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The Real Reason Why Texas Metal Was Canceled

The Real Reason Why Texas Metal Was Canceled

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Since 2017, fans have been glued to their seats as they see the rowdy clientele of Ekstensive Metal Works week after week.

Texas Metal showcases a team of talented metal artists working against the clock to turn rust into automotive gems. From tight deadlines to unruly clients, Texas Metal has it all.

More than mere co-workers, the team at Ekstensive Metal Works is like a family. While that’s great for trust and all, it also lends itself to drama more often than not. Perhaps that’s what we love so much about the show!

However, news of the show’s likely cancelation took fans by surprise. With shows like Pawn Stars still running, one might have guessed that Texas Metal could go for a few more runs.

Still, have you ever wondered why everyone thought the show ended all of a sudden? How about how the series’ cast is doing now? Those are the burning questions we’ll try to answer here.

Why Fans Thought Texas Metal Was Cancelled?

It might come as a surprise to many fans, but, officially, Texas Metal still hasn’t been canceled by the MotorTrend channel. The episode release schedule is a bit sparser, but the show is still alive and running.

The show released 12 episodes in 2023. However, here’s the catch: Texas Metal wasn’t renewed for a “traditional” Season 7 in that period. As unusual as that was, MotorTrend never outright canceled the show.

The lack of updates on social media and MotorTrend’s channel led many fans to believe the show was over – at least, in its traditional airing schedule. Those rumors were fortunately put to rest in early 2024 when Season 7 (proper, this time) was formally announced.

Will There Be A Texas Metal Season 7?

The new season of Texas Metal season 7 is set to premiere on January 31.

The new season promises a return to form for long-time fans of the show. The crew of Ekstensive Metal Works kept work on the new season tightly under wraps. This apparent silence fueled rumors of the show’s cancelation.

The crew promises the new season will have “The best lineup yet.” More than that, Bill Carlton formally refers to the new episodes as Season 7, so we can finally expect Texas Metal to return in full force.

Is There a Texas Metal Spin-Off?

This year, the first Texas Metal spin-off was released, called Texas Metal’s Loud and Lifted. Much like its parent show, the spin-off follows a group of mechanics who give new life to totaled machines and create unparalleled mechanical masterpieces. However, unlike Texas Metal, Loud and Lifted doesn’t feature Ekstensive Metal Works.

Instead of Bill Carlton and his team, fans can see the mechanical talents of Wide Open Garage, 1 Way Diesel Performance, and Mod Mafia in action each week.

What’s even more promising for fans of the original Texas Metal is what Wide Open Garage has to say on its Instagram page. In the last days of August of 2023, the Garage announced on their page that a new season of Texas Metal – and Season 2 of Loud and Lifted – were already in the works.

Where is the Cast of Texas Metal Now?

A question many fans have regarding the show’s current status is what the team of Ekstensive Metal Works has been up to these days.

Without a season airing, the workshop still finds time to work on automotive projects. Besides that, most of the crew at the garage is busy moving shop, as Ekstensive Metal Works is looking to move to a new location.

Still, after a COVID scare and some legal battles, some fans might be wondering what has happened to the team since Season 6 – and how they prepare for Season 7. Here’s what we know about Ekstensive’s team, and where they are now:

John Burgees

One of the show’s most beloved cast members is John Burgees, the upholstery expert. Having joined the show in Season 3, John quickly became a fan favorite for his hilarious one-liners and masterful custom interior work.

With over 30 years in the auto customization business, John provided an experienced perspective to balance out the rowdy antics of the rest of the crew.

Fans of Texas Metal can rest assured knowing the lovable upholstery guru is still living his best life plying his trade in Houston.

John Villarreal-Vega

Joining the cast in 2017, John Villarreal-Vega quickly became the custom fabrication ace of the team. Having honed his skills in metalworking and painting at Houston Community College, John brought some academic chops to complement the street smarts of the other crew members.

Now retired from Texas Metal and Ekstensive, John continues to work at his family business – Shorty’s Hydraulics – while also running his own custom machining and fabrication shop called Timmy John’s.

Tim Donelson

As the unflappable shop supervisor, Tim Donelson provided a steady hand to balance out the more hot-headed members of the crew. Tim’s love for cars and dogs made him instantly relatable to fans who got a glimpse into his personal life through social media.

Tim revealed he had left his longtime post at Ekstensive Metal Works. Rather than seek out another on-camera opportunity though, Tim decided to join forces with his castmate and buddy John Villarreal-Vega at his shop Timmy John’s.

Heath Moore

Welder and fabricator Heath Moore was a staple on Texas Metal for 3 seasons thanks to his top-notch skills and boisterous sense of humor. However, Heath’s run on the show came to an end after he contracted COVID-19 in 2021 and faced some subsequent health complications.

Deciding to step back from the limelight, Heath quietly distanced himself from Texas Metal and the Ekstensive Metal crew. Now fully recovered, he has since opened his own shop fittingly called Heath Moore Interiors. He’s now hiring new people who wish to “Learn [his] way.”

Bill Carlton

As the leader of the gang, Bill Carlton roared through 6 seasons as the undeniable star of Texas Metal. A third-generation welder, Bill’s skill at turning scrap metal into automotive art kept fans coming back week after week. Bill continues to work at Ekstensive Metal Works – the house he founded in 1994.

Between projects at the shop and raising three kids with his wife Jennifer, Bill prepares for when Texas Metal is back for more this January 31st.

Norman McDonald

Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Hey Bill, I love the work you and the crew do. I can't wait to see what comes next. This by far is my favorite of all the shows I watch. I'm sure what ever you guys come up with next will impress us yet again. If I had the money yours would be the shop I would go to!

Lowell Sharrah

Sunday 11th of February 2024

Definitely one of my favorite Automotive shows. I love what they can do with an old vehicle that’s rusted completely. I also love the custom frames they make. Looking forward to a great season 7. It’s going to be different with some of the guys gone.


Tuesday 6th of February 2024


Sheila Wallace

Thursday 1st of February 2024

I have loved Texas Metal from the start just can't get enough of it.I like the way they get after the vehicles and fix so beautiful.

acdc rocks

Thursday 21st of December 2023

Best show on all of MotorTrend.

Michael Deatherage

Thursday 1st of February 2024

Agreed, TM is the BEST on their network...