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What Happened to Blippi? Why Did Stevin John Leave?

What Happened to Blippi? Why Did Stevin John Leave?

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For nearly 10 years, the character Blippi has been entertaining children with his online educational show. The first episode of Blippi aired in 2014 and led to live shows, merchandise, and international broadcasting.

But in 2021, a new face appeared as Blippi on the show: an actor named Clayton Grimm took on the persona alongside the original actor, Stevin John.

So, did Stevin John leave Blippi? Why did a new actor begin portraying the character? Read on to find out why there’s a new actor playing Blippi and about the future of the Blippi show.

Did Stevin John Leave Blippi?

Stevin John did not actually leave Blippi, and he hasn’t been replaced. Instead, a second actor named Clayton Grimm was hired to play Blippi alongside Stevin John.

Basically, Blippi is still the same character but is now being portrayed by two different people in different episodes. But why does Blippi need two actors?

In 2021, the same year Grimm appeared as the second Blippi, Stevin John and his wife announced they were expecting a new baby.

Grimm himself has also said that Stevin John wanted a second actor to share the workload as John continued to create more and more content for the Blippi brand.

Who Is The New Actor For Blippi?

Clayton Grimm is the new actor for Blippi alongside the original actor and creator Stevin John, who will also continue to play the character.

Clayton Grimm is a stage actor who has performed in New York and internationally, including as The Flash in stage production of DC’s Justice League.

Grimm was originally hired to play Blippi during the live show Blippi the Musical in 2019.

Then, after the live show began in 2020, the original Blippi show reached out again to see if he’d like to continue playing Blippi alongside Stevin John.

After several auditions, Grimm made his debut on the Blippi streaming show on May 8, 2021.

Audience Reaction To The New Blippi Actor

Parents and children were confused by the abrupt change in Blippi’s actor. Parents took to Twitter (now X) and Facebook to share stories of their children noticing the change and not being happy about it.

Some parents did chime in to say that their kids didn’t notice or at least weren’t bothered by the switch. But the general consensus seemed to be that it was strange to introduce a second actor for Blippi while the first actor is also making videos.

As one parent said, “I wish Blippi could just introduce us to his ‘friend” and maybe he could wear the same outfit just different colors.”

More Casting Controversy For The Blippi Live Show

Many parents were not happy with the addition of a new actor for Blippi on the streaming show. But back in 2020, there was already controversy when parents found out that Stevin John would not perform as Blippi during the touring live show.

The Blippi the Musical live show debuted in January 2020, and tickets went on sale in late 2019. Parents flocked to ticket sellers, paying as much as $250 for four tickets to the show.

But those tickets were bought with the expectation that Stevin John would be playing Blippi. Instead, Clayton Grimm, who would go on to be cast as the second actor for Blippi on the streaming show, would play the character on stage.

When parents who had already bought tickets realized it would be a different actor, they were outraged.

One mother told Inside Edition that she felt “bamboozled” by the switch. “It’s like going to see Rolling Stones and after you’ve already bought your tickets it’s a Mick Jagger impersonator,” she said.

Many children’s live shows have characters in masks or full-body suits, so it doesn’t actually matter who plays them. But in the cast of Blippi, who is a human character with a recognizable face and voice, the actor is the character.

The official tour website did state that a different actor would be playing Blippi on stage, but it was part of the FAQ section, according to BuzzFeed News, not front and center.

Many parents also felt the casting difference was buried in the fine print of third-party ticket websites. They felt they weren’t properly informed before finalizing their purchases.

To make matters worse for some parents, there was also a meet-and-greet option for an additional fee. Many felt that this was a “fraud” since they wouldn’t be meeting the “real” Blippi.

How Has The New Blippi Actor Affected The Show?

Even though there was some controversy and confusion over the years about the casting for Blippi, the Blippi character and his brand are still going strong.

Since it’s debut in 2014, the Blippi channel has had over 15 billion views and currently has 18.4 million subscribers around the world.

Even with the second actor causing an upset in 2021, the show has continued to be a success. That same year, the show expanded to the UK via Virgin Media.

It also launched a new animated series on YouTube called Blippi Wonders. Finally, streaming giant Netflix acquired the rights to the original Blippi programming, while Amazon Prime commissioned a new original show, Blippi’s Treehouse.