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The Real Reason Why On My Block Season 5 Was Cancelled

The Real Reason Why On My Block Season 5 Was Cancelled

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As many fantastic original series as Netflix puts out, there are just as many that it cancels before their time.

Fans of teen comedy-drama On My Block weren’t ready for the announcement that there would be no season 5. Their “core four” crew of Ruby, Monse, Cesar, and Jamal had to say goodbye at the end of season 4 in October 2021.

It was a surprisingly popular show and critically well-received, so why did Netflix cancel it? Find out the truth behind On My Block’s cancellation, how it ended, and what happened to its spin-off, Freeridge.

Why was Season 5 of On My Block Canceled?

Netflix didn’t give a specific reason for cancelling On My Block, but it may have cost them too much to continue producing the show.

In January 2021, the Hollywood Reporter released an article about the salaries of the cast of On My Block. Lead stars Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, and Diego Tinoco negotiated increases in their salaries in 2019.

In seasons 1 and 2, the actors made $200,000 per episode, which then increased to $650,000 for season 3. Their 2019 negotiation raised their salaries even further, reaching $850,000 each.

Some of the main On My Block cast on a stairs entrance to a college

The contract also included a potential increase to $1.05 million per episode if they made a season 5.

On My Block was a successful and critically acclaimed show. But unfortunately it seems it just got too expensive. Netflix has a habit of cancelling shows – even the successful ones – after only a few seasons.

Why Was On My Block Spin-Off Freeridge Cancelled?

Freeridge, the spin-off of On My Block, was also cancelled after just two seasons, likely due to costs and lower viewership than the original show.

Freeridge expands the world of On My Block to the entire fictional area of Los Angeles in which the latter show is set. The spin-off takes a more supernatural tone than its predecessor. It revolves around four friends who unleash a curse that causes all sorts of misfortunes for them.

Intriguing to say the least, but it didn’t seem to cause the stir Netflix hoped for. According to What’s On Netflix, the show had a very weak debut. It only generated 8.27 million hours watched in its first week.

Four main characters in the Freeridge TV series
Four main characters in Freeridge

Just two months after its premiere in February, Netflix announced the cancellation of Freeridge in April 2023. Unlike the original On My Block, Freeridge season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger, making its ending even more disappointing for the fans it did have.

Did On My Block Finish Its Story?

Season 4 of On My Block does tease new adventures for the crew, but it doesn’t end with a huge twist and manages to resolve its characters’ emotional arcs.

The On My Block core four struggle to overcome one last hurdle before graduation: prom. Ceasar may have denied Monse for the prom, but at least Monse comes to terms with her mother and family history.

Jamal thinks he’s being stalked, but winds up getting promised a job at a Fortune 500 tech company after graduation. The prom-goers crown Ruby prom king and Jasmine helps Monse get over her bitter feelings towards Vero and Cesar.

The very end of the show involves Ruby’s grandmother passing away, and the crew have a memorial party for her. They talk about their future plans, and Ruby reveals that Abuelita left them another mystery to solve: a map.

So, while the crew definitely could have had a season 5 revolving around the new mystery map, season 4 does its best to bring their current phase of high school life to a close.

On My Block Cast Says Goodbye

It’s not just the fans saying goodbye to their beloved On My Block. The cast of the show took to social media to share their emotional farewells and appreciation for the fans and the show.

Brett Gray, who plays Jamal Turner, said “The show is over, but our family is forever. Thank y’all for the support this day and these last four seasons.”

Sierra Capri, the actor for Monse Finnie, posted on X, “Thank you for this amazing journey we’ve all been apart [sic] of. I gained a new family and I owe it to you guys.”

Jason Genao (Ruben “Ruby” Martinez, Jr.) posted on Instagram a photo of him and the other cast members to say goodbye:

“To everyone who can’t see the finish line. The ones who don’t see anywhere special please know this from experience you are worthy of everything.”

But Diego Tinoco Cesar Diaz) kept it short and sweet, posting only “Peace out Freeridge, it’s been real!”