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What Happened to Missy Cooper? Sheldon’s Sister on Big Bang Theory

What Happened to Missy Cooper? Sheldon’s Sister on Big Bang Theory

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Geeky, fun, and infinitely quotable, The Big Bang Theory introduced us to some of the most memorable sitcom characters of the past decade. Arguably the most memorable of the bunch, Sheldon Cooper, even got his own prequel series called Young Sheldon.

That show also gave us more background on Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy, who quickly became just as popular. But her story didn’t come off as all that happy when she was on The Big Bang Theory.

Missy’s last appearance in the original series showed her in a failed marriage with a baby on the way. For fans who grew to love the sassy little girl on Young Sheldon, it’s not a very happy thought.

So, did Missy really end up alone and depressed, as The Big Bang Theory seemed to imply? We’ve got the answer to that and more.

What Happened To Missy Cooper On The Big Bang Theory?

When Missy Cooper first appeared on The Big Bang Theory, the show implied she was unhappy with being pregnant and in a failing marriage.

Missy is Sheldon’s younger twin sister, with a personality that was the complete opposite of her genius sibling. Lovable and with a bright sense of humor, The Big Bang gang all found it hard to believe Missy could be related in any way to the Sheldon they know.

However, she only appears in two episodes, and her last appearance in season 11, episode 24 is not very encouraging for her character.

“The Bow Tie Asymmetry” finally sees Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler tying the knot. Of course, Missy had to be there for her brother’s wedding.

We learn that Missy ended her marriage, and she has a baby on the way. While she didn’t seem bothered by the separation, she was less than thrilled by her pregnancy.

It’s sort of a dark place for a character on The Big Bang Theory. But then again, Missy was a very minor character in the show at that point. It wasn’t until the prequel series, Young Sheldon, that audiences got to really know her (albeit as a kid).

What Happens To Missy Cooper After Young Sheldon?

Young Sheldon confirms that Missy Cooper eventually had a large family and was very happy with her life.

Missy is shown as a major part of Sheldon’s life during their childhood. Fans of Young Sheldon quickly grew attached to the wise-cracking and crafty Missy.

So, it left a kind of sour taste in their mouths to remember that, according to The Big Bang Theory, Missy ends up as a less-than-enthused single mother. Luckily, Young Sheldon tells us more about what happened to Missy after her last appearance on the original show.

As fans know, Young Sheldon frequently includes voiceover narration by an adult Sheldon. He often comments on the “current” state of the Big Bang characters after the finale of that original series.

Over several episodes, adult Sheldon explains that Missy ends up happy, surrounded by a new family and lots of friends. For example, in season 3, episode 20 (“A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge”)he says that Missy ends up with a total of four children.

Then, in episode 11 of Young Sheldon season 4 (“A Pager, A Club, And A Cranky Bag Of Crinkles”), Sheldon and his younger twin share a rare moment of genuine sibling affection. Sheldon’s current-day voiceover then explains that thanks to Missy’s amicable personality, she finds friends easily.

Then, because he’s Sheldon, he jokingly one-ups her by explaining that he also has friends and a large family, plus a Nobel Prize in Physics.

It might have been short, but, at the very least, it confirms that Missy, like most of the characters in The Big Bang Theory did get a happy ending.

Who Does She End Up With?

Neither The Big Bang Theory nor Young Sheldon confirm who Missy Cooper ends up with after separating from her husband. However, Young Sheldon does confirm she has a large family and is very happy.

Because Missy’s character is so young on Young Sheldon, she has few romantic relationships. And outside of noting her large family, the current-day narration doesn’t say anything more specific about Missy’s love life.

We do know that she has at least one marriage by the time she’s an adult. On her second and final appearance on The Big Bang Theory, she says that she’s separating from her husband.

Sheldon's sister Missy Cooper in the Big Bang Theory

It’s possible that Missy and her husband reconciled at some point after The Big Bang Theory, but no one can be sure. On the other hand, some fans theorize that Missy actually ends up with Raj Koothropalli, the only remaining single member of the Big Bang friend group.

Missy first appears in the first season of The Big Bang Theory on episode 15, “The Porkchop Indeterminacy.” All of Sheldon’s male friends are attracted to her. But Missy only shows some interest in Raj at the end of the episode.

Although nothing more comes of their relationship onscreen, Raj is still single at the end of the series. Perhaps he and Missy rekindled their romance and had a family together.

Young Sheldon Needs To Set Up More Of Missy’s Life After Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon should explain more about what happens to Missy between her childhood and The Big Bang Theory, as well as what happens after.

Missy is given the short end of the stick on The Big Bang Theory, but at first, Young Sheldon didn’t set her up to deserve that ending. She’s precocious and maybe misbehaves, but does that mean she deserves to be unhappily pregnant and separated from her husband?

At some point, the writers of Young Sheldon didn’t think so and implied a happier future for her with lots of friends and a large family. Even in season 6, when Missy began acting out against her family, the finale has her promise to change her ways.

In the final episode of season 6, Missy gets stuck in the middle of a deadly tornado. Thankfully, she doesn’t die, and the incident causes her to rethink her rebellious behavior. But in a promotional video for the show in July 2023, CBS said that Missy is still “in her rebellious phase.”

So, there’s a chance that season 7 will have Missy still struggling with acting out. This could help explain the situation she finds herself in during The Big Bang Theory.

But hopefully, the rest of Young Sheldon will also continue to build Missy’s character so that she isn’t just a rebellious teen that turns into a messy adult.

So far, most of Missy’s character development happens off-camera in both The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. After all, we still don’t know if she remarried or stayed with her first husband.

We also don’t get any details about a career or even how many boys and girls she ends up having. It would be a real treat for fans of both shows to learn more about Missy’s happy future.