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Manifest Season 5: Will There Be a New Season?

Manifest Season 5: Will There Be a New Season?

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The cancellation of NBC’s sci-fi drama Manifest after just four seasons left fans with plenty of unanswered questions.

The show follows the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 who mysteriously vanished, only to reappear five years later.

Just as the puzzle pieces seemed to be coming together, NBC cancelled the series after season 3. Netflix brought the show back for another season, but some fans feel there could have been more.

Is it possible Manifest could get a season 5? This guide will go through everything we know about the future of Manifest and if fans can expect anything new.

Will There Be A Season 5 Of Manifest?

There are no plans for a season 5 of Manifest, but the cast is interested in a possible spin-off.

When NBC cancelled Manifest, the writers thought season 3 would be their last. Even though some stories got answers, there were still loose threads to tie up.

So, Netflix thrilled the cast and crew with their decision to pick up the show for another season. They also knew ahead of time that it would be their last season.

This means they could plan a complete closing arc to the story, and even split the season into two parts. That gave them plenty of time to tell their story without needing to go into a fifth season.

Michaela and Zeke on Manifest

In fact, the creator of the show, Jeff Rake, views season 4 as two mini-seasons. Netflix allowed Rake to split season 4 into two parts of ten episodes each.

“I just decided, for my purposes, that I was going to treat the story as if we had been gifted two 10-episode seasons,” Said Rake.

Rake believes he got his “happy ending” in regard to telling a complete story. While he did have a plan for six seasons, he told Deadline that “twenty episodes [for the ending] turned out to be plenty.”

The cast, on the other hand, is open to even more Manifest stories. Josh Dallas, who plays Ben Stone, thinks there’s “major sequel or spinoff potential here.”

He thinks the show could go into Eden’s future or follow the journey of the younger passengers. Or, says Dallas, they could even go back in time for a “deep dive” of the initial investigation with Vance.

Even Jeff Rake agreed, responding to a message on social media about his interest in a spinoff:

Why Did NBC Cancel Manifest?

NBC cancelled Manifest after three seasons due to low ratings and viewership.

In 2018, season 1 of Manifest pulled in over ten million viewers. By contrast, the finale of season 3 only had 2.8 million viewers.

After such a significant drop in viewership, NBC decided to cancel the show. Jeff Rake says he was “devastated” but not entirely surprised, as ratings got lower with each season after the first.

But he remained hopeful the show could continue somewhere else, and Manifest fans weren’t going down without a fight, either.

Why Did Netflix Bring Back Manifest?

Netflix picked up Manifest for a fourth season due to the success of the first three on the streaming platform. Fans also started a #saveManifest social media campaign that let the streaming giant know the show still had an audience.

Netflix originally passed on a new season of Manifest after NBC originally cancelled it in June 2021. Rake says he can’t say for sure why they changed their minds but feels it was due to the fans.

When the first two seasons of Manifest first dropped on Netflix, the show almost immediately hit the Netflix Top 10. But with 29 episodes, who knew if the interest would continue and wasn’t just a fluke of people watching a little before dropping off?

But after 28 days in the number one spot, Rake thinks Netflix began taking the show’s traction seriously.

In addition, diehard fans of the show started using the hashtag #savemanifest on social media platforms like Twitter (now X). The fan-led campaign delighted the cast and crew of the show.

The actor who plays Angelina Meyer, shared her gratitude for the fans:

Ellen Tamaki, who portrays Drea Mikami, also joined in on the social media celebrations:

The whole campaign was “incredibly cool,” Jeff Rake says.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Season 5 Of Manifest?

Netflix didn’t cancel Manifest, but only picked it up for a single season to begin with. The streaming service gave the showrunners the chance to finish the story and tie up loose ends for the viewers.

Jeff Rake and Manifest fans knew from the beginning of the Netflix negotiations that season 4 would be the last. Netflix made it clear that this final season was to give viewers a complete story without any cliffhangers.

Bela Bajaria, the Netflix head of global TV, stated that they were excited to “bring fans some closure with this final super-sized season.” Season 4 consists of twenty episodes split over two parts.

The second part of season 4 – the Manifest season finale – aired all at once on June 2, 2023.

Is Manifest Season 4 The Finale?

Season 4 is the finale of Manifest, and the writer’s successfully completed the show’s story.

It’s always disappointing when a show based on mystery and suspense gets cancelled before it can answer all its questions. When NBC cancelled Manifest after season 3, its fans felt that disappointment deeply – and so did its cast and crew.

Star of the show, Melissa Roxburgh, says “there were a lot of loose ends that would have been disappointing to finish on.”

“I remember really feeling like, something’s not quite done here […] this can’t be the way we end this.”

But with the intervention of Netflix, Manifest got one more extra-long season to wrap things up. And with the season broken up into two parts, the writers could do it with style.

The first half of the fourth season ends on a huge cliffhanger. All of the flight 828 passengers are detained and as a terrifying power grows stronger and threatens the entire world.

But unlike with season 3, the series creator knew he’d be able to show what happened next in part two. The characters are given the chance to resolve the threat, as well as come to terms with what happened to them years before.

Part two of season 4 successfully brings the Manifest story to a close, satisfying both its fans and its own production team.