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Why Was Tell Me Your Secrets Was Cancelled? Could It Return?

Why Was Tell Me Your Secrets Was Cancelled? Could It Return?

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Sometimes the story behind a show is more of a mystery than the show itself. Tell Me Your Secrets was a dramatic thriller/mystery show following the aftermath of a serial killer’s death.

But it almost didn’t air at all, as TNT canceled it even though the show finished filming. Then Amazon rescued it, but now they appear to have abandoned the show without officially canceling it.

Why did TNT cancel Tell Me Your Secrets in the first place? And what made Amazon decide to distribute it, then never continue its production? Tell Me Your Secrets may not get to wrap up all of its mysteries, but this guide will answer all of your questions about what happened to the show.

Why Was Tell Me Your Secrets Cancelled?

Although Amazon didn’t officially cancel Tell Me Your Secrets, it’s been almost three years since its premiere with no word on renewal. The show likely didn’t attract enough viewers to convince Amazon it was worth the expense of a second season.

Tell Me Your Secrets was originally meant to premiere on TNT. It was in development since 2017 under the name Deadlier Than the Male. But in 2020, TNT scrapped the show completely, even though filming was complete.

Close up of Tell Me Your Secrets character Emma Hall

The general manager of TNT at the time, Brett Weitz, said the show just “wasn’t right” for TNT anymore. Amazon decided to pick up the show instead and premiered the entire season on February 19, 2021.

Unfortunately, critics gave the show mixed reviews, although audiences liked it quite a bit better. Without an official cancellation from Amazon, it’s hard to say for sure why they haven’t continued Tell Me Your Secrets.

However, with the successes of The Rings of Power and The Boys, Amazon has plenty of big hitters to support. It’s possible that Tell Me Your Secrets just didn’t garner enough viewers to be worth continuing.

In addition, Amazon didn’t originally create Tell Me Your Secrets. It’s possible they viewed the first season as simply an inexpensive filler for their schedule. So, they just may not have the faith in it to finance a second season on their own.

Could Tell Me Your Secrets Come Back For A Season 2?

Since so much time has passed since season 1, Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 seems very doubtful.

It’s also not likely that another network or streaming service will pick up the show. While it’s true that Amazon saved Tell Me Your Secrets from the scrap heap, filming was already complete by then.

That means they didn’t have to put any resources into actually creating the show. A new network wouldn’t have that luxury, and so the risks of creating a season 2 are much higher.

Emma Hall, Tell Me Your Secrets character in the driver seat of a truck

In addition, since it’s been so long since the show first aired – not to mention how long it’s been since it was actually filmed – the show isn’t exactly in high demand.

While the cast has been quiet on the show in recent years, two of them expressed interest in the show continuing. Hamish Linklater, who played John, told Collider just after the show premiered that he didn’t really want to end his time on the show.

“I signed a one-year contract,” he explained, “[…] And as it was going along, I was like, ‘Pease don’t kill me. I’m having too good a time. Keep me alive.’” Lily Rabe, who played Karen/Emma, she said always hoped there would be more than one season. “Something that I loved about the first season story of Tell Me Your Story was that it has a beginning, middle, and end,” she told Forbes in 2021. “But there is also room for more and lots of ways that can be done.”

“That is something that Harriet [Warner, the creator of the show] expressed very specifically to me when we initially talked about it, so hopefully, that will happen.”

Unfortunately, there’s no indication yet that these stories will continue in a second season.


Thursday 8th of February 2024

I'm really piss d if they don't come out with another season cuz the show was great and I want to see the second part!!!


Thursday 1st of February 2024

Make a second season! There are so many awful shows that just keep going. This one was actually good!


Friday 26th of January 2024

I'm so sad I wondered why we never got our second season. Such a GREAT show. I LOVED IT 🥹