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Will There be a 365 Days Part 4? Everything We Know

Will There be a 365 Days Part 4? Everything We Know

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From the steamy pages of Blanka Lipińska’s best-selling novels to the screens of countless viewers, the ‘365 Days’ series has captivated audiences worldwide. The addictive blend of romance, drama and the undeniably dark charm of Massimo Torricelli has spiralled into a cinematic phenomenon leaving fans with one question – Will there be a ‘365 Days Part 4’?

Debunking Rumors

If you’re a fan of the series, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled upon one of the multiple ‘trailers’ for part four. They’re well-edited and offer some enthralling content for those who aren’t quite ready to leave the drama of Laura and Massimo behind. However, it’s important to note these are fan-made.

When it comes to concrete information about the release date or specific content of the upcoming movie, caution is key. Many Facebook posts and videos have gained traction by claiming insider knowledge, but fans should be wary. The truth is, that only official announcements from Netflix themselves can be relied upon for accurate information.

Will There be a 365 Days Part 4?

Despite any official confirmation of a fourth instalment, fans are getting more excited by the day. The reasons for optimism are threefold: the undeniable profitability of the series, the evident enthusiasm of its actors, and the tantalizing loose ends left in the narrative tapestry.

The Series’ Past Success

365 days- this day release poster on Netflix
365 Days: This Day Release Poster

It’s a universal truth in cinema that where there’s money, more content is likely to follow. The ‘365 Days’ series is no exception. The exceptional success of all three movies in the series provides a convincing argument for the continuation of the saga.

Now, at first glance, the series looks to be anything but successful. The three movies are all rated the same on Rotten Tomatoes – an abysmal 0%. This is the lowest possible score making it impossible for the series to do any worse. The trilogy’s rating doesn’t fare much better on IMBD where all the movies are under 3.5/10. Yet, while many critics claim the series lacks quality, countless viewers find the drama between Laura and Massimo irresistible. This is evident in the impressive amount of records that the series has broken since it’s release.

Let’s delve into the numbers that make this case. Forbes dubbed the original ‘365 Days’ movie as the ‘most viral’ movie of 2020. This is because it consistently stayed in the top 10 spot for weeks after its release in February 2020. This impressive feat paved the way for the sequel ‘365 Days: This Day’ to reach even further heights of fame by spending 10 days at the #1 spot on Netflix, with 78 million streaming hours in just its first week. This is no small achievement, considering the vast array of content Netflix offers.

Such a staggering performance not only highlights the series’ popularity but also its financial viability for Netflix. In an industry where sequels often make less than the originals, this trend in success looks promising for the 365 Days series.

And it’s not just the movies that have amassed success, but also the books they were based on. Blanka Lipińska’s novels have sold over 1.5 million copies. In some countries such as Poland, they have even outperformed the infamous ‘Fifty Shades of Grey series. The combination of high viewership, readership and proven ability to dominate streaming charts make a strong case.

In the world of streaming where numbers speak volumes, the ‘365 Days’ series has spoken loud and clear. Thus, the likelihood of Netflix greenlighting a ‘365 Days Part 4’ seems not just possible, but highly probable, as the series continues to be a financial juggernaut for the streaming giant.

Enthusiasm of the Actors

It looks like the prospect of a ‘365 Days Part 4’ is not just a topic of fervent discussion among fans. It also appears to be a subject close to the heart of the franchise’s stars. In particular, Michele Morrone, known for his captivating portrayal of Massimo Torricelli, has expressed disappointment at the supposed end of the franchise alongside showing notable interest in revisiting his iconic role.

Following the release of the third instalment ‘The Next 365 Days’, Morrone shared an enigmatic post. In the caption, he mused, ‘The end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows’. This intriguing comment, layered with a hint of nostalgia and possibility, has sent ripples of excitement through his fanbase.

His post was soon flooded with comments asking if there would be a part-four. As of now, Morrone is yet to deny any speculations. Regardless of whether this post confirms another movie in the making, the fact that the lead actor has such enthusiasm is a significant deciding factor in whether Netflix will continue this steamy narrative.

Loose Ends in ‘The Next 365 Days’

Nacho from 365 Days Movie
The Character Nacho – Source: Netflix

The conclusion of the third instalment ‘The Next 365 Days’ has viewers perched on the edge of an intense cliffhanger. Throughout the film, Laura finds herself torn between two men – Massimo and Nacho. This situation forms the crux of the plot and drives much of the film’s tension and emotional depth. Yet, at the end of the film when Massimo asks her who she chooses Laura gives no answer. In a frustrating and anticlimactic turn of events, the film ends.

This unresolved conclusion is not just a dramatic plot device. It’s a significant narrative choice that opens the door wide for further exploration in a subsequent film. The love triangle has been a central element of the past two movies. Therefore, the lack of resolution in ‘The Next 365 Days’ is particularly striking. It leaves a gaping narrative void, one that seems almost deliberately designed to be filled by another chapter in the series.

Netflix, known for it’s strategic pacing, is unlikely to leave such a pivotal plot point dangling without resolution. The intensity of the cliffhanger, coupled with the popularity of the series and the aforementioned factors like the actors’ enthusiasm and the series’ profitability, strongly hints at the necessity of another installment. It would be unusual for a platform that prides itself on viewer satisfaction to provide no closure to a love triangle that has been the heartbeat of the ‘365 Days’ narrative.