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Why The Wilds Season 3 Was Cancelled So Abruptly

Why The Wilds Season 3 Was Cancelled So Abruptly

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Female-led TV series are hard to come by, and fans thought they’d found a keeper with the Amazon Prime series The Wilds.

Unfortunately, after a second season that heavily featured a group of male teens instead of the girls, Amazon decided to pull the plug on the show completely.

The news devastated fans, especially since season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger. And even though the switch from girls to boys disappointed some fans, critics still applauded season 2.

So why did Amazon cancel The Wilds before season 3? Would the next season have answered some of the mysteries of the Dawn of Even and Twilight of Adam programs?

We take a look at what happened to The Wilds and why Amazon cancelled it below.

Why Was The Wilds Season 3 Cancelled?

Amazon Prime didn’t explain why they cancelled The Wilds, but there’s speculation that it was a drop in ratings due to the show’s addition of new characters.

The Wilds premiered in December 2020 and centered on eight teenage girls who are stranded on an island after a plane crash.

Soon it becomes clear that the girls are unknowingly part of a social experiment, and someone planned their supposed crash and subsequent “rescue.” The first season received critical acclaim, particularly for its performances and character development.

Still from The Wilds Season 2

Critics also praised the complexity the mostly female cast brought to the screen. But Season 1 of The Wilds ended on a cliffhanger, revealing that the girls weren’t the only experimental group.

Another group of 8 teenagers, this time boys, is going through the same experiment as the girls. Season 2, released in May 2022, explores what the boys went through during their time “stranded.”

It also shows the growing suspicion of the two groups after their “rescue” and more insight into the woman conducting the experiments, Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths).

Critics still praised the second season of The Wilds but considered it slightly weaker than its predecessor. A common complaint was the addition of eight more major characters, which some thought overstuffed the cast.

Not only that, but some felt the boys’ story was weaker than the girls’. Adding in the boys’ detracted from the power of having a female-driven show.

Since Amazon didn’t explain the exact reasoning behind the cancellation, it’s impossible to say for sure what happened.

Still from The Wilds Season 2

But if season 2 became less interesting, and therefore had lower viewership, Amazon may have decided to cut their losses. In addition, the larger cast would have added to the cost of the show.

What Would The Plot Of Season 3 Of The Wilds Be?

The Wilds executive producers Amy B. Harris and Sarah Streicher hoped season 3 would explore the teen boys and girls learning to work together.

Before the show’s cancellation, Harris and Streicher spoke to TV Line about what was coming up for season 3 of The Wilds. Even then, though, the creator’s didn’t know if they’d get to tell more of their story.

Everything they discussed hinged on “if the Amazon gods give us a Season 3,” said Harris. But while they couldn’t reveal much, the two creators did give some insight on what season 3 could have looked like.

Screenshot from The Wilds season 2 trailer

In addition to exploring the clashing dynamics of the two teenager groups, season 3 would show them “unraveling [Gretchen’s] conspiracy and striking back.” They also said the FBI would be involved, trying to find the teens before anything else happens to them.

Finally, Streicher and Harris said that season 3 would explore both Seth’s and Nora’s involvement with Gretchen more.

It’s devastating for fans of The Wilds that season 2 ended on such a major cliffhanger of the groups coming together only to find that Gretchen and her team have escaped them.

Fans And Cast Reactions To The Wilds Cancellation

On X, fans of The Wilds let their disappointment fly about the show’s cancellation.

And the cast of The Wilds were right there with their fans. According to Bustle, Shannon Berry, the actress for Dottie, said goodbye via an Instagram story. “Thank you dottie [sic] for being the most amazing part of these past 4 years. I will miss this unsinkable forever,” Berry posted.

Mia Healey, who played Shelby Goodkind, posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “I love you all, I love you Shelby. I am forever changed & eternally grateful.”

And Alex Fitzalan, who played the dark Seth Novak, posted, “Was so sad to hear about the wilds not going ahead for s3. I hate having to write posts like these. So sorry to those who loved and watched and thank you immensely as always for supporting.”