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Will There Be a Matrix 5? Everything We Know

Will There Be a Matrix 5? Everything We Know

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When The Matrix hit theaters back in 1999, it was a revelation. The groundbreaking sci-fi actioner introduced audiences to “bullet time,” cyberpunk aesthetics, and philosophical questions about the nature of reality.

Over two decades later, the franchise still enjoys an avid fanbase. But with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss now in their late 50s, is it time to pull the log out?

Some argue that the lackluster reception to The Matrix Resurrections proves audiences have moved on. Yet that film still pulled in nearly $160 million globally. It also considerably expanded the world and lore of the series.

There’s still much territory left to explore in the Wachowskis’ brain-bending creation. Perhaps a fifth installment with a younger cast could reinvent the property for a new generation. Or maybe it’s best left to stand as a seminal sci-fi trilogy plus one divisive sequel.

Has Matrix 5 Been Announced?

The Matrix Resurrections producer James McTeigue confirmed there are no plans for Matrix 5. This is mostly due to Resurrections‘ metanarrative. For the producer, The Matrix is done as a franchise – at least in theaters.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections movie

Resurrections is unlike any of the previous Matrix films. Aleksandar Hemon, writer for Resurrections, approached the film as a commentary for the franchise as a whole. It also addresses the current state of Hollywood and sequels, turning the fourth Matrix movie into a beast of its own.

Why The Matrix 5 Will Never Come Out

The critical and commercial failure of Resurrections explains why the franchise is now officially done. Any way you look at it, Resurrections failed to meet Warner Bros. expectations, scoring lower than any of the previous Matrix films on IMDb.

Box office numbers weren’t great, either. However, it would be unfair to blame the movie for its commercial failure. Warner Bros. released the film on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously, against the distributor’s wishes. This affected ticket sales considerably and landed WB in legal hot waters.

Another reason why there won’t be a Matrix 5 relates to where the series could go from where it is right now. Matrix Resurrections felt detached from the franchise, leaving the series with nowhere else to go. It doesn’t help that the trilogy’s original finale, Revolutions, was also loathed by fans.

Could There Ever Be a Matrix 5?

Though unlikely, a Matrix 5 could still exist. After all, it took nearly two decades after The Matrix Revolutions before we got Matrix Resurrections. For many fans, the idea of a Matrix 4 was downright nonsensical.

If recent years have proved anything, is that there’s no such thing as “too late” for sequels. There were 36 years in between Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick. And even Keanu Reeves’ own Bill & Ted franchise saw its third entry 29 years after Bogus Journey.

Neo and Trinity in The Matrix Resurrections movie

With streaming becoming the norm, producers might also be more inclined to produce more “restrained” sequels. While another Matrix theatrical sequel can’t be ruled out entirely, the odds seem stacked against it. Producers are likely too wary of diminishing returns after the last film’s performance.

Perhaps the best hope for fans wanting more Matrix content is additional media. The franchise has already spawned games, comics, and animated shorts. With the rich lore the Wachowskis created, more derivative works could continue exploring this universe. But as far as Trinity and Neo’s cinematic saga – that door seems closed. For now.