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In The Dark Season 5 Release Date & Everything We Know

In The Dark Season 5 Release Date & Everything We Know

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Fans of the riveting TV series In The Dark were dealt a surprising blow when news broke that the show would not be returning for a fifth season.

Known for its intriguing blend of drama and suspense, In The Dark has captivated viewers since its premiere, establishing a devoted following that eagerly anticipated each new episode.

So, why has In The Dark not been renewed?

In this guide, we delve deep into the surprising decision to cancel In The Dark Season 5, offering insights and analysis that aim to shed light on this unexpected development in the show’s journey.

Will There Be In The Dark Season 5?

The CW drama In The Dark will not be returning for a fifth season. The network announced the cancellation in 2022 to the disappointment of the show’s many fans. In The Dark was ultimately axed along with several other CW shows.

The producers were notified that season four would be the end of the road for Murphy, Jess, Felix, and the rest of the crew. So while the quirky procedural provided four seasons of mystery and dark humor, viewers should not expect any future episodes.

Why In The Dark Season 5 Was Cancelled

In the end, In the Dark fell victim to larger corporate changes beyond its control. The series was canceled because of the 2022 merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

Max and Murphy from the In The Dark TV show

This business deal led Warner Bros. to sell its stake in The CW network, which had aired In the Dark. The change in ownership at The CW triggered a wave of cancellations, with multiple shows getting the axe as a result.

Though In the Dark had an enthusiastic fan base, their renewal campaigns couldn’t override the hard financial logic behind the cuts. While disappointing for viewers, the Warner/Discovery merger ultimately sealed the procedural dramedy’s fate.

Despite being a critic and fan favorite, larger business forces led The CW to cancel In the Dark after its fourth season.

Will There Be A Movie Or Special To Wrap Up The Story Of In The Dark?

Unlike some other canceled The CW shows, In the Dark does not require a movie or special to provide closure. When the producers were tipped off that cancellation was likely after season 4, they cleverly filmed two different endings.

The first finale left things open-ended to set up a potential season 5. However, the alternate ending – the one we all saw on TV – gave the show narrative closure, resolving most of the series’ storylines. Murphy’s character arc came full circle, without any major cliffhangers.

The finale provided a proper send-off, making an additional movie or special unnecessary for tying up loose ends.

What Could Happen In An In The Dark Season 5?

With Murphy on the run after killing Josh, In The Dark season 5 likely would have followed more of her escapades trying to evade capture. No stranger to life as a fugitive, the next season would have followed Murphy, her dog Pretzel, and her best friend Felix as they escape authorities once more.

Murphy’s romantic future after Max’s death would have been another storyline to develop. Seeing her cope with such a personal loss would likely be an integral part of season 5, which would ultimately make the season feel much different than what we’ve come to expect from the series.

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Wednesday 15th of November 2023

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