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Why Did Katy Wix Leave Ghosts? Mary’s Surprise Exit Explained

Why Did Katy Wix Leave Ghosts? Mary’s Surprise Exit Explained

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When most of the characters on a show are already dead, it’s hard to imagine being sad when they leave. But that’s exactly what happened on Ghosts when Katy Wix’s character Mary left in series 4.

Mary’s sudden departure, which the show framed as her moving on to the afterlife, left fans shocked and saddened. In-universe, Mary’s leaving also shocked the other ghosts on the show. They spent Mary’s final episode figuring out how to mourn her (even though she was already dead).

It’s both a funny and touching send-off for both Mary and her actor, but why did Katy Wix leave the show to begin with? If you want to know the real reason Katy Wix left Ghosts and what she’s up to now, read our guide below.

Why Did Katy Wix Leave Ghosts?

Katy Wix left Ghosts in series 4 due to a large number of other commitments, including appearing in Ted Lasso.

Wix was a main member of Ghost’s ensemble cast and appeared in every episode of the first three series. She also appeared in two Christmas specials and the first four episodes of series 4.

Wix was a main member of the ensemble cast of Ghosts, appearing in every episode of the first three series. That’s three large acting roles in production at the same time.

Actress Katy Wix as Mary in Ghosts promotional image

Series 4 of Ghosts finished filming in March 2022. In addition to Ghosts, Katy Wix just finished series 3 of Stath Lets Flats and six episodes of Big Boys.

In addition, she published a memoir called Delicacy: A Memoir About Cake and Death in 2021. She was also in the middle of co-writing her own comedy series, Fat Camp. The show is about a weight loss retreat for children.

Wix planned to star in Fat Camp as well, adding to her workload. In short, Wix had a very heavy workload, and she was still in high demand.

So, she decided to leave Ghosts in series 4 to give herself a little more breathing room for other projects, like her role in season 3 of Ted Lasso.

The creators of Ghosts, Ben Willbond and Laurence Rickard, told “We were so lucky to have Katy Wix with us in Button House for four fun-filled series.”

“She, ironically, breathed life into the role of Mary, as only Katy could, making her into such a unique, hilarious and popular character. We’re sad to see her go but can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Did Katy Wix Have An Illness?

Katy Wix did not leave Ghosts due to an illness, but she did take a break from acting in 2019 due to a series of personal tragedies.

At the end of 2017, Wix lost her best friend, whom she calls “D” in her memoir, Delicacy. The next year, her father died, and less than eight months later, her mother followed, dying of an inoperable brain tumor.

Katy Wix as Mary, Bridget Christie and Bruce Mackinnon in Ghosts season 4 episode 2

After all these tragedies, Wix wasn’t sure if she’d ever return to comedy. ““It just felt like lying, really inauthentic. I couldn’t handle how false it felt.”

But after a while, she said she realized that “comedy brings a lot of people joy. Being silly is still really important and the two sitting side by side is the sign of a healthy person.”

What Katy Wix Is Doing Now

After leaving Ghosts, Katy Wix starred in season 3 of Ted Lasso and in the special A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou.

In Ted Lasso, Wix plays Barbara, the Chief Financial Officer of KJPR. Wix also starred alongside Jamie Demetriou in his bizarre musical sketch-comedy special A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou in 2023.

She is allegedly developing her memoir for TV, according to inews. And as of 2022, Steve Coogan’s production company, Baby Cow, will produce Wix’s series Fat Camp.

What Happened To Mary on Ghosts?

Mary unexpectedly moved on to the afterlife in series 4, episode 4, “Gone Gone.” In the episode, Katy and the rest of the ghosts are worried that Robin ascended (which they unfortunately called being “sucked off”) when they can’t find him for several days. They’re relieved when he reappears, but it’s only a brief reprieve.

In the middle of a conversation, Mary herself does actually ascend to the afterlife, permanently leaving her friends, it seems.

Mary's departure in the Ghosts TV series

The rest of the episode shows how each of the other ghosts deal with their grief amidst their surprise that moving on is so tragic to them. After all, they’re already dead – who would have thought they could still mourn each other’s passings?

All in all, it was a surprisingly poignant episode for the comedy series. And although Mary’s departure was a tragic surprise for viewers, the show managed to give her and her actor a respectful goodbye.

Even though there was no announcement about Wix leaving the show, the writers knew about her decision ahead of time. This gave them time to think of how to write her exit.

“Katy had made that decision [to leave],” said Ben Willbond, “and we spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it, and how to do it sensitively and carefully, and we negotiated with Katy about how we would end that appearance on the show.”