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Will There Be a Ted 3? Here’s Why it’s Unlikely to Return

Will There Be a Ted 3? Here’s Why it’s Unlikely to Return

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Ted burst onto the scene in 2012, proving that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane could jump to the big screen. This raunchy bromantic comedy tells the story of John, a grown man whose childhood wish brought his teddy bear to life.

Together, they navigate adulthood while teddy bear Ted struggles to behave appropriately. Fueled by a smart script and powered by MacFarlane’s sharp wit, the film scored with audiences, grossing over $500 million worldwide.

Fans connected with the humor and surprising heart at the core of Ted. McFarlane brought his signature style but proved he could create a full story with genuine emotional beats.

It’s been nearly a decade since the sequel, Ted 2, came to theaters. Naturally, we’d expect a third entry in the series any minute now. That is if there were plans to make a threequel in the first place.

There Might Never Be A Ted 3

As charming as the Ted franchise is, the story of the vulgar talking bear has met its fair share of troubles. One thing is for certain, there won’t be a Ted 3. At least, in the way most fans are expecting.

A third film is virtually impossible due to a couple of issues. First, Ted landed on muddy legal waters in 2014 – just before its sequel hit theaters. Californian production company Bengal Mangle Productions alleged MacFarlane “copied” their idea for Ted. The company had previously worked in a web series called Charlie The Abusive Teddy Bear.

John Bennett and Ted in sitting on a couch talking in the Ted 2 trailer

While Ted and Charlie share some similarities, MacFarlane won the case against Bengal Mangle. However, that was just the beginning of the end for Ted.

2015’s Ted 2 underperformed at the box office. It made less than half the revenue than its predecessor. Audiences and critics also lambasted the sequel, seeing it as a retread of its prequel.

With all this considered, a third Ted film makes no sense from a financial standpoint. Considering the second film barely recouped its budget, it would be difficult for MacFarlane to find a distributor willing to take Ted to theaters a third time – especially a decade after the last film.

Ted’s Story Will Continue As a Series

The good news is that more Ted is coming – as a Peacock original series. The new show, aptly titled Ted, will be a prequel to the films, showing fans John and Ted’s formative years.

The trailer for the new series has already reached YouTube via Peacock’s official channel. In it, Seth MacFarlane himself presents the new show, confirming the series is a prequel to both films.

Considering the Ted timeline, a prequel makes the most sense for the franchise. Both movies already addressed John and Ted’s growth as characters. On the other hand, a prequel series gives MacFarlane more than enough leeway to come up with whatever wacky scenario he desires – and also indulge in some good old 90s nostalgia.

Ted and John Bennett on a park bench talking in Ted 2

Peacock’s Ted will come to the streaming platform on January 11 of this year. The cast includes MacFarlane reprising his role as Ted and introduces Max Burkholder as the young version of John Bennett.

The Ted Revival Could Lead to Another Sequel

A cursory glance at the comments in the Ted series trailer reveals one evident truth: fans still want Ted 3 to happen. One user commented “Hope if this series does well, this means we will get a Ted 3,” a sentiment shared by at least nine thousand additional users. [It’s the top comment on the video, maybe a screencap could be included here?]

Ted might find a new home within Peacock. As we saw with South Park and its many specials on Paramount Plus, there’s a market for raunchy content developed exclusively for streaming platforms.

While Ted failed to impress at the box office, the streaming model might give this potty-mouthed bear a new place to stay. Fans would still get to see more Ted, and Seth MacFarlane would get an additional output for his creativity beyond Family Guy.

For now, fans of the nasty talking toy can catch his high school years on Peacock – when Ted releases on January 11th.