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Who Owns Skinwalker Ranch? History, Size, Location, and More

Who Owns Skinwalker Ranch? History, Size, Location, and More

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The fascination with Skinwalker Ranch has gone on for almost 30 years. Several TV shows and movies have been made about the strange things people claim to have seen there.

Whether or not these sightings are actually real may be up for debate, but the ranch itself is a real place. What kind of person owns Skinwalker Ranch, and how did they come to own it in the first place?

Find out answers to these questions and more in the article below.

Who Owns Skinwalker Ranch?

Brandon Fugal bought Skinwalker Ranch for $500,000 in 2016 and still owns it today. Fugal is a real-estate and tech investor who lives in Utah. He is the chairman of Collier International, who named him the Utah Office Broker of the Year in 2022.

He also grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as Mormons. Brandon says that as a church member, he was taught that is an endless number of worlds parallel to ours – alternate dimensions.

Brandon Fugal and Post Malone at Skinwalker Ranch
Brandon Fugal (left) & Pots Malone (right) at Skinwalker Ranch

This is part of what led him to purchase Skinwalker Ranch in 2016. The previous owner, Robert Bigelow, had laid the groundwork for studying the paranormal activity at the ranch.

Bigelow helped take the ranch from a just a Utah curiosity to a nationally infamous bed of UFO sightings. These endeavors are what introduced Fugal to Bigelow. Fugal himself had previously invested in tech for gravitational physics theories and other scientific studies.

Eventually, Fugal decided to buy Skinwalker Ranch from Bigelow as Bigelow was shifting focus to a new Bigelow Aerospace.

Since purchasing the ranch, he has since expanded the investigations going on there.

Skinwalker Ranch Size and Location

Skinwalker Ranch is 512 acres (207 ha) in size. It is located in northeastern Utah, United States, approximately 75 miles (121 km) northeast of Salt Lake City. The ranch is located in a remote area of the Uintah Basin, and is surrounded by mountains and forests.

Here is Skinwalker Ranch on Google Maps:

A Brief History of Skinwalker Ranch

The paranormal history of Skinwalker Ranch began in 1994 with the Shermans. They owned the ranch for two years and claimed to have seen lights in the sky, cow mutilations, and strange animals.

In fact, these creature sightings are where the name “Skinwalker Ranch” came from. “Skinwalkers” are a part of Navajo culture. The name refers to people who can transform into animals after committing terrible deeds.

In 1996, the Shermans sold Skinwalker Ranch to Robert Bigelow, a successful hotelier, for $200,000. Bigelow was intrigued by the stories coming from the ranch and wanted to investigate them scientifically.

Bigelow and his crew claimed to have seen the same lights and phenomena as the Shermans. They also said there may have been a “pre-cognitive sentient intelligence” on the ranch that periodically destroyed their equipment.

After twenty years of ownership and investigation, Bigelow turned his interest to Bigelow Aerospace and sold the ranch.

Brand Fugal bought the ranch in 2016 and has continued to investigate the paranormal activity there. He documents the research on the History Channel show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

How Much Is Brandon Fugal Worth?

There’s no confirmation about Brandon Fugal’s net worth – he himself says he can’t say for sure if it’s the hundreds of millions that the internet says.

But he is certainly wealthy enough to own several large pieces of real estate in addition to Skinwalker Ranch. And the ranch itself is likely a valuable piece of land, too.

Brandon Fugal with the Skinwalker Ranch team
Brandon Fugal with the Skinwalker Ranch team

In 2016, Skinwalker Ranch was worth $500,000. Based on just the average price per acre in Utah in 2022, the 512-acre ranch could be worth $2,150,400 today.

He is also a producer on the History Channel show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

Why Did Brandon Fugal Buy Skinwalker Ranch?

Brand Fugal bought Skinwalker Ranch in order to explore the possibilities of alternate dimensions.

Growing up as a Mormon, part of Fugal’s beliefs is that there are multiple dimensions in the universe. As he found himself with more and more financial resources, he decided to use them to explore these possibilities.

But when he bought Skinwalker Ranch, he wasn’t completely convinced of its legitimacy. He claims that he was “fully expecting that there was a 95 percent chance that all of the reports of high strangeness and supernatural activity had a natural, prosaic explanation.”

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch tv show promotional image

Even so, he wanted to find out for himself. If the activity at Skinwalker Ranch was real, Fugal said, it would confirm that there was a greater meaning to life.

“I always hoped that we were not alone and that there truly is a greater plan for mankind.”

Can You Visit Skinwalker Ranch?

No, you cannot visit Skinwalker Ranch. The property is privately owned and access is restricted. The current owner, Brandon Fugal, has said that he is open to allowing scientists and other experts to investigate the property, but he is not interested in opening it up to the public.

There are a number of reasons why Skinwalker Ranch is not open to the public. One reason is that the owner wants to protect the privacy of the people who live on the ranch. Additionally, the owner is concerned about the safety of visitors, as there have been reports of strange activity on the ranch.