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Longmire Season 7 Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Longmire Season 7 Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

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In the heartland of modern television, where series come and go like tumbleweeds in a dusty western town, one show has managed to stand tall, riding a trail of intrigue and mystery for six gripping seasons. That show is Longmire.

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Absaroka County, Wyoming, Longmire has captured the hearts of viewers across the globe with its unique blend of crime, justice, and rugged charm.

Longmire has cultivated a fiercely loyal fanbase, drawn to its intricate character development and the irresistible allure of the American West. But the wait for season 7 has been an agonizing one, stretching all the way back to 2017 when the series concluded its sixth season.

The question on every fan’s mind then is “Will there ever be a season 7?” And the answer to that might disappoint some of the most devoted Longmire followers.

Will There Be a Longmire Season 7?

In 2017, Netflix announced Season 6 of Longmire would be the show’s last, meaning there will be no Longmire Season 7. This might be some bad news for fans who just wanted to see some more of Sheriff Walt Longmire. However, that doesn’t mean that the show’s ending disappointed everyone who loved the show.

In a world where disappointing endings seem to be the norm for long-running TV shows, Longmire held its head high and delivered a final season that was worthy of the stories that preceded it.

Why Was Longmire Canceled?

The real reason why Longmire was canceled is a mystery. Neither the studio or the show’s cast has revealed why the beloved western series came to an abrupt end. However, there are some factors that might have played a hand in why we never got to see Longmire season 7.

Scene from Longmire season 6

Here are some possible reasons for the cancellation of Longmire:

  • Declining ratings: Longmire’s ratings had been steadily declining since its premiere in 2012. By the time the show was canceled, it was averaging only 2.9 million viewers per episode, with the season finale getting 3.7 million viewers.
  • High cost of production: Longmire was a relatively expensive show to produce. Previous owners of Longmire A&E stated that the show cost around $1.5m per episode. This is likely to have been even higher under the current owners, Netflix.
  • Competition: Longmire was competing with other popular shows, such as Yellowstone and 1883, for viewers. These shows were able to attract a larger audience, which may have contributed to the cancellation of Longmire.
  • Netflix’s decision: Longmire was originally produced by A&E, but it was picked up by Netflix for its fifth and sixth seasons. Netflix has a reputation for canceling shows after a few seasons, and it is possible that this was the case with Longmire.

Despite the cancellation, Longmire has a loyal fan base. The show has been praised for its strong characters, realistic portrayal of small-town life, and beautiful scenery. There have been calls for a Longmire movie or revival, but there is no confirmation that either will happen.

This isn’t the first time Longmire was canceled. The show got the ax after season three over at A&E. Netflix bought the rights to the show and gave us three more seasons. However, considering the Longmire audience consisted of mostly older viewers (which are less desired by advertisers), that might have influenced Netflix’s decision to cancel the show after just six seasons.

Will There Be a Longmire Reunion or Reboot?

As of September of 2023, there has been no news of a Longmire TV revival of any sort. However, not all hope is lost for fans of the show’s shocking twists and turns.

As some of the most dedicated fans will know, Longmire is based on the books written by Craig Johnson – and there’s plenty of written history there to satisfy die-hard fans of the show.

Those looking for more of Sheriff Longmire’s escapades should be happy to know that the long-running series will be back with a new entry – titled The Longmire Defense – starting this September 5.

Although more suited for long-time fans of the book, this new adventure might please audiences who grew attached to the characters through the TV show.

What Could Happen in a Longmire Season 7?

While Longmire may have officially ended with Sheriff Walt Longmire and Vic Moretti finding their long-awaited happily ever after, the story doesn’t necessarily have to conclude there.

Scene from the Longmire TV show

With over twenty books penned by the talented author Craig Johnson, there’s a treasure trove of untapped adventures waiting to be explored in a hypothetical Season 7.

Here are our favourite storyline ideas for Longmire Season 7:

  • Walt could be called back to Absaroka County to investigate another series of murders. This would allow him to continue his work as a sheriff and to reconnect with his friends and colleagues.
  • Walt could face a new challenge, such as a natural disaster or a political scandal. This would test his skills as a sheriff and his commitment to justice.
  • Walt could explore his relationship with his daughter, Cady. They could bond over their shared experiences and their love of Wyoming.
  • Walt could also explore his relationship with other characters, such as Vic, Henry, and Branch. These relationships could be tested by new challenges and opportunities.

Ultimately, the possibilities for a Longmire Season 7 are endless. The show’s creators could take the story in any direction they wanted. However, whatever they did, it is sure to be interesting and entertaining.

Here are some other ideas that have been suggested by fans:

  • The show could explore the history of Absaroka County and the Native American tribes that live there.
  • The show could focus on the relationship between Walt and his father, who was also a sheriff.
  • The show could introduce new characters, such as a new sheriff or a new love interest for Walt.
  • The show could take a more serialized approach, with each episode focusing on a different case.

Craig Johnson’s novels provide an abundance of source material. Season 7 could adapt some of the most captivating book plots that have yet to be explored on-screen, bringing to life the thrilling adventures that fans have enjoyed in the written form.

Now that The Longmire Defense is ready to hit the bookshelves, we might be getting a revival of the series before we know it.

Betty hiillyer

Sunday 25th of February 2024

Love the show watch reruns a lot bring long mire back


Saturday 17th of February 2024

Why why why do the Networks always cancel the good shows and keep the crap one's. They hold onto rubbish comedies and episodic rambling drivel that no one want to watch. Bring back Longmire and Kate Sacoff and Cassidy Freeman.

Joyce T

Thursday 1st of February 2024

We LOVE Longmire. Great story lines & characters are so real- life! PLEASE,PLEASE bring it back- even as mini series or movie.


Thursday 11th of January 2024

Make a series based off of the Longmire Defense novels and continue this great story as 6 seasons was not enough for the longmire fans and beautiful countryside it displayed , these were better than what they show on TV these days ..please and thank you


Monday 18th of December 2023

Please please bring Walt back!!