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Why Was Scorpion Season 5 Cancelled? Could It Return?

Why Was Scorpion Season 5 Cancelled? Could It Return?

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When Scorpion premiered on CBS in 2014, it brought together a ragtag group of eccentric geniuses and quickly won over viewers. Scorpion followed Walter O’Brien and his team, who used their intellectual skills to solve international crises.

For four seasons, the Scorpion team outsmarted hackers, stopped runaway trains, and prevented technological disasters.

While the realistic technology and science kept the show fun, it was the relationships between this group of social outcasts that made Scorpion truly special.

So when CBS announced the show’s cancellation in 2018, fans were devastated. Why end the journey of this beloved team? What happened behind the scenes to cut short the adventures of O’Brien and his friends?

Why Was Scorpion Cancelled By CBS?

CBS cancelled Scorpion after its fourth season due to the show’s low ratings. Scorpion was CBS’ highest-rated drama in 2014, but those numbers dwindled as the series reached its conclusion.

Unfortunately, that status didn’t last long. Not even die-hard fans stuck with the show for long.

While Scorpion began its run with favorable comparisons to The Big Bang Theory (in terms of viewership,) it quickly became one of CBS’ least-seen TV shows. Add to that the cost of keeping the series’ cast hired, and the numbers simply don’t add up for CBS.

Will There Ever Be A Scorpion Reunion?

Five years after the show’s cancellation, there’s no news about the cast coming back together for a special or a reunion. However, that doesn’t mean that the Scorpion fan community is less active than ever.

Two characters in Scorpion Season 4

Some fans have petitioned Netflix to buy the rights to Scorpion. Through the #SaveScorpion trend, die-hard followers have voiced their interest in seeing a new season of the show. There’s even a subreddit dedicated to the cause, r/SaveScorpion.

Still, most of these fansites and petitions haven’t been updated in years. The last post on the “official” SaveScorpion website was made in 2018. It seems as if the series is doomed to a perpetual cancellation. Until someone decides to reboot the series somewhere down the road, that is.

What’s The Cast Of Scorpion Up To Now?

Scorpion might be over, but the careers of its protagonists are anything but. Since its cancellation, the cast of Scorpion has kept themselves busy with all sorts of projects. Elyes Gabel, who played Walter in the show, can now be seen on Apple TV+ in Suspicion.

Legendary actor Robert Patrick has also appeared in other projects since his time in Scorpion. He’s now a series regular in 1923 and has also appeared in movies like No Man of God and What Josiah Saw.

Series creator Nick Santora has also been busy. Recently, Santora made the news when he released FUBAR, a new series for Netflix. The show marks the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in a scripted TV show.

If you are a die-hard fan of Scorpion and want to get more of the show’s unique take on action and comedy, watching FUBAR might be your best bet right now. With no signs of a revival and with shows like Mr. Robot filling the gaps the series left, all fans have left are the four seasons we originally got.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

I loved it but the ending. Please bring it back


Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Truly sad that they have thought or talked about rebooting the show. It was intense through the 1st 2 seasons. Then the showrunners made some stupid decisions that hurt the show. Although they tried to resolve some of the Season 3 crap at the end. By the beginning of Season 4, they were right back to the same garbage. What made the Big Bang work was the realism of the characters. In Scorpion's case they ate away at the main character's persona (Walter) to the point it was completely ridiculous. Bring the show back but put Walter back to where he was and evolve him based on the ending.

Bethany M

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Really that is how it ends are you kidding if I would have known I would have never watched this show why why end it like that i started this show on a Saturday and finished on a Friday I was hooked god please bring this back there has to be a better ending!! So many questions!!


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Finished the series haven't heard of it till about two months ago when I got prime video. Please bring the series back.

Francis Peter

Thursday 18th of January 2024

I recently watched this program and it's awesome but the ending is not good so please bring it back hopefully we can see another season soon