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Impractical Jokers Season 11 Renewal & Everything We Know

Impractical Jokers Season 11 Renewal & Everything We Know

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There’s something uniquely amusing about the Impractical Jokers formula you can’t find anywhere else. For ten seasons, Murr, Joe, Sal, and Q have made us laugh uncontrollably with their antics. However, as Season 11 draws near, fans wonder what will happen next with the Jokers they know and love.

Those who’ve been following the Jokers for a while know that Season 10 marked an iconic moment for the show. Unlike previous seasons, Season 10 was missing one core member. After Joe Gatto left the show in the middle of Season 9, the show’s future has been up in the air.

Following a rocky fan reception at the tail end of Season 9, it seems like the Jokers regained their groove with Season 10. Still, would that be enough to warrant Impractical Jokers a Season 11? Or was Season 10 the final challenge for this comedic troupe? Let’s find out!

Will There Be a Season 11 of Impractical Jokers?

A season 11 of Impractical Jokers has yet to be announced by truTV. With the show’s 10th season coming out on February 9, 2023, a season 11 likely depends on the ratings of season 10.

On episode 543 of the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave podcast, Brian Quinn (known as Q) voiced his thoughts on the show’s future. Although briefly, Quinn says (6 minutes in) that the show’s future depends on the ratings, and apparently, they weren’t stellar during Season 10.

On the other hand, Sal Vulcano sounds more optimistic about Season 11. Recently, the Joker commented that “Things are looking good” for the show, even if the new season hasn’t been confirmed yet. “We’re negotiating. We’re trying to see now if we’re going to get more seasons. I remain positive, one way or the other.” This is what he told The Cincinnati Enquirer back in September, reflecting on the cultural impact of Impractical Jokers.

New Episodes Are Coming In February

In a surprise move, truTV announced new episodes of Impractical Jokers, starting on February 8th. The episodes are still technically part of Season 10, but that’s still great news for fans of the show.

On January 16th, truTV released a trailer announcing the return of the Jokers. The sneak peek also revealed the new episodes will retain the same format as the first half of Season 10.

Since Joe Gatto remains absent, the show will invite a new guest host for each episode. The formula has been well-received by fans, who now see Impractical Jokers as a show that keeps reinventing itself with each episode.

One of the most awaited hosts this season is none other than Gordon Shumway, better known as ALF. Yes, the ALF. Straight from the 80s sitcom, the original ALF puppet will join the Jokers this season. According to Murr, he was one of the toughest guests to book.

ALF was the hardest guest yet to get on the show,” Murray confessed. According to the Joker, the puppet had to be rescued from storage and flown in first class to join the rest of the cast in NYC. In Murr’s words, ALF was “Harder to get than Paul Rudd.

Quinn was particularly happy with ALF’s guest-starring in the show. “It was surreal and wonderful to work with someone who meant so much to my childhood,” Quinn posted on his Instagram profile.

Murr, Q, Joe and Sal in an Impractical Jokers promotional poster

Season 11 Possible Release Date

If the show is renewed for Season 11, we can expect it to premiere sometime in late 2024 or early 2025. The show typically airs new seasons in the spring and summer months.

That’s some great news for fans who might believe that the series is over, as there’s still time for the Jokers to announce a long-awaited reunion.

As we learned from Sal Vulcano, renewal conversations are currently underway. The recent news about Joe and his wife might also imply Season 11 might be a return to form for the series. Not that there was anything wrong with Season 10’s celebrities, but the show just wasn’t the same without Joe Gatto.

Some fans even considered Season 10 a step up over Season 9. “I’m not sure whether it’s just time or if the guys have worked some kinks out with the new format but, this season has felt awesome to me!” Comments user Imperator_3 on the show’s subreddit – a sentiment shared among the community.

With the positive reception Season 10 got, and the general goodwill the show has gathered over the years, a new season seems more than likely to happen. There’s also the fact that Season 10 was the first to be simulcasted on truTV and TBS, giving the show a wider audience – just what Brian Quinn said needed to happen for Season 11 to arrive.

All of these factors seem to indicate that a new season of Impractical Jokers is almost a given at this point. The only thing left to reveal is when Season 11 will come – and whether or not the Jokers will finally find Larry.

Will Joe Gatto Come Back For Season 11?

Since there’s no Season 11 yet in production, it’s unclear if Joe Gatto will return to Impractical Jokers. The most likely scenario is that Season 11 will keep Season 10’s format – meaning we’ll see guest stars as the fourth joker, instead of Gatto.

Close up of Joe Gatto during challenge on the Impractical Jokers

That said, there is some recent good news that could shine a light on what to expect from Season 11. On September 2, Gatto made a new post to his Instagram account, where he appears alongside…his wife, Bessy Gatto. The couple announced they had reconciled, much to the surprise of the Impractical Jokers fanbase.

Considering his separation was the main reason why Joe Gatto left the show in 2021, his reconciliation might be why he rejoins the cast in Season 11. This is still only speculation, though, as we don’t even know if the show will get another season after all.


Thursday 7th of March 2024

Yeah its important Joe comes back it would be a big boost to the show. They all need to be there together..

patricia davin

Saturday 17th of February 2024

Impractical jokers makes so many people happy best comedy on tv


Tuesday 6th of February 2024



Saturday 3rd of February 2024

I’ve loved you guys since the first time I saw you, funniest comedy group on tv. Even with Joe gone, I laugh my butt off every time I see you. Ten seasons isn’t enough, try twenty and we’ll see if that’s enough?

Roger dean

Friday 26th of January 2024

Best tv show bar far, I’ll donate $$$$ to keep you guys airing 👍