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Will There Be an It Chapter 3? Everything we Know so Far

Will There Be an It Chapter 3? Everything we Know so Far

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Based on Stephen King’s chilling novel, the It films have become some of the most popular horror movies in history.

In 2017, It Chapter One introduced audiences to the sadistic clown Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård. The movie was a smash hit, earning over $700 million worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing horror film ever.

Two years later, It Chapter Two brought back Skarsgård to terrorize the adult versions of the Losers’ Club. While not as successful as the first film, Chapter Two still brought in an impressive $473 million globally.

With these films breaking numerous box office records, the big question is whether there will be an It Chapter 3 to complete the terrifying tale?

Will There Be an It Chapter 3?

As of August 2023, there has been no official confirmation of an It Chapter 3 movie. The two recent It films covered the full story from Stephen King’s novel, with Chapter Two concluding the saga of Pennywise and the Losers’ Club.

Bill Skarsgård has expressed interest in playing Pennywise again but has questioned how a third movie could work, given that the story has ended. While not impossible, the lack of additional source material makes a sequel unlikely.

That said, the popularity of the films and Skarsgård’s chilling performance means there’s always a possibility of a third installment becoming a reality at some point in the future.

The It movies have been incredibly successful, so the door isn’t completely closed on more Pennywise haunting the big screen again someday.

Will There Be an It Spin-Off Series?

While an It Chapter 3 movie is not yet confirmed, fans still have a chance to return to the twisted world of Derry, Maine. A prequel series titled “Welcome to Derry” is currently in production for the streaming service HBO Max.

Close up of Pennywise the clown monster from the It movie

Though Bill Skarsgård will not be reprising his iconic role as Pennywise, the show comes from Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti, director and producer of the It films. The prequel series, set for release in 2024, will allow viewers to delve deeper into Derry’s dark history and the origins of the evil force that emerges every 27 years.

For die-hard Stephen King fans, it’s no secret that Muschietti took some liberties with the source material for its version of Pennywise – and some might say that’s for the best. Welcome to Derry will expand on the lore of Pennywise the Dancing Clown and the darker side of this idyllic town.

Was It Chapter 2 A Flop?

Ultimately, whether or not to make an It Chapter 3 comes down to how successful the previous movie was. Contrary to what some audiences might think, It Chapter 2 wasn’t a flop, amassing a respectable $473 million at the global box office.

However, the undeniable truth is that Chapter 2 fared much less favorably at the box office than its predecessor. This might have led some fans to believe that the movie “flopped,” while it was decidedly far from that.

That said, the diminishing numbers might have somewhat influenced the decision to not move forward with It Chapter 3 so quickly after the sequel.

Whether or not there was the source material available for the threequel wasn’t the issue – it’s more a matter of “Will people go to theaters to watch another It movie?”

Would the Same Cast Return for IT Chapter 3?

Considering the ages of the original It cast, and the fact that Welcome to Derry will be a prequel, it’s unlikely that the same cast would return for a potential It Chapter 3. That said, the lovable Losers Club has been busy these years, appearing in multiple TV shows and films and becoming the new generation of leading actors and actresses.

Other news like how we previously mentioned that Bill Skarsgård won’t return for the upcoming series led us to believe that the creative minds behind the It franchise might want to distance themselves from the actors that starred in the movies.

Main characters from it Chapter 2

This might be a move to avoid comparisons between the movie and the show, as that would allow the series to stand on its own two feet without feeling pressured to live up to the movie’s standards.

Would It Chapter 3 Be Financially Viable?

While it might seem hard to answer whether or not It Chapter 3 would perform better than its prequel, there are some measures the potential film could take to avoid becoming a plot. To put it simply, following current trends, It Chapter 3 would be a box office hit.

One of the most common complaints about Chapter 2 is that it was “Too long.” The movie’s nearly three hours runtime could have been somewhat daunting for casual fans who just wanted to enjoy a summer blockbuster film.

That said, more and more recent blockbusters have been pushing the limits of what we could consider a long movie. With flicks like Oppenheimer breaking audience records left and right, a potential It Chapter 3 could try to go for its prequel’s runtime without much fear of what the critics would say.

Still, the best choice for Muschietti and his team might be to go back to the drawing board with It Chapter 3 and rethink what made the original so special in the first place. A more concise narrative with a less ambitious scope might be just what the series needs to come back with a bang.

What Could It Chapter 3 Be About?

Though the door is shut on continuing the Losers’ Club saga – for now –an It Chapter 3 prequel could dive deep into Pennywise’s ancient and malevolent history. The film could reveal the demonic clown’s origins, showing how this shape-shifting entity came to start its feeding frenzy on Derry every 27 years.

Expanding on Stephen King’s mythology, Chapter 3 could also introduce Maturin, the cosmic turtle who in lore created our universe and lives beneath the town of Derry.

The prequel could center around the primordial battle between the light of Maturin and the consuming evil of Pennywise, bringing their mythic struggle to the big screen.

While Skarsgård may not return for a sequel, a new actor could embody the clown’s initial transformation, showing Pennywise’s first taste of fear as he emerges to prey on humankind. Any way you look at it, an It Chapter 3 has endless terrifying possibilities as a prequel.