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Which Actors Will Be in the Harry Potter TV Series?

Which Actors Will Be in the Harry Potter TV Series?

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Everybody is buzzing about the Harry Potter TV series in development from Max. Since its first publication in 1997, the Harry Potter book series has held a high place in popular culture.

And even though it spawned eight hugely successful movies, fans are thrilled that a new, even more faithful adaptation is on its way.

But the big question on everyone’s mind is who will play the iconic characters? Will there be familiar faces from the movie series?

Find out the answers and more in our guide below about which actors could be in the Harry Potter TV series.

Who Will Star In The Harry Potter TV Series?

The cast of the new Harry Potter TV series hasn’t been announced yet. But it’s safe to assume that it will star plenty of young up-and-coming actors.

HBO is developing the new show for their streaming service, Max. Casey Bloys, Chairman and CEO of HBO, said the series will “dive deep into each of the iconic books.” He also explicitly said it would be “a faithful adaptation.”

That means the series will likely start off where the first book did, with a 10-year-old Harry. In fact, the core “Golden Trio” will all be around that age, as will the rest of their classmates.

So, even though we don’t know yet who will be starring in the series, we do have a good idea of what they need for some roles.

Will Any Actors From The Harry Potter Movies Return For The TV Series?

Warner Bros. and streaming service Max said that the Harry Potter TV series will have entirely new actors. So, it’s unlikely that any of the cast from the movies will reprise their roles.

Still from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 ending with Ronald, Hermione, Harry, and Ginner when they are older and standing on Platform nine and three quarters

Max confirmed through Warner Bros. that the show will “feature a new cast to lead a new generation of fandom.”

On the other hand, Warner Bros. first reported that each season of the series would cover one of the seven books. However, more recent reports state that Max plans for the show to run for “ten consecutive years.”

Since there are seven books, it seems unlikely the original idea of “one season, one book” still stands. But when it comes to the casting, there’s been no update to the idea of all-new actors.

Daniel Radcliffe even said he doesn’t intend to return for the new show, even though he played Harry Potter in the original movies.

“My understanding is that they’re trying to very much start fresh,” Radcliffe told in June.

“I’m sure whoever is making them will want to make their own mark on it and probably not want to have to figure out how to get old Harry to cameo in this somewhere.”

Radcliffe went on to say that he’s “definitely not seeking [a return] out in any way.” But he wishes the new show the best and is excited to “have that torched passed.”

Tom Felton said back in 2019 that he’d love to return to Harry Potter, but it was under the assumption a reboot wouldn’t happen for another “20 years when they’ve got 4D, scratch-and-sniff cinemas, or whatever.”

Tom Felton at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Opening in 2016
Credit: DFree /

“Give it another 15 years and I’ll come back and play Lucius. I would do it in a heartbeat.”

But Felton hasn’t said anything else about returning since the announcement of the upcoming TV series.

Who Do Fans Want To Be In The Harry Potter TV Series?

Harry Potter fans are hoping for actors like Toby Woolf and Bronte Carmichael to star in the new TV series.

While there’s no updates on the official cast, fans are putting together their own dream lists of who they want to see in the Harry Potter TV series.

Obviously, the most important casting choices will be for the Golden Trio: Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

For iconic Harry Potter, a lot of talk centers on Toby Woolf playing Harry Potter. The young actor starred in the Billie Piper film Rare Beasts (2019), as well as the series The Last Post (2017)and Pistol (2022).

Young actor Toby Woolf on the left and Harry Potter on the right
Toby Woolf & Harry Potter

Fans would also like to see Joshua Pickering in the role of Ron Weasley. Pickering recently played John in the new Peter Pan & Wendy (2023). He was also Jack in A Discovery of Witches (2021).

Actor Joshua Pickering on the left and Ron Weasley on the right

Finally, Bronte Carmichael was a fan-favorite pick for Hermione Granger. She was on the last season of Game of Thrones as well as the Andor series on Disney Plus. However, Carmichael recently turned 17, which may push her out of the appropriate age range.

Actress Bronte Carmichael on the left and Hermione Granger on the right
Actress Bronte Carmichael & Hermione Granger. Credit (left image): DFree /

A few other actors that fans would like to see include:

  • Jared Harris as Dumbledore
  • Tom Hiddleston as Voldemort
  • Jamie Bell as Snape
  • Michelle Gomez as Professor McGonagall
  • Steven Fry as Hagrid

There have also been rumors of Adam Driver playing Severus Snape. However, there’s no real source for these claims outside of fan-casting articles.

Actor Adam Driver next to an image of Severus Snape
Adam Driver & Severus Snape. Credit (left image): DFree /

Is There An Open Casting Call For The Harry Potter TV Series?

So far, Max hasn’t announced a casting call for the Harry Potter TV series. It’s possible that casting will begin soon, however.

In April 2023, Nicole Tasker of the Hero Talent Group told The Times casting is set to start in the following nine months.

Tasker also said they’ll be looking for new child actors to put onto their books to fill out the cast of the new series. This could include everything from non-speaking roles to extras with a few lines.

Since the series is meant to be faithful to the books, there will be plenty of roles both big and small. Scenes will likely take place in bustling London as well as the student-filled halls of Hogwarts.

If you’re interested in auditioning for the Harry Potter TV series, check out our guide for helpful tips and tricks!

Harry Potter TV Series Release Date

The Harry Potter TV series likely won’t air until 2025 or 2026. The series is still in development and hasn’t started any casting or filming.

It’s an ambitious show that Max hopes will run for a decade straight. So, it’s no surprise that the company isn’t rushing into anything about it.