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Will There Be An Interstellar 2? Here’s Why It May Never Happen

Will There Be An Interstellar 2? Here’s Why It May Never Happen

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Christopher Nolan’s 2014 space epic Interstellar became a landmark in modern science fiction cinema. The film took audiences on an emotional journey across the stars, as a team of astronauts traveled through a wormhole searching for new habitable worlds.

Anchored by Matthew McConaughey’s heartwrenching performance and buoyed by its groundbreaking visual effects, Interstellar earned over $700 million at the box office and scored multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Nearly a decade later, Interstellar is a sci-fi classic that contemplates the bounds of human love and our place in the cosmos. Though Nolan is known for his reluctance to make sequels, fans still pine for a follow-up that would continue the time-bending adventures of Cooper and Brand.

But with Nolan’s complicated relationship with Warner Bros., concrete plans for Interstellar 2 remain elusive at best. Whether or not audiences will ever revisit this beloved cinematic universe is an open question.

Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Like Sequels

One of the reasons why Interstellar 2 might never come out is Nolan’s reluctance to work on sequels. Besides the Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan refuses to produce sequels to his feature films.

Even then, it was mostly Christian Bale’s idea to make a trilogy. In a 2022 interview with Screen Rant, Bale revealed he had a pact with Nolan to make three Batman films: “Let’s make three films, if we’re lucky enough to get to do that. And then let’s walk away.” And that’s why we don’t have a Dark Knight 4.

Close up of Brand and Cooper in Interstellar

Even some of Nolan’s most iconic films, like Inception, still lack a sequel. Despite its controversial ending, Nolan’s tendency to write his movies as singular experiences remains undefeated. Despite this, the filmmaker’s recent dispute with Warner Bros. might be the leading reason why Interstellar 2 will never happen.

Warner Bros vs. Christopher Nolan

Long-time Christopher Nolan fans might have noticed his latest film, Oppenheimer, lacks the usual WB intro. For two decades, Nolan and WB had a close business relationship. That ended in 2021 when Tenet was released on HBO Max.

Warner Bros.’s decision to simultaneously release all of its major titles in theaters and on HBO Max through 2021 was met with disbelief by Nolan. “They’ve got some of the biggest stars in the world […] And now they’re being used as a loss-leader for the streaming service.” The worst part, according to Nolan, was the decision was made “Without any consultation.”

Now, Nolan works with Universal, beginning with Oppenheimer. Seeing that film’s box office performance, it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. has already established negotiations to see Nolan back under their wing.

Still, without Nolan, there’s no conceivable way an Interstellar 2 could see the light of day. That must be heartbreaking for fans, who’ve been waiting for a sequel for almost a decade. Right?

The Case Against an Interstellar Sequel

While it’s easy to see why the idea of Interstellar 2 might be appealing, a good amount of fans are against it. From worries about the quality of the script to how it could impact the first film’s plot, online users have made it clear Interstellar might not need a sequel at all.

Close up of Cooper crying at the Interstellar movie ending

I’m pretty set against a sequel,” says one Reddit user [this link is a Reddit post, could be embedded!] on the Interstellar subreddit. “This movie is such a masterpiece that I worry a sequel will do no good to it.

Other users share the same sentiment – though they’re open to the idea of continuing the story on a different medium. “Sequel? No. A 12-part mini-series showing each of the Lazarus missions? Yes,says another user.

Still, for fans hoping for a series or any other form of continuation coming from Nolan, they might be in for disappointment. Christopher Nolan confirmed in an interview with YouTuber HugoDécrypte that he’s not interested in working on TV shows. “No,” was Nolan’s straight answer, which came during a rapid-fire round of questions.

So, as much as we’d love to see more of Nolan’s sci-fi side, at the time, an Interstellar sequel won’t mark his return to the genre. For fans of the original, however, they can be happy knowing Interstellar is an epic that stands on its own without the dire need of any sequels.