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Will There Be a Mile 22 Sequel? What The Director Has Said

Will There Be a Mile 22 Sequel? What The Director Has Said

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In 2018, director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg teamed up for Mile 22, a CIA action thriller. Despite lackluster reviews, the film still garnered a modest fan following. Yet six years later, the odds of a Mile 22 sequel seem increasingly slim.

Action buffs loved the film’s non-stop action. On the other hand, those looking for a meatier plot and three-dimensional characters left cinemas disillusioned with Marky Mark.

While it failed at the box office, Mile 22 found new life on Netflix. In 2020, the film became one of the most streamed flicks on the platform. This unexpected event sparked new discussions and more fans wanting a sequel.

With all that said, is a sequel to Mile 22 still in the cards? Let’s look at the facts and the gossip surrounding this mesmerizing actioner.

The Mile 22 Sequel Was Already in Development

Even before the release of the original Mile 22, STX Entertainment had already hired Umair Aleem to pen the sequel. At this point, there was no way the producers could’ve predicted the film’s abysmal box office run.

The idea was to turn Mile 22 into a full-blown franchise. Everything from sequels to spin-offs and even a VR game was in the cards at some point. Aleem, who also worked on Bruce Willis’ Extraction, seemed the perfect screenwriter to keep the franchise alive.

Mile 22 character James Silva

Unfortunately for any sequel plans, Mile 22 bombed spectacularly at the box office. Barely recouping its budget, the flop was enough to put any sequel plans on ice. Now, six years later and even after the movie became a sensation on Netflix, the sequel is more unlikely than ever.

The Director is on a Semi-Hiatus

Since Mile 22‘s release, Peter Berg has only worked on the comedy Spenser Confidential. Though the movie reunited him with Wahlberg, it was also met with unfavorable reviews.

Berg’s last film came out in 2020. Since then, the filmmaker has kept a low profile. Even then, Berg’s filmography is notably missing any sequels. This means that a true sequel to Mile 22 might not be in Berg’s immediate plans.

It’s not just Berg who’s not actively working on a sequel, either. Mark Wahlberg appears to devote most of his time to other projects, leaving Mile 22 behind. Among all the films in Wahlberg’s career, he seems more interested in starring in a sequel to 2010’s The Fighter.

The Fighter really lent itself for another movie,” says the Ted star. He also seemed convinced he’d star in another Spenser Confidential flick before he delved back into the world of Mile 22.

Could a Mile 22 Still be in the Works?

As much as fans might want a new Mile 22 film, it seems unlikely we’ll ever see a sequel. At this point, Mile 22 is more of an oddity than a successful movie franchise. Developing a sequel now could be too risky for the producers.

However, seeing how Mile 22 dominated streaming, there’s still some chance for a Mile 22 sequel. While not as bombastic as its predecessor, a made-for-streaming sequel could work in the series’ favor.

Wahlberg himself has experience with turning box office flops into streaming successes. Just recently, the Ted series became an internet phenomenon after Ted 2 turned out to be box office poison.

Only time will tell whether or not a Mile 22 revival could work. However, as it stands now, the Mile 22 franchise was over before it started.