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Is Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Scripted or Real?

Is Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Scripted or Real?

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Some people believe that paranormal activity is rife in certain areas in of Utah. But former high-risk oil contractor Duane Ollinger’s only interest is one thing: gold.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch follows Ollinger and his family as they search the 160-acre ranch for an immense amount of buried Aztec gold. But even though the show isn’t as focused on the supernatural, some people still wonder if the show is faked.

The Ollinger family hasn’t found their treasure yet, but they supposedly have found enough to keep looking, and have run into dangerous situations. How much of their findings actually happened, and how many of them were just scripted for television?

Is Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Scripted or Real?

As far as the show’s concerned, everything on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is real. However, it’s likely there’s a certain amount of scripting and reenactments to keep things more entertaining.

It’s a understood that certain reality shows and documentary series will reenact or stage scenes. A Time Warner spokesperson once explained their policies for TruTV, saying, “TruTV’s series feature real people and are based on real situations. Due to production needs, some scenes are reenacted.”

Screenshot from The Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Season 1

Variety’s standpoint is that TruTV isn’t the only channel making these kinds of series. So, it stands to reason that the others are using reenactments as well.

In fact, one of the buyers on the “reality” show Storage Wars, David Hester, accused the show of being fake. He sued the show, contending that they rigged the auctions, but the court dismissed the case.

A&E successfully argued that, because it wasn’t a gameshow, Storage Wars could stage what they wanted on the grounds of free speech. In short, they came just short of outright admitting that they rigged and scripted the show.

Discovery Channel, the home of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, hasn’t admitted that they script or stage their shows. However, some fans are suspicious about some of the findings and how the show handles them.

One particularly critical Reddit thread slams the “acting” of the cast and points out the improbability of finding large gold nuggets so close to the surface. Another lists all the inconsistencies with the show, including a possibly faked carcass brought in to ramp up the tension.

However, this is all unconfirmed, and the members of the cast – particularly Duane Ollinger – swear by the show’s integrity.

Is there Really Aztec Gold In The Blind Frog Ranch?

It is possible that there is Aztec gold on Blind Frog Ranch, and Duane Ollinger stands by the findings on the show.

According to anthropologist Richard Paine, the Aztecs did have large quantities of gold. It was a major part of what drove the Spanish to Mesoamerica (which today includes areas like Mexico, Belize, and Honduras).

The team digging underground in series 1 episode of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Paine says that the natives in that area had many tales of hidden treasure further north, possibly including Utah. He does suspect, though, that these legends were simply a way to keep the Spanish away from the native people.

However, Paine also said that “the idea that there was gold to be captured and hidden away is certainly possible.”

So, the claim by Ollinger regarding the Aztec gold in his Utahn property does have some basis in local folklore. Still, with no real traces of the valuable metal found on his property yet, all we have are legends to go by.

Most experts agree with Paine that a third party might have hidden the Aztec gold in Utah. Either Spaniard colonizers or otherwise – like Season 1’s “Mormon gold coins.” Unfortunately, these valuable trinkets were proven fake in the same episode.

But still, Ollinger truly believes in his goal. “This is a real project,” says Ollinger. “We 100% believe that there is gold in the ground here, and that’s what we’re looking to find.”