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The Real Reason Why The Outsider Season 2 Was Canceled

The Real Reason Why The Outsider Season 2 Was Canceled

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HBO’s The Outsider was a hit with fans when it premiered in 2020, becoming one of the network’s most-watched new shows in years. Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, the supernatural crime drama didn’t disappoint. For weeks, we wondered what were the dark forces behind a heinous murder.

Many fans just wanted to see more of Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn – and for good reason. However, despite its success, The Outsider was canceled after just one season. Why would such a popular show get the ax so soon?

The story of The Outsider‘s production is full of mysteries. From a proposed Season 2 to a more supernatural storyline, let’s look at the real reasons why the show came to a sudden end.

Why Was The Outsider Canceled?

HBO canceled The Outsider after one season because they couldn’t find a story worth telling. The first season of the show covered almost all of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, which means that the writers would have needed to craft an entirely new story for a second season.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys said that they “just didn’t feel like we landed on a story that would live up to the first season.”

He also said that they try to approach everything as if there’s going to be a second season, but with The Outsider, they “obviously had a great roadmap” with the book, and without that, they needed to make sure that there was a story to tell.

Two characters in The Outsider TV show

Despite the cancellation, the producers of The Outsider are reportedly shopping a second season to other premium networks and streamers. Netflix is said to be the frontrunner, but it’s not yet clear if the show will be picked up for a second season.

Some fans have speculated that the cancellation of The Outsider may also have been due to the high cost of producing the show. The show had a large cast and crew, and it used a lot of special effects. It’s possible that HBO simply didn’t think it was worth the investment to produce a second season.

Overall, Instead of pursuing a murky Season 2 of The Outsider, HBO decided to turn the show into a miniseries instead. The show concluded the story just as Stephen King envisioned it, leaving little room for continuation.

Did The Outsider Have Bad Ratings?

The Outsider had excellent ratings during its run on HBO Max, surpassing shows like True Detective and Watchmen. Though it never sparked the same levels of social media buzz, low ratings are far from being the reason why the show was canceled.

Perhaps this is the reason why the show’s cancellation was so shocking for fans. Watchmen met a similar fate, while True Detective will release its newest season next year.

All of this might sound discouraging for The Outsider fans – but there’s still hope. Even if HBO canceled the series, that doesn’t mean the show has to end.

Will There Be Another Season of The Outsider?

As of September of this year, there aren’t any plans for The Outsider‘s Season 2. However, the show’s producers are looking for a new house for The Outsider. Since 2020, Stephen King has mentioned he believes the show is destined to get another season.

Showrunner Richard Price has mentioned that he has already written some episodes for the show’s potential second season. These episodes got King’s blessing, so we know they’re just the kind of weird we love to see! Still, it’s been three years since we last heard of any new development on The Outsider season two.

Actor Jason Bateman as Terry Maitland who has a bloody mouth in The Outsider TV show

Could There Be a Spin-Off of The Outsider?

Yes, we’ll likely see a spin-off TV show of The Outsider. Why do we think so? Because Stephen King loves to insert his characters in multiple stories. The best example of this is The Outsider‘s Holly Gibney.

King’s fans should know that Gibney has seen her fair share of adventure within the pages written by the author. From Mr. Mercedes to End of Watch, Holly has become an integral character in King’s mythos.

Now that the writer’s latest novel, Holly, has proved a success, we could eventually receive a new TV series based on the novella. That, however, remains up to the fans, and how much they demand a new series set in this bizarre universe.