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What Happened to Cowboy Josh on The Pioneer Woman?

What Happened to Cowboy Josh on The Pioneer Woman?

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Every fan of The Pioneer Woman knows Cowboy Josh. The charismatic ranch hand has been more or less the show’s star since its inception – some fans even consider him the protagonist alongside Ree Drummond.

Cowboy Josh has garnered many loyal fans thanks to his friendly personality and cheery humor. However, avid viewers might have noticed that Cowboy Josh has been suspiciously missing in later episodes.

What could have happened to him? Did he suddenly leave the show, or did something happen between him and the Pioneer Woman? The answer, however, will appease fans of this lovable cowpoke.

Is Cowboy Josh Still on The Pioneer Woman?

Cowboy Josh hasn’t left the show, but his on-screen appearances have drastically decreased. Josh Sellers, better known as Cowboy Josh, still works in Ree Drummond’s ranch, but that isn’t his only job. As it turns out, Cowboy Josh has other ventures that take up most of his time.

A devout father, Josh dedicates a good chunk of his time to his family. However, he also fulfills his responsibilities as Ladd Drummond’s farmhand diligently. One of his youngest sons, Taos, even helps him around the ranch from time to time.

Is Cowboy Josh Still Married

Yes, Josh Sellers is still married to his wife, Amanda. The couple has been together for a while now, at least since 2021. It’s worth noting, however, that the Sellers are much more private than the Drummonds. All we know about the family is what little Ree Drummond posts on her social media – which isn’t much.

Still, It’s safe to say that the Sellers still live on the Drummond’s ranch. Together with his family and his dogs, Josh still takes care of the most essential tasks on the ranch. After all, he’s Ladd “Marlboro Man” Drummond’s personal ranch hand.

After decades of working together with the Drummonds, it’s easy to see why they’d consider Josh part of the family.

Will Cowboy Josh Return to The Pioneer Woman?

Josh never officially left the show, but it’s unlikely he’ll remain in the spotlight as much as he was in the past. With his duties on the ranch coming before his work on The Pioneer Woman, Cowboy Josh might not be part of the show as much as his fans would want.

Still, knowing that he remains close to the Drummonds and that he’s still good friends with Ree should be enough for most fans of the show. After all, knowing he’s still doing what he loves is all that his fans could ask for.

Joshua Sellers has been working on the Drummond ranch for nearly 30 years, and that’s a job he’s not about to retire from. Now that he’s not in The Pioneer Woman as much, you can still catch more of him on Ree’s socials.

Recently, Cowboy Josh has become more outspoken about his hearing loss. He recently appeared in a feature video for HearingLife USA, discussing his condition. Still, the Cowboy remains in great spirits – reminding us that the Drummond Ranch, more than his place of work, is his home.