans start a petition to get a new movie off the ground. Seyfried also said a fan campaign might be a good idea:

During a 2020 livestream, Rachel McAdams also spoke about her interest in continuing the story. “It would be fun to play Regina George later in her life and see where life took her!”

As for a new movie besides the musical version, Lindsay Lohan has been interested since at least 2014. She even wrote a treatment for a new movie, with the hopes that Tina Fey would get involved.

She’s been asked about her interest several times over the past few years, and her answer is always an emphatic “yes.” But she believes that the possibility only lies in the hands of Tina Fey and Mark Waters (the original director).

But whenever they’re ready, it appears that Lohan and her other mean girls are more than happy to come back to their characters.

What Could Happen In A Mean Girls Sequel?

The original plan for a Mean Girls sequel was a spin-off that focused on the parents of a group of teenagers.

Jennifer Aniston was in discussion for the lead, with Sean Anders directing. Instead of focusing on “mean” teenage girls, the spin-off would instead be competitive moms.

Variety described the movie as a about “a happily married mother of two who moves from small-town America to the high-class suburbs and faces the cutthroat world of competitive parenting.”

Three main characters from Mean Girls sitting at a lunch hall table at high school

The idea of focusing on parents instead of teen girls is something the original cast members were also interested in. Each of them has expressed interest in exploring their characters as they become adults.

They could possibly be mothers of mean-girl teens themselves, adding an interesting contrast to the original movie.

Fans are also speculating about what the new plot could be, with the idea of the girls now parents themselves being very popular.

A few fans think the movie could explore the “mean girl” equivalent of teenage boys. Others think the sequel should be set in a corporate setting.

As several of the stars said, though, the final product would have to come from Tina Fey. They credit her writing for the movie’s long-standing cultural impact.

And maybe fans can start a petition for a new Mean Girls movie, like Seyfried and Chabert suggested!