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Will There Be A Strays 2? What We Know About a Possible Sequel

Will There Be A Strays 2? What We Know About a Possible Sequel

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Will Ferrell’s canine comedy Strays took a sizable bite out of the box office when it debuted last summer. The zany flick follows Ferrell’s Reggie, an abandoned dog plotting revenge against his abusive former owner, played by Will Forte.

Reggie assembles a motley crew of talking strays, voiced by a hilarious pack of stars like Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, and Randall Park. Together, they embark on a zany mission to bite off Forte’s manhood. Yes, you read that correctly.

While not particularly successful with critics, Strays earned a considerable fan following. As a throwback to the crass comedies of the past – and a homage to the talking animals movies of the 90s – it’s safe to say the film found its niche. Naturally, that means it’s time for a sequel, right? Well, that’s where things get complicated.

Strays Bombed at the Box Office

One of the main reasons why there might never be a Strays 2 is because the first movie was a commercial disappointment. With a budget of $46 million and a global box office of $36 million, the movie needed to be more successful to earn an instant sequel.

Strays faced some heavy competition at the box office. The R-rated comedy had to compete with Barbie and Oppenheimer – two films so monumental that the term “Barbenheimer” has a Wikipedia article discussing the cultural phenomenon.

Close up of Bug in the Strays movie, voiced by Jamie Foxx

It’s safe to assume a low-budget comedy – compared to Barbie‘s enormous $145 million – had virtually no chance in this race. To make matters worse, Ferrell and the rest of the cast couldn’t promote the film due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Despite the disappointing box office, the movie could still find new life as a streaming sensation. Fans of talking animals and potty humor can already see the film on Peacock.

The Director Still Wants Stray 2 to Happen

Even before the film’s theatrical release, director Josh Greenbaum voiced his desire to make Strays 2. Even if that happened before the movie became a commercial disappointment, the idea of a sequel was seriously considered by the creative team.

Some movies lend themselves to sequels, and some don’t.” That’s a quote from Greenbaum on whether or not he believed Strays could ever have a sequel. He continues, “I don’t see any reason why these dogs […] couldn’t find themselves on another adventure.

That all sounds like Strays 2 is all but confirmed, right? It would appear so – until we get to the part where he says “Hopefully lots of people (see it and love it), and then we’ll go from there.” Now that the film officially bombed, a sequel sounds a bit more unlikely.

A Spin-Off About Cats is Also Unlikely

A Strays alternative with cats instead of dogs is never happening, according to Josh Greenbaum. The director mentions one scene in particular where two cats were used – and how it might have been the movie’s most challenging take.

The four main dog characters from the Stays trailer in the woods looking at wild mushrooms before eating them

The scene where one of the cats had to be still and sit on a cardboard box took the team “An entire day of shooting,” comments Greenbaum. “it was supposed to be like three hours of my shoot day.”

Considering how frequently Strays used real dogs, employing an army of real cats for a spin-off sounds like a living hell for the producers. Reportedly, the production used real dogs around 95% of the time in Strays.

People Still Want Talking Animals

If anything, Strays proves that comedies with talking animals still have a place in cinemas. The film’s trailer’s comment section reveals why fans felt a special connection with this comedy, as raunchy as it might appear at first glance.

Not gonna lie I was actually wondering where the talking animal movies went. Glad to see they’re still around,” writes one user. Another commenter adds “I don’t know if this will be good or not but I’m happy it exists.

While Strays 2 might not happen, the movie managed to reignite the love for this kind of comedy. When theaters overflow with superhero flicks, movies like Strays add some spice to the blend. Let’s just hope the next film like this can take a bigger bite out of the box office next.