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Why Justin and Ashlee Left Zombie House Flipping & What They’re Doing Now

Why Justin and Ashlee Left Zombie House Flipping & What They’re Doing Now

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A&E’s Zombie House Flipping featured some of the craziest house restoration projects ever seen on TV. From flooded houses to derelict cabins, the show’s elite team of real estate agents could do it all.

Smack in the middle of this skilled cast was Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly. The duo quickly became fan favorites for their cheery personalities and undeniable skills. For four seasons, Justin and Ashlee became the heart and soul of Zombie House Flipping.

However, Season 5 would see the departure of this beloved dynamic duo. Why would they quit the show so unexpectedly? That’s what we’ll answer today, and we’ll also take a peek at how life after all that Zombie House Flipping has been for Justin and Ashlee.

Why Did Justin and Ashlee Leave the Show?

While appearing on TV seems enticing, Justin and Ashlee had to take care of their personal lives first and foremost. The duo left the show after Season 4 finished recording.

Ashlee was the first to go, while Justin left Zombie House Flipping a bit later. Still, the two professional house flippers aren’t present in the show’s latest season.

It’s worth mentioning that Justin and Ashlee were essentially the brains behind the entire operation. On an episode of the Not a Genius podcast, Justin mentions the producers approached him and Ashlee with the show’s idea.

The house-flipping duo were already well-known in the Orlando area for their daunting renovations. That’s why the same studio behind Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs, Pilgrim Films, offered them the job of a lifetime.

Justin and Ashlee Are Still Professional House Flippers

Despite their departure from the show, Ashlee and Justin are still closely tied to the world of real estate.

Ashlee Casserly still undertakes home renovation projects. In her Instagram bio, the Irish house flipper showcases her most recent projects. Though a bit inactive, Ashlee frequently posts updates about her family life in Orlando, where she still works as a real estate agent.

On the other hand, Justin Stamper is a bit more open regarding his job as a realtor also working in Orlando, Florida. He also frequently posts pictures of his dogs and even organizes real estate events in the Orlando area.

Has the Show Been Canceled?

As of early 2024, there’s still no indication that Zombie House Flipping is off the air. A&E hasn’t made anything official regarding a new season, either. At the moment, Zombie House Flipping remains in a hiatus. You could say this is an undead show.

Even if Justin and Ashlee are out of the show for now, the rest of the cast is still on board to keep the show going. Chief among them is Peter Duke, who had already left the show in a previous season.

Duke made international news last year when he donated supplies for war-torn Ukraine. Now, he’s one of the most veteran cast members on the show.

Alongside Duke is Keith Ori, who remains as devoted to the show as ever. It appears the series will go on for at least another season with Duke and Ori in the lead, even if fans might lament the departure of Justin and Ashlee.

That said, fans should never say never when it comes to this show. As we saw before, Justin and Ashlee are the creators of Zombie House Flipping – so they might return for an upcoming season.