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What Happened To Carl Azuz? Why Did He Leave CNN 10?

What Happened To Carl Azuz? Why Did He Leave CNN 10?

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Carl Azuz has been an icon to students and teachers everywhere for over twenty years. He was an anchor for CNN Student News from 2008 to 2017.

In 2017, CNN Student News transformed into CNN 10. The show was aimed at audiences 13 and over that sought to simplify the news into a more understandable format.

But when the show aired a new season in the fall of 2022, viewers were shocked to see a different anchor on the show and Carl nowhere in sight.

Everyone began asking: what happened to Carl Azuz? Why did he leave CNN 10? Find out the answers to these questions and more below.

What Happened To Carl Azuz?

In 2022, Carl Azuz left his position as the host of CNN 10. He is still alive and is simply no longer the host of CNN 10.

From a video that Carl posted, the decision to leave CNN 10 was a friendly one. He doesn’t appear to have been fired, and he explained how grateful he is for the public speaking opportunities being on the show and network gave him.

He has since gone on to host a new show called The World from A to Z.

Why Did Carl Azuz Leave CNN 10?

Carl Azuz resigned from CNN 10 to pursue other opportunities. He was not fired from the show or the network, and the departure appears to be amicable.

When Carl Azuz did not appear on CNN 10 at the start of the season in 2022, many fans were concerned about him. They flocked to social media to express their disappointment that he wasn’t on the show and to wonder what had happened to him.

Azuz was quick to reassure his fans, posting a TikTok video in September to answer the questions. He explained that nothing bad had happened to him and thanked everyone for their concern.

He went on to clearly state that he was no longer going to be part of CNN 10. Although he continued to express his gratitude for being on the show and the opportunities it offered him, Azuz did not give a specific reason for why he left CNN 10.

Even so, he appeared very grateful to have been on the show and the split seemed to be a mutual decision between him and the network.

Who Replaced Carl Azuz On CNN 10?

Carl Azuz was replaced by Coy Wire as the host of CNN 10 in September 2022.

Coy Wire is a former NFL player who played for the Buffalo Bills and the Atlanta Falcons. He retired from the NFL in 2011 and joined CNN as a sports anchor and correspondent in 2015.

He has been on CNN shows like Early Start, CNN Newsroom, and New Day. On CNN International, he hosted World Sport.

How Did Fans React To Carl Azuz Leaving CNN 10?

Many fans of CNN 10 were so shocked by Carl Azuz being replaced that they worried something had happened to him.

Social media feeds were flooded with students and teachers posting about the “missing” Carl. One fan posted a panicked tweet wondering if Carl Azuz had died.

Others said they were “shattered” and “devastated.”

One teacher from New Jersey described Azuz as being like “Mister Rogers.” She told BuzzFeed News that her students were “really unhappy about his leaving…and we actually worried that something had happened to him.”

Thankfully, Carl Azuz was able to send a message out to his fans, assuring them he was okay and explaining his absence on CNN 10.

What Is Carl Azuz Doing Now?

Carl Azuz has created a new show called The World from A to Z that’s available to stream for free online. Like CNN 10, the show’s aim is to simplify current events and news headlines for young people.

The World from A to Z is designed for teachers and educators to show in their classrooms. Each episode is nine minutes long and airs every weekday during the normal school year.

Carl Azuz also joined TikTok in 2022, and he regularly posts updates about his new show and messages to his audience. He continues his tradition of being “dorky” and delivering endless puns.

He currently has over 831,000 followers on his TikTok account and gained over 250,000 followers in one month back in 2022.