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Will There Be a Kissing Booth 4? Here’s Why It’s Unlikely

Will There Be a Kissing Booth 4? Here’s Why It’s Unlikely

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The Kissing Booth on Netflix has been a smash hit, catapulting the careers of its young stars: Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney. Based on Beth Reekles’ books, the rom-com trilogy follows teenagers Elle and Noah as they navigate friendship, relationships, and growing up.

With the third film wrapping up their story, fans are wondering: will there be more? While the book series has finished, the movies have taken some creative liberties with new plot lines. The films have undoubtedly resonated with viewers – if not with critics.

Still, with Netflix – and fans – hungry for new content, The Kissing Booth 4 doesn’t sound unlikely. The lack of source material might be a problem, though.

When Will The Kissing Booth 4 Be Released?

At the moment, there is no news about a possible Kissing Booth 4. Neither Netflix nor director Vince Marcello have confirmed they’re working on a new film in the series. Still, there’s a key factor that might leave the door open for more films in this franchise: its alternate ending.

The Kissing Booth 3 – both the film and the book – conclude very similarly. Elle and Noah reunite, and sparks seem to fly. While the book makes this a rather bittersweet encounter, the movie hides a bit more.

This finale leaves the possibility for The Kissing Booth 4 to be set after the time skip. Now featuring a more mature cast, the series could go on as usual. That’s wishful thinking, though, as there are some clear reasons why Netflix might not make another film in this series. Some of the cast’s negative comments are chief among them.

Elle Evans and Lee Flynn in 'The Kissing Booth'

Jacob Elordi, in particular, has a rather negative attitude towards the franchise. The Euphoria star shared in a recent interview that he “Didn’t want to make those movies” from the start.

The experience was so unfortunate for Elordi, that he almost quit acting entirely. “I hated being a character to the public,” the actor added. It’s worth noting that his almost quitting his career happened before he landed the role in Euphoria. So, even if the Kissing Booth returns, Netflix would have to find a new Noah.

Why Netflix Won’t Release The Kissing Booth 4

While The Kissing Booth films have been a major success with viewers, critics have been increasingly less impressed with each new entry. The first film garnered only a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – and the sequels weren’t much better.

The Kissing Booth 2 brought in a meager 27% while The Kissing Booth 3 topped out at 24%. The negative critics might be a cause for concern for Netflix, as releasing a fourth film might garner even worse press for the streaming giant.

That said, audience numbers don’t lie. At the end of the day, Netflix focuses on selling subscriptions, and The Kissing Booth does just that. As Bruce Fretts from The New York Times puts it, “Netflix specializes in the soft sell, expecting viewers to stumble across its original films.”

This means that the streaming platform has to invest comparatively little in marketing. Every The Kissing Booth film – particularly the first one – has been a hit with audiences. Written when Beth Reekles was just 15, The Kissing Booth is an inspirational success story for aspiring writers.

Three main charaacters from 'The Kissing Booth'

Could There Ever Be a Kissing Booth 4?

Luckily for fans, there are still some stories left to tell in the Kissing Booth novels. While the majority of these are side stories set during the events of the films, they add more content for those looking for more adventures starring their favorite characters.

In August 2021, Joey King, who plays Elle in the Kissing Booth trilogy, also commented on the chances of a new film happening on Netflix. King told The New York Times Watching this story be wrapped up so nicely in like a beautiful bow, I think it would be a little hard to come back after that.”

However, the star of the Kissing Booth also had some promising messages for fans. “Do I want to play Elle again? Absolutely,” however, she also added she thinks “the story is on its final chapter.

While a new film is off the cards at the moment, there’s always the chance Netflix might serialize The Kissing Booth. As it happened with Squid Game and Money Heist, the platform has released its fair share of spin-offs over the years. Whether or not the Kissing Booth franchise will live on in any capacity, however, remains to be seen.