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Why Did Nick Groff Leave Ghost Adventures? New Video Explains All

Why Did Nick Groff Leave Ghost Adventures? New Video Explains All

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Ghost Adventures is a popular paranormal reality show that first aired in 2008 on the Travel Channel. It’s still running to this day on Disney+, but there have been a few changes since its inception.

Namely, one of the original cast members, Nick Groff, left the show in 2014. It’s not uncommon for cast members to change throughout a show’s run and sometimes it’s just an amicable separation.

But why did Nick Groff leave Ghost Adventures when he did? Was it a friendly goodbye, or were there tensions among him and the rest of the show’s crew?

Read on to find out more about Nick Groff’s departure from Ghost Adventures and what he’s doing now.

Why Did Nick Groff Leave Ghost Adventures?

Nick Groff allegedly left Ghost Adventures due to a professional relationship breakdown with Zak Bagans. Nick’s last appearance on Ghost Adventures was season 10, episode 4, “Island of Dolls.”

The next month, November of 2014, Nick officially announced on his Facebook page that he would not be returning to Ghost Adventures.

There’s no mention of any animosity in that original post, but over time both Nick and some of the Ghost Adventures crew have said negative things that have led to rumors and gossip for almost ten years.

Not only did the split eventually appear to be bitter for everyone, but another co-host claims also that Nick was actually fired from the show.

Adam Goodwin claimed the Nick had been fired from Ghost Adventures for creating another paranormal investigation show behind everyone’s backs.

Just a week after Nick’s final episode premiered, Nick debuted a new paranormal series on Destination America called Ghost Stalkers. It did not involve any of the other hosts from Ghost Adventures.

However, in March of 2023, Nick Groff disputed this claim in an explosive video where he specifically addressed some of the rumors about his departure in 2014.

Nick states that “a certain individual that [he] worked with” – which most viewers believe to be Zak Bagans – froze him out over two months of shooting Ghost Adventures. This person allegedly told the network that he would not do the show if Nick was on location.

So, Nick was “dragged along” without actually being part of the show, and eventually his lawyer stepped in to help.

He explained that Nick could either continue to just wait and do nothing on the show, or he could create something of his own instead.

Nick explains that he chose the latter and began working on Ghost Stalkers instead of continuing to be strung along on the allegedly hostile set of Ghost Adventures.

How Did Nick Leaving Ghost Adventures Affect The Show?

Ghost Adventures didn’t seem to change much after Nick left. It appears that the show did shift its focus slightly to feature Zak Bagans more prominently, but many fans agree that this was already happening before Nick left.

The general nature of Ghost Adventures stayed the same. However, outside of the show, there seemed to be a lot of tension between the Ghost Adventure crew and their former co-host, Nick Groff.

After Ghost Stalkers ended, Nick created another show called Paranormal Lockdown. The ads mentioned that Nick used to be involved with Ghost Adventures, which apparently didn’t sit right with Zak Bagans.

He doesn’t mention Nick by name, but many fans believe the tweet was targeted at Nick, and Zak doesn’t seem to deny it.

He also said that people who do “bad things” on a show shouldn’t then use that show as a reference for their past work.

So, even years after Nick Groff left Ghost Adventures, there still seemed to be a lot of hostility between him and the current hosts.

What’s Nick Groff Doing Now?

While Paranormal Lockdown was more successful than Ghost Stalkers – which only had six episodes – the show ended on its third season in 2019.

After a two-year hiatus, Nick Groff debuted Death Walker on Discovery+ in 2021. Similar to his other shows, Death Walker shows Nick travelling across the country as he investigates allegedly haunted places.

Death Walker just ended its third season in May 2023; there’s no official word on whether there will be a fourth season yet.

But possibly the most exciting news is the tell-all video Nick dropped back in March. Nick has been notoriously quiet on the details about his exit from Ghost Adventures, so this video came as a shock to many fans.

While the hostility between Nick and his former co-hosts may boil down to just he-said/he-said, it’s still interesting to hear both sides of the story.

In the video, Nick says he finally spoke out because the situation “directly impacts my life, my career, and my family. I wouldn’t have to get involved in this conversation if this individual didn’t continue interfering with my life.”

Fans of Nick and his paranormal investigation shows hope this will help Nick create more content in the future.