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What Happened To Josh On Moonshiners? Accident Explained

What Happened To Josh On Moonshiners? Accident Explained

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Making moonshine, a high-proof liquor historically made and distributed illegally, comes with plenty of dangers. But the excitement factor of handling volatile alcohol and the risk of butting heads with law enforcement is exactly why the show Moonshiners exists.

Unfortunately for one cast member, Josh Owens, there are other dangers he has to face outside of running moonshine. In 2023, Josh was in a horrific accident that nearly took away his ability to walk.

 Keep reading to find out more details about Josh’s accident and how it affected his life, and if he’s returning to Moonshiners.

What Happened To Josh On Moonshiners?

Josh Owen’s crashed his motorcycle during a race at the Daytona International Speedway in March 2023.

Owen’s was a professional motocross racer before he joined the cast of Discovery’s Moonshiners. While making illicit alcohol on TV is now his primary profession, Josh still races as a hobby.

On March 3rd, Josh announced on his Instagram that he would be racing at the Sons of Speed antique board track at Daytona. Unfortunately, that was his last post before he was involved in a very bad crash at the track.

The news broke via The Independent on March 6th, although his family and costars posted messages about the accident on Facebook and Twitter that weekend.

His family also posted to Josh’s Instagram on March 7th, saying, “Just wanted to make a quick post for all the supporters of Josh – we are focused on his healing right now but your love and concern has not gone unnoticed and once Josh has had time to recover we are sure he will reach out.”

Josh crashed his bike at 80 mph and slammed into a concrete wall. In addition to injuries to his limbs and back, Josh was in a coma for ten days after the accident.

Josh Is Recovering And Wants To Return To Moonshiners

Josh Owens did not die in his motorcycle accident, although he suffered serious injuries.

Nearly three weeks after his accident, Josh Owens posted a video to his Instagram, detailing some of the injuries he suffered.

“I broke my neck,” he said from his hospital bed. “I broke my back. Both my legs. I broke my arm, but I want y’all to know I’m tougher than a pine knot and I’m still here. And I’m gonna be here until God brings me home.”

Although doctors thought he might lose a leg and never walk again, a post to Josh’s Instagram in September 2023 showed him “beating the odds.”

His other Instagram posts show him without his wheelchair, and he seems to be recovering well from his accident.

In fact, Josh returned to Moonshiners for season 13 in 2024, albeit in a limited capacity. He told producers “’No’ is not part of my vocabulary.”

Cast And Fan Show Support For Josh After Accident

Josh’s castmates and fans of Moonshiners immediately showed their support after his motorbike crash.

Tim Smith posted to his X account right after the accident, “Grateful for all the love, prayers and support for Moonshiner Josh Owens – all I could say right now is that both of his arms are working fine, so he’ll still be able to make some shine.”

A friend of Josh, Ray Llanes, created a GoFundMe for Josh’s medical bills, and raised over $30,000.

In addition, hundreds of supporters in the Rocky Mount, VA area for a fundraising/birthday event for the Moonshiners star.

Many fans commented on the Instagram updates about Josh’s condition, wishing him a “speedy recovery” and saying that “Moonshiners wouldn’t be the same without the […] Bounce King.”