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Is There a New Home Alone Reboot or Sequel Coming Out?

Is There a New Home Alone Reboot or Sequel Coming Out?

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In 1990, it seemed impossible that anyone could match the Christmas success of Home Alone. But then came 1992’s hit sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and things were still looking good for the franchise.

Then, 30 years and five unsuccessful sequels later, Disney tried to bring back the magic of those first two movies with 2021’s Home Sweet Home Alone.

The question is if Home Sweet Home Alone was successful enough for Disney to consider another sequel or even an entire reboot of the series.

Here’s everything we know about Disney’s plans to continue the Home Alone series, and if there’s a chance original star Macaulay Culkin could return as Kevin McCallister.

Will There Be Another Reboot Of Home Alone?

No one involved at Disney or with the production of the Home Alone movies has announced plans for another reboot of the original movie. described Home Sweet Home Alone as a “quasi-remake” of the 1990 Home Alone. It uses many of the same elements from the original, such as a mix-up with the number of people in vehicles, a Chicago locale, and the famous hands-to-the-face scream.

Two bad guys in Home Alone interigating Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin

But it also directly references the first movie with the inclusion of Buzz McCallister. So, it’s also a kind of continuation of the first movie. That begs the question if a more direct reboot is in the works.

But so far, Disney hasn’t announced a new reboot of Home Alone. It could be due to the poor performance of Home Sweet Home Alone, but no one can say for sure at this point.

Could Macaulay Culkin Return To Home Alone?

Macaulay Culkin has no plans to return to the Home Alone franchise, although he has poked fun at his role in the last few years.

The charm of young Macaulay Culkin was part of what made the first two Home Alone movies successful. Each following movie without him, even the ones that brought back his character, was less and less successful.

Culkin briefly retired from acting before Home Alone 3. Although he eventually returned to Hollywood, it was in a much smaller capacity than during his child star days.

He remained separated from the Home Alone franchise until 2018. Even then, Culkin only reprised his Kevin McCallister role for a tongue-in-cheek Google Play advertisement.

In 2019, Culkin tweeted an “updated Home Alone” picture, with himself posing as a slobbish adult Kevin:

Will There Be A Sequel To Home Sweet Home Alone?

There are currently no plans for a sequel to Home Sweet Home Alone or to the original movie.

Home Sweet Home Alone came out in 2021 to negative critical reviews. It’s the sixth movie in the Home Alone franchise and the first one released since 2012.

Like the third and fifth films, Home Sweet Home Alone doesn’t focus on Kevin McCallister. Instead, it’s a new young boy, Max, who’s accidentally left home alone when his family goes to Tokyo for Christmas.

Due to a misunderstanding, a married couple, played by Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney try to rob Max’s home.

Like in the original Home Alone, Max defends himself with homemade booby traps. In addition, a familiar character from the first movie shows up: Buzz McAllister, the bullying big brother of Kevin.

Buzz, played by original actor, Devin Ratray, is now a cop who responds to a tripped alarm at Max’s house. Buzz even implies that Kevin now runs a home alarm system company.

But despite these connections and set-ups, there’s no news of a new sequel.

Does Home Sweet Home Alone Set Up A Sequel?

Home Sweet Home Alone wraps up its story with no real cliffhangers, but there could be room for a continuation.

The first Home Alone Movie ends with Kevin getting the Wet Bandits arrested and reuniting with his family. In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, it may be a little silly that Kevin gets left behind again. But it does manage to connect to the previous movie through the Wet Bandits.

A cop and Max talking on a snowy street in Home Sweet Home Alone

The bumbling thieves escape prison and seek revenge on Kevin. It’s a direct line to the first movie and helps solidify the otherwise overly coincidental plot.

However, Home Sweet Home Alone lacks villainous characters like the Wet Bandits. The two thieves in the 2021 movie are simply trying to help their family and don’t mean Max any harm.

In fact, by the end of the movie, the McKenzie family and the Mercer family are on good terms, A year after the main events of the movie, they share a Christmas meal together. So, there’s not room for any kind of revenge plot like in Home Alone 2.

That doesn’t mean there’s no way to do a direct sequel, of course. Home Sweet Home Alone managed to include a character from the original movie, Buzz.

A sequel could focus on the police officer trying to help another child who gets left home alone. The 2021 movie also directly mentions Kevin McCallister as well.

A sequel could explore Kevin’s journey to the alarm system business. He could use his knowledge of fighting off bandits to help another kid, or even defend his adult home.

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So, while it seems Culkin enjoys the fun of being Kevin McCallister, he also felt it necessary to firmly state he would not be in the 2021 reboot/sequel.

Outside of that Tweet, though, neither Macaulay Culkin nor anyone involved at Disney has announced plans for Culkin to return to the series proper.