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What Happened To Doc From Street Outlaws? Did He Die?

What Happened To Doc From Street Outlaws? Did He Die?

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The basic premise of the Street Outlaws franchise invites adrenaline and danger. The original Discovery show looks at the world of illegal street racing and follows a group of racers as they compete to be the top drivers.

Street racing is extremely dangerous, even for experienced drivers. Fans worried about one driver featured on the show, James “Doc” Love after he crashed his car during a race in 2020.

Rumors about what exactly happened to Doc are everywhere, but we’ve got the real story behind his crash and what happened to him afterward.

What Happened To Doc On Street Outlaws?

During a race in Nebraska, Doc was seriously injured when he crashed “The Street Beast, but thankfully survived. His car veered into the grass, causing him to roll his car several times. He totaled the car and sustained somewhat serious injuries.

In September of 2020, Doc announced via Facebook that he had crashed while driving his car, “The Street Beast,” while filming a race for the original Street Outlaws series.

Doc from Street Outlaws

He suffered severe bruising and received a bad concussion. “I was knocked out for 20-30 mins and remember NOTHING about the crash or even the race for that matter,” he wrote on his Facebook post.

“Car barrel rolled 5-6 times and even knocked three 8-10” round Cedar trees clean off at the ground […] But we WILL come back better, stronger, and faster somehow!”

The shop responsible for trying to rebuild the Street Beast posted pictures of the totaled car on their own Facebook page the next morning.

Eventually, Doc began racing a new build, this time a Firebird. You can see the unveiling from June 2021 below:

How Confusion May Have Led to the Rumors

The rumors of Doc dying may have started as a mix-up of Doc and another Street Outlaws racer, Ryan Fellows.

In 2022, Fellows also crashed his own car during the filming off the spin-off series Street Outlaws: Fastest in America and sadly died. A spokesperson from Discovery said after the incident, “The ‘Street Outlaws’ family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows.”

“We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan’s loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss.”

Cast And Fan Reactions To Doc’s Accident

There was an outpouring of support for Doc’s recovery on his Facebook post after his crash.

“Just glad the cage did its job and you got to go home to your family. Here’s to a fast recovery boss,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “Prayers for a speedy recovery and a quick rebuild.”

Episode 10 of season 13 played the crash and its aftermath in full. The rest of the Street Outlaws cast were quick to run to Doc’s aid and expressed worry over their fellow racer. “Thank God Doc is okay,” Ryan Martin said as they watched Doc being pulled from his wrecked car.

Thankfully, Doc returned to the show and has continued to race through 2024.

Not The First Time James “Doc” Love Has Had a Health Scare

In 2018, James “Doc” Love posted on his Facebook page letting fans know he had a heart attack. Thankfully, it seems Doc is made of strong stuff and survived this ordeal.