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What Happened To Mike Helmann From Street Outlaws? How Did He Die?

What Happened To Mike Helmann From Street Outlaws? How Did He Die?

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The very nature of a show like Street Outlaws is full of danger. Cars racing at high speeds – typically on unofficial tracks or illegally used roads – with little to no regulations means crashes and, sadly, fatalities will often happen.

But even an intense show like this one can have tragedies off the road. Mike Helmann was a crew member and producer on Street Outlaws that sadly passed away while working. Below we explain what happened to Helmann, who he was to the show, and how his death impacted those he knew.

What Happened To Mike Helmann From Street Outlaws?

Mike Helman was found unresponsive in a hotel room on August 11th, 2022.

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings racer Mike Murillo posted to his Facebook page on August 12th, 2022 that he was “going through a lot right now,” but didn’t elaborate. Then, on August 14th, he posted another message explaining, “Michael was found unresponsive in his hotel room on Thursday night.”

“Michael David Helmann was special. Not only was Michael special to us but he was loved and cherished by so many racers in the #streetoutlaws organization. Michael was our producer🖤. Michael was THAT producer that we knew actually cared about us and treated us like family.”

Murillo continued “Michael would just send random texts from time to time to say “can’t wait to see y’all” or videos at an attempt at getting the song “watermelon sugar” stuck in my head (again) for the weekend.”

“Michael, you made the world a better place during the short time you were in it. We will never forget you or the love you showed everyone.”

No other details about Helmann’s death were released.

Reactions To Mike Helmann’s Death

Other people connected to Street Outlaws spoke up about Mike Helmann on social media.

Craig Pachar, who works at the Triangle Speed Shop associated with Street Outlaws, made a Facebook post about Helmann’s death. “Life is a gift, not a promise, embrace it,” he wrote.

“This man gave us a large portion of his life and he will never be forgotten! This crazy, traveling circus we call Street Outlaws will never be the same without you. Mike, Godspeed brother! Until we meet again, watch over us and keep us in check!”

The Fireball Camaro page also paid tribute to Helmann shortly after his death. “I’d like to take a minute to honor the life of Mike Helmann. Today is a tough day for the street outlaws family.”

“Mike was not only a fantastic producer, but a great friend to myself, and fireball crew. He was always there to put a positive twist on anything negative and knew how to get your spirits ups if you were down.”

“I’m blessed to have been able to spend the last few years with him as we took this crazy journey together. Love you Mikey!! Your [sic] gonna be missed so much!! Rest easy buddy!!”

A friend of the family set up a GoFundMe, which raised over $50,000 for the family’s expenses.

Finally, in October of 2022, Mike Murillo’s Facebook page made another tribute to Helmann after his memorial service.

“This was the day that we knew was coming but is so hard to accept […] Michael we will never forget you my friend. We are so blessed to have had you in our lives for the short time we did. We shall see you again and heaven has gained an exceptional angel and soul.”

“To his family… thank you for inviting and allowing us to be a part of his celebration of life.”

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