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What Happened To Jess On In The Dark? Did She Die?

What Happened To Jess On In The Dark? Did She Die?

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In The Dark brought a fresh perspective to the mystery/crime genre with its misanthropic blind protagonist, Murphy Mason.

Murphy got into a lot of bad situations on the show, but she could always count on her roommate, Jess. That is, up until season 3 when Jess found herself in trouble of her own.

Jess was off-screen for most of season 3, and her last appearance on In The Dark was that season’s finale.

Find out what happened to Jess on the show and whether or not comes back in the article below.

What Happened To Jess On In The Dark?

In season 3 of In The Dark, Jess pretended to still be missing after escaping from her kidnapper in order to break free from her old life and escape arrest.

Jess spent the first two seasons of In The Dark as Murphy’s roommate and one of her only friends. She was willing to do a lot of things to help Murphy, even when Murphy wasn’t a very good friend.

Eventually, Jess’s enabling of Murphy got Jess herself into trouble. She was forced to murder Nia the drug lord to prevent Nia from killing Murphy.

Even though it was self-defense, Jess and Murphy couldn’t prove that to the cops. So, they had to go on the run. They promised to meet up with each other, but someone kidnaps Jess before the two can do so.

Jess from In The Dark TV show in season 3

Murphy refuses to stop looking for Jess, even after it seems she may have died in a fire.

In the season 3 finale, Murphy does find Jess, only to discover that Jess had been hiding from her and the others on purpose. Jess saw the fire as an opportunity to disappear and make a new life for herself.

Did Jess Die On In The Dark?

Jess did not die on In The Dark, but she did want everyone to think she was dead so she could start a new life.

Season 3 started off with the character Josiah kidnapping Jess. When Josiah’s arcade burns down, everyone is afraid that Jess was caught inside and may have died.

It turns out that Alex, someone working with Josiah, got Jess out of the fire and took her to the hospital. But before any of Jess’s friends could get to her, she was gone, presumably taken hostage again or even killed.

In the season finale, Murphy finds out that Jess was not only still alive, but not kidnapped. She had intentionally stayed away from Murphy after she got out of the hospital.

Why Did Jess Leave In The Dark?

Jess left the main story of In The Dark because she was tired of the dangerous life that she was leading by spending time with Murphy.

After murdering Nia, the cops were after Jess as well as her friends. By faking her death, or at least not coming forward after her kidnapping, Jess could more easily avoid arrest.

And the very fact that she was put into that situation made Jess reevaluate the state of her life.Jess and Murphy discuss the toxicity of their relationship in the season finale.

Felix and Jess sitting on a couch with their dog in the In The Dark TV series

But just because Jess was missing during a lot of season 3 doesn’t mean her actress left the show. Brooke Markham still appeared as an imaginary version of Jess throughout the season.

Did Murphy Find Out About Jess?

In the finale of season 3 of In The Dark, Murphy finally found out Jess was alive and well and hiding from Murphy on purpose.

Murphy spent most of season 3 looking for Jess even when her other friends said Jess must be dead. Murphy never gave up hope for her friend, which made the end of the season even more shocking.

Not only was Jess alive after all, but she’d been hiding out away from Murphy on purpose. This naturally hurt Murphy deeply, but she couldn’t deny the trouble she’d caused her friend, either.

Murphy still let Jess run again while Murphy herself finally took the fall.

Is Jess In Season 4 Of In The Dark?

Jess is not in season 4 of In the Dark. Her character arc ended in the season 3 finale, “Expectation Is the Root of All Heartache.”

Season 4 follows the aftermath of Murphy finding Jess and allowing her to flee again while Murphy takes the fall for everything.

Jess is not in any of the season 4 episodes, not even as a flashback or an imaginary version of herself like in season 3.

And since The CW cancelled the series, there won’t be a season 5 of In the Dark. So, there’s no opportunity for Jess to show up again in the future, either.