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Why Did Halston Sage Leave The Orville? What She’s Up To Now

Why Did Halston Sage Leave The Orville? What She’s Up To Now

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Halston Sage is an actor famous for portraying Lieutenant Alara Kitan on the Fox show The Orville.

Kitan served as Chief of Security on the spaceship from which the show takes its name. Her home planet, Xelaya, has a higher gravity than other planets, which gives her superhuman strength compared to her crewmates.

During the first season, she was a main character on the show and went from an inexperienced newbie to an integral part of the crew.

But shortly into season two, Halston Sage left the show in an emotional episode that rocked Orville fans.

Let’s take a look into why Halston Sage left The Orville, how it affected the show, and what Sage is doing now.

Why Did Halston Sage Leave The Orville?

Neither The Orville writers nor Halston Sage have confirmed the exact reason Sage left the show, only saying it was what was right for the show.

Shows can write off characters because it’s the natural progression of their story or because there’s some conflict with the actors who play them.

So, when Alara Kitan was written off in season 2, episode 3, fans were curious which reason was the cause. But unfortunately, Halston Sage didn’t give a concrete reason for leaving the show.

At a 2019 Television Critics Association panel, someone asked Sage if she chose to leave The Orville. Halston Sage simply responded with “It wasn’t about a choice. It was what was best for the show at the time.”

Halston Sage at the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards on March 21, 2023
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And at first, no one at Fox gave any statement explaining the decision to remove Sage’s character, either.

But in the finale of season 2, Sage’s character had a small cameo appearance. David A. Goodman was asked in a 2019 interview if Sage’s reappearance meant she might come back to the show.

“Halston is a friend of the show,” Goodman responded. “We love her and would definitely want to figure out ways that she can come back.”

Unfortunately, he did go on to say that he didn’t think Halston was “coming back as a regular.”

Even so, it didn’t seem like there was any bad blood between Halston Sage and the others involved with the show.

“We love that character and we love her,” Goodman said. “And so if there is an opportunity to bring her back story-wise, I think she would be open to it and we would love to have her back.”

Although she still hasn’t permanently returned, Halston Sage also appeared in the season 3 finale.

How Did Halston Sage’s Departure Affect The Orville?

In the universe of The Orville, Alara Kitan is a Lieutenant aboard the USS Orville and serves as the ship’s Chief of Security

In season 2, the show revealed that Alara’s Xelayan strength is fading. Her exposure to lower gravity is deteriorating her body. The longer Alara’s away from Xelaya, the weaker her body will become.

Halston Sage as Alara Kitan on The Orville

Her only options to recover are to return to Xelaya or undergo gravity treatments developed by the Orville’s Chief Engineer.

Wanting to repair the strained relationship she had with her family due to her career decisions, Alara decides to resign from the Orville and return to Xelaya, seemingly for good.

At first, Lieutenant Tharl, played by Patrick Warburton, temporarily replaced Alara as Chief of Security for two episodeds

However, in season 2, episode 5, Lieutenant Talla Keyali, played by Jessica Szohr, is introduced as Alara’s permanent replacement. She is also from Xelaya but has more of a military background than Alara.

What Is Halston Sage Doing Now?

Even though she left The Orville, Halston Sage is still appearing in projects across Hollywood.

In 2019, after her final episode as a permanent cast member on The Orville, she appeared in the Mindy Kaling movie Late Night as Zoe Martlin.

Halston Sage also appeared in the films The Last Summer and X-Men: Dark Pheonix.

Her next long-term project after The Orville was the HBO series Prodigal Son. She played Ainsley Whitly, the sister of main character Malcolm Bright, played by Tom Payne.

Prodigal Son ended in 2021 and has been Sage’s only TV series since The Orville so far.

However, she starred as the lead in The List, a rom-com released on VOD on August 22, 2023.

Fans of Halston Sage’s portrayal of Alara Kitan on The Orville still have plenty of other ways to watch the talented actor in action.


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