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Why Will Willis Left Forged in Fire & What He’s Up to Now

Why Will Willis Left Forged in Fire & What He’s Up to Now

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For fans of Forged in Fire, Will Willis was an institution. With his undeniable charm and weapons knowledge, Willis brought his energetic persona to one of the History Channel’s most entertaining shows.

When Season 8 came about, fans quickly noticed Willis was no longer the host – and the show hasn’t been the same since.

Still, Willis was an integral part of the Forged in Fire formula. Why would the show suddenly change the host who had been with the series since its beginnings? Did Willis have a sudden fallout with Forged in Fire‘s producers? And, more importantly, will he ever come back to the show?

Why Did Will Willis Leave Forged In Fire?

Will Willis left Forged in Fire to focus on his personal life over his work on TV.

Willis married Krystle Amina in 2017 – three years before he left the show. In 2020, the couple welcomed their first child, Flash Orion Willis. Though he already had two children from a previous marriage, the latest baby gave Willis a new set of responsibilities, keeping him away from the spotlight and Forged in Fire.

Just one look at Willis’ socials (@whiskey2whiskey) will tell you all you need to know about his new life.

The previous Forged in Fire presenter is now a proud family man, and he spends most of his time with his family and finding new hobbies.

On another note, Willis appeared on a December 2020 episode of the B3F Podcast, hosted by Joey Manning and Steven Massey. On the show, we got some more insight regarding his sudden departure in 2020.

Besides his family duties, Willis was growing tired of the show, describing the process of filming new episodes as “Boring.” (here’s the moment in the video where he calls the process “Boring”:

It’s as if the show simply wasn’t as rewarding for Willis as it once was. Before he could disappoint fans of the show, Willis made the right decision and left the presenter spot to a new face, which ended up being Grady Powell.

What Did Will Willis Do Before Forged In Fire?

Before he joined the show, Will Willis had a long and distinguished career in the Military. Born in 1975 in a US base in Portugal, Willis had been closely tied to the military world since his birth.

Fans of Willis would probably remember him from his other shows besides Forge in Fire, which usually involved a military background.

Following his time in the army, Willis pursued an acting career. This pursuit led him to score his first roles as a presenter, where his military experience came into play. Though Willis has earned widespread fame for his work with hand-to-hand weaponry, he’s in his element when it comes to firearms.

From Special Ops Mission to Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World, Willis has remained closely tied to weapons of all kind throughout his career. After spending ten years as an Air Force Pararescueman and four years as an Army Ranger, it just came naturally to him.

Who Is The New Host Of Forged in Fire?

Grady Powell became Forged in Fire‘s new presenter after Will Willis had to leave the show. Just like Willis before him, Powell has a military history that lends him some additional experience when it comes to weapons.

Known for his adventurous side, Powell served as a Green Beret in his early 20s. Now, he spends most of his free time backpacking, enjoying the outdoors, and, of course, hosting Forged in Fire. An animal lover and devout family man, Powell is now an integral part of the Forged in Fire clan.

Despite his previous experiences in shows like American Grit and Ultimate Survival Alaska, fans haven’t been pleased with the new host. Still, Forged in Fire continues heating up the competition on the History Channel, with Season 10 coming to spice things up a little with a “tour” season.

Just like Seasons 8 and 9, Grady Powell will return to host the show. While Willis still won’t be returning to the show, fans like Doug Marcaida and David Baker can expect to see some familiar faces in this upcoming season.

Is Will Willis Ever Coming Back to Forged in Fire?

Considering how Willis no longer has an interest in filming new episodes of the show, it’s unlikely that he’ll return to the series. Besides, Willis studied screenwriting at the New York Film Academy and has shown a renewed interest in the craft in his social media posts.

Additionally, Willis has been working on a few audiovisual projects that consume a good chunk of his time now. On his Instagram, Willis shared videos and photos he did for the racing team JCM Racing.

Other than his hobbies and planning the next step in his career, Willis seems to be just enjoying the joys of being a family man. He frequently posts pics of him and his family together doing all sorts of things. The star of the show, however, is Flash, who appears frequently on his posts.

Will Willis might not be coming back to Forged in Fire, but it’s safe to say that he’s earned a special place in the hearts of fans. Whether he returns to the forge somewhere down the line, fans will welcome him back for another round.