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Will There Be a Shogun Season 2? The Directors Have Spoken

Will There Be a Shogun Season 2? The Directors Have Spoken

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FX has just struck gold with the epic Shogun. Based on the novel by James Clavell, this historical drama has proved there’s still room for these impressively large productions on the small screen.

Centered around the exploits of John Blackthorne, the series explores the tense peace of 1600s Japan. In a period of growth, betrayal, and sparse conflicts, Shogun shows us the rich tapestry of Edo-era Japan. While not the first time Shogun gets an adaptation, this is certainly its most ambitious.

One thing to note, however, is that showrunners Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo have a very specific goal in mind with their version of Shogun. Instead of focusing on telling more stories in this universe, they plan to bring Clavell’s novel to life.

What does this mean for fans of the series? And what does that plan mean for the future of the series? Read on to see what we might expect from Shogun‘s second season.

Shogun Season 2 is Unlikely

FX’s Shogun tells James Clavell’s story in its entirety, leaving no room for a second season. At least, that’s how Marks and Kondo saw the series before its release. “I think we tell the complete story of the book. And we get to the end,” said Justin Marks in an interview with The Direct.

Close up of the Shogun character John Blackthorne

He also commented on what fans should expect from this finale. “It’s kind of beautifully ambiguous in certain senses,” he adds. The series follows the same conclusion as the book, which can be shocking for fans who haven’t read the novel.

While Shogun might not get another season, that doesn’t mean FX might not do anything with the series after it ends. As actor Cosmo Jarvis (who plays John Blackthorne) puts it, “There’s a vast expanse of history, which is rife with dramatic potential.

An Original Story Makes More Sense Than Adapting Another Book

Clavell’s “Asian Saga” stands as the writer’s magnum opus. However, Shogun is the only novel he wrote set in that fascinating period of Japan’s history. If the showrunners and cast made one thing clear, is that they fell in love with the world of Shogun.

Fortunately for them, they’re not alone in this sentiment. Social media flooded with admiration for Shogun since the series release. “Best show on tv right now,” writes a Reddit user in support of the show. Considering the series’ 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems like critics agree.

Most of the Asian Saga takes place in Hong Kong and Singapore, however. The difference in setting and period could alienate fans of Shogun who just want more lush Japanese vistas. The bad news for those fans is that, unless FX comes up with an original story, the plot of Shogun ends with the first season.

Close up of Lord Yoshi Toranaga in Shogun season 1 episode 1

It’s always a shame when great miniseries end. However, as Justin Marks expressed in the same interview with The Direct, he hopes that Shogun becomes a “catalyst for audiences to encounter Japanese history in a new way. Because there’s a lot of it.

Shogun is already available for streaming on Hulu, FX, and Star+ in certain territories. Episodes will be released weekly, with Episode 10 – the final episode – airing on April 23.