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Has Anyone on Alone Died or Been Attacked? Worst Injuries

Has Anyone on Alone Died or Been Attacked? Worst Injuries

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Surviving in the wilderness solo takes grit, wit, and determination. That’s what makes Alone such an engaging show to watch.

Now in its 10th season, Alone drops 10 contestants in remote locations across the world with limited gear and the goal of outlasting all others. The last one standing wins $1,000,000.

To survive, contestants must find food, build shelters, and fend off predators, all while battling hunger, loneliness, and the elements. It’s the ultimate test of human endurance and adaptability.

Though medics are on standby, the danger is real. In fact, some may wonder if any contestants have actually died or been attacked by animals during filming. Has that happened before on the show? Let’s find out!

Has Anyone Died on Alone?

Despite the dangerous conditions contestants must brave, no one has died on Alone so far. This is an impressive feat for the show’s producers and its contestants. It proves, more than anything, just how well-prepared these contestants are for the challenge.

Contestants have come close to serious injury and developed health issues that forced evacuation. Luck has been on their side so far.

However, should someone become incapacitated with no quick medical care available, the results could be dire. While safety precautions are taken, the contestants are truly on their own in the wilderness. One mistake could prove fatal.

Has Anyone Been Attacked on Alone?

In its 10 seasons on the air, no contestant on Alone has ever been attacked by local wildlife. Yet dangerous animals have always been present around the contestants – from bears and wolves to venomous critters.

Careful precautions are taken by the production to minimize the risk of animal attacks. However, the threat inevitably exists when living near wild animals. One lapse in caution or change in circumstances could spell disaster for a contestant. So far, despite some close calls, no contestant has suffered any major harm from animal encounters.

Zachary Gault after being injured on the Alone TV show

Some contestants have come dangerously close to dangerous wildlife. Clay Hayes came face to face with a grizzly. That was one of the most shocking moments on the show so far.

A combination of skill, luck, and preventative measures has kept each Alone contestant safe, if not fully comfortable.

What Would Happen if a Contestant Gets Seriously Injured On Alone?

Emergency plans are in place should the worst happen. Each contestant carries a GPS satellite phone, allowing their location to be tracked at all times. If a contestant fails to answer scheduled check-in calls, producers can pinpoint their position and send help.

Paramedics and medical specialists remain on standby to deal with any scenario, from animal attacks to illness to physical accidents.

Mary Kate Green receiving treatment for an injury on the Alone TV show

Additionally, evacuation points allow injured contestants to be promptly reached and airlifted to hospitals if required. With modern technology and quick response teams ready, urgent medical care can be provided swiftly in case of any emergency.

The production team has procedures prepared for any outcome, hoping contestants can be stabilized and evacuated promptly.

What Are Some of the Worst Injuries on Alone?

Unlike other “survival” shows, the dangers of Alone are palpable. Some contestants have faced grievous injuries on the show’s run.

From cuts to fractures and everything in between, let’s take a look at some of the worst injuries in the show’s history.

1. Carleigh Fairchild

A seasoned Alone veteran, Carleigh’s been on the show twice. She had to be evacuated due to extreme weight loss on her first try.

On her second try, however, things got a bit complicated for Carleigh. The survivalist took a fishing hook to the hand by accident. She tried to remove it, but the hook was clearly stuck. She was promptly evacuated and disqualified from the show.

See the incident below:

2. Zachary Gault

Zachary Gault injury on Alone

Despite Zach’s survival expertise, his stay in Alone was cut short. By his own ax, no less. Zach noticed roots that could be a tripping hazard, but that didn’t stop him.

Next thing we know, Zach had a severed tendon in his hand, caused by his own survival tool. The injury caused lasting damage to his hand, limiting its mobility. Still, Zach remains an active survivalist on social media.

3. Mary Green

Mary Kate Green injury on Alone

On day seven of the challenging survival show Alone, Mary Green faced the brutal realities of nature. As the morning cold nipped at her, she decided to start her day by igniting a fire. Using her trusty Ferro rod, she managed to successfully spark a flame, a testament to her survival skills.

To sustain the fire and fend off the cold, Mary knew she needed to continuously feed it with wood. She took out her 26-inch axe, a tool she was well-versed with, and began the task of chopping wood. As she was breaking down the logs into smaller, more manageable pieces, a momentary lapse in focus resulted in the axe blade landing on her left hand, causing a deep cut.

Realizing the severity of her injury and the potential dangers of being isolated with a wound, Mary promptly activated her emergency GPS. This signal alerted the medical team to her distress, and they swiftly arrived to give her the necessary care. Sadly, this unforeseen event marked the end of Mary Green’s journey on Alone.

4. Tim Backus

Perhaps one of the most controversial competitors in the show, Tim bowed to no one. His loudness came hand in hand with his survival skills.

Unfortunately for Tim, after slipping, he severely injured his left knee. The injury not only forced him to retire, but also compromised his health after the show.