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Why Did Big Chief Leave Street Outlaws? Justin Shearer’s Exit

Why Did Big Chief Leave Street Outlaws? Justin Shearer’s Exit

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Big Chief, whose real name is Justin Shearer, was on Discovery Channel reality show Street Outlaws from 2013 to 2019. He was one of the main cast members of the show, serving as racemaster for the first two seasons.

But in 2019, Big Chief wasn’t part of the new season, and he didn’t return for the next one, either. Fans wondered what happened to him, some speculating that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Read on to find out if that was really the case, or if something else made Big Chief leave Street Outlaws.

Why Did Big Chief Leave Street Outlaws?

Big Chief left Street Outlaws because he disagreed with what the show was representing. However, another cast member, Reaper, claimed that Big Chief made production uncomfortable for everyone else.

After being absent from Street Outlaws for almost three years, Big Chief uploaded a video to YouTube explaining his side of the story in 2022.

Street Outlaws' Big Chief & Murder Nova

In the video, Big Chief said he left because he was unhappy with the production of the show. As racemaster, he claims he had to uphold rules and decisions that he personally didn’t agree with.

He felt the show should be kept “as street as possible,” but that the production team of Street Outlaws were changing the format and racing style too much.

Big Chief didn’t want to compromise what he thought of as true street racing, or at least his own style of racing. Even after stepping down as racemaster, it seems he still struggled with the production team’s opposing views.

In a comment left on the video, he elaborates that it wasn’t just one thing that caused him to leave. It was “a culmination of things, over a few year [sic] span.”

Was Big Chief Removed From Street Outlaws?

Big Chief implied that he decided for himself to leave Street Outlaws, but Reaper said Big Chief was the one causing problems.

In response to Big Chief’s video explaining his exit, co-star James Goad, AKA Reaper, posted his own video.

In it, Reaper speculated that Big Chief wasn’t being totally honest. Reaper also claimed that Big Chief was a manipulative person and was the one making things unpleasant on set.

Neither of these videos outright say whether or not production fired Big Chief or if he left of his own accord. But it is clear that Big Chief just wasn’t fitting in with the direction in which the show was going.

What Is Big Chief From Street Outlaws Doing Now?

Big Chief is focusing on spending time with his family and his business, Midwest Street Cars.

Instead of continuing to be part of the Street Outlaws franchise, Big Chief has been focusing on his own content and work.

Justin Shearer owns Midwest Street Cars in Oklahoma. He often posts videos of his work and races on the shop’s YouTube and Instagram pages.

Based on his explanation for leaving, it’s unlikely that Big Chief will ever return to Street Outlaws.

However, he did feature on the first two seasons of America’s List, a spin-off of the original series. This could mean the door is open for future collaborations with Street Outlaws, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Will Big Chief Return to Street Outlaws?

Big Chief has not made any announcements about returning to Street Outlaws. He has said that he is open to the possibility, but that it would depend on a number of factors.

Big Chief said that he left Street Outlaws because of creative differences with the show’s producers. He said that he wanted to focus on his own racing team, 405 Racing, and that he felt like the show was no longer representing street racing in a true way.

He has also said that he is not happy with the way that he was portrayed on the show. He said that he was made to look like a villain and that his personality was exaggerated.

It is possible that Big Chief could return to Street Outlaws if the show’s producers are willing to make some changes. However, it is also possible that he will never return to the show.