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Home Alone House Location, History, Worth, Can You Visit & More

Home Alone House Location, History, Worth, Can You Visit & More

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Home Alone has been a Christmas staple since it was released in 1990. It launched the career of famed child-actor Macaulay Culkin and made Micro Machines a must-have in home-defense.

The movie makes an empty house feel like a kid’s paradise, even when it’s under attack from burglars. But the magic of the house goes beyond what you see on screen.

This guide covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Home Alone house, from where it’s located to if there are tours available.

Where Is The Home Alone House Located?

The Home Alone house is located at 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois.

In the movie, the house is in the fictional Chicago suburb of Shermer (like many other movies written by John Hughes).

Intrepid fans discovered the real-life location of the house because in the movie, Kevin gives his address as 671 Lincoln Boulevard.

Main house used in the Home Alone movies
Roberto Valz/

It didn’t take long for viewers familiar with the Winnetka area to realize that this was awfully close to 671 Lincoln Avenue, a real address in the town.

Once the word spread that the real house was on Lincoln Avenue, fans began flocking to the street to visit, and continue to do so to this day.

History Of The Home Alone House

According to Vanity Fair, construction on the house featured in Home Alone was approved in 1920. It’s not clear who owned the home over the next fifty years, but in 1974 it was owned by Carolyn and Kully Rohlen.

Better Homes & Gardens featured the Rohlen’s renovation of the house’s kitchen in that year’s September issue.

Then, in the 80s, ownership of the house passed onto John and Cynthia Abendshien, who lived there with their children.

The Abendshien’s were approached by Jacolyn Bucksbaum, a location manager for the then upcoming movie, Home Alone. The family agreed, and for four months they lived upstairs while the production crew used the downstairs to film the classic Christmas movie.

It wasn’t until 2011 that the Abendshien’s left their now famous home, selling it for over 1.5 million dollars to unknown buyers who still live there today.

Can You Visit The House From Home Alone?

You can still visit the street that has the house from Home Alone, but you can’t go inside the house because it’s privately owned.

The Abendshiens, the family that owned the house during filming, were generally okay with sightseers until they moved in 2011.

Visitors could get out of hand, however; some would knock on the door or even walk into the backyard uninvited.

Even at Halloween, pranksters would pelt the house with eggs or toilet paper – some even smashed a birthday cake on the front porch!

The Abendshiens tried to discourage this ruder behavior as politely as they could and were otherwise happy to meet the more respectful visitors.

The real Home Alone house, the place where the iconic movie was shot
Anton Gvozdikov /

The father of the family, John, said that it was a “privilege […] meeting so many wonderful people.”

The house was sold to new owners in 2012; they have made alterations to the property and keep out of the public eye. People still flock to the street to look at the outside of the famous house, however.

And although the current owners keep their lives private, they did list their house for rent on Airbnb for one night in 2021 – under the guise of Kevin McAllister’s older brother, Buzz.

The listing included plenty of movie-related food and activities, including setting up the classic booby traps.

It also included a viewing of the newest installment in the Home Alone franchise, Home Sweet Home Alone, which was released that same year.

Otherwise, though, the current owners don’t exactly offer official tours. You can still drive by the street to view the exterior of the house, however.

How Much Of The Real House Is In Home Alone?

The exterior of the house in Home Alone, as well as the front staircase and parts of the living room were all filmed in the real house.

A movie filled with complicated booby-traps and physical stunts like Home Alone usually needs to be filmed in a very controlled environment.

That’s why most of the movie is actually a soundstage built specifically for each scene.

But some parts of the real house are still featured in the movie.The exterior shots are all of the real-life house. They also used the interior of the house for scenes including the main staircase in the foyer and the living room.

And one section seen in the movie, the basement stairs that burglar Marv slips down, was actually built on-site. According to John Abendshien, the crew “dug up the property and put in fake steps and a fake door.”

“And then after the shoot, they filled all that back in and resodded. You could never tell that that had happened.”

The crew also built a functional treehouse and a zipline, but the Abendshiens took it down later themselves.

How Big Is The House In Home Alone?

The house from Home Alone is over 5,000 square feet and features ten bedrooms and six bathrooms.

The house sits on half an acre of land and includes a basement, carport, and detached garage, according to Zillow.

How Much Is The Home Alone House Worth Today?

The Home Alone house last sold in 2012 for $1.585 million.

After the Abendshiens moved out of the Home Alone house in 2011, their realtor, Melissa Hopkins pulled out all the stops in order to maximize on the house’s fame.

She announced the sale nationally and even created fake movie posters. But Hopkins knew that people might use this as a chance to gawk at the house with no intention of buying, so she put safety measures into place as well.

No one was allowed to tour the house without being represented by a broker. And that broker had to prove that their clients actually had the means to buy the house.

In 2012, the house sold for a whopping $1.585 million to owners who, according to Hopkins, are “very private,” so not much is known about them, even their names.

Is The Same House Used In The 2021 Home Alone Sequel?

2021’s Home Sweet Home Alone does not use the same house as the original Home Alone. However, the movie does take place on the same street as the original movie.

The sequel/semi-remake of Home Alone centers around another young boy named Max Mercer, played by Archie Yates. Like Kevin McCallister, Max is left home alone by accident at Christmas and eventually has to fend off would-be burglars.

Max’s house may not be the McCallister home, but there is a nod to the original house in the 2021 movie.

A police officer states over a scanner that there’s trouble at “36 Lincoln Ave.” This would be just down the street from 671 Lincoln Avenue, where they filmed the first movie.

Of course, the original Home Alone says the McCallister’s live on Lincoln Boulevard, but it’s still a nice Easter egg for fans who know the real address.

There’s A Connection Between Friends And Home Alone

In the final season of Friends, Monica and Chandler buy a house in the suburbs that looks out on the same street as the McCallister’s in Home Alone.

Some fans theorize that Monica and Chandler actually bought the house from Home Alone!

The evidence for the theory comes from the view outside of the Bings’ windows. There’s a very distinct garage seen across the street.

The vertical stripes on the garage match those of the Murphy’s house, the McCallister’s across-the-street neighbors.

There’s also a matching wreath on the front door of another house nearby. You can see the similarities in this video:

So, if you can see the houses from the front of Monica and Chandler’s, then they must be living in the McCallister house across the street, right? Not quite.

Friends takes place in New York. While Monica and Chandler do move out of the city, they’re still in the same state, just in the suburbs.

Home Alone, of course, takes place in Chicago. While it’s a fun idea to imagine the shows taking place in the same universe, there is a reasonable explanation for the similarities.

Basically, the producers of Friends likely used stock footage from Home Alone to add to the show’sset in post-production.