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Friends Cast and Characters Heights and Ages In Season 1, 10 & Now

Friends Cast and Characters Heights and Ages In Season 1, 10 & Now

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From Joey with his heartwarming antics to the obsessively tidy Monica, every Friends character has etched a permanent spot in our hearts. As the hands of time tick forward, it’s fascinating to see the evolution of our beloved Central Perk crew.

In this trip down memory lane, we dive into the ages, heights, and birthdays of the Friends cast from the first-season jitters in 1994, to the emotional roller coaster of Season 10 in 2003, to their lives in the present day.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, this deep dive promises surprises, smiles, and a helping of nostalgia to satisfy even Joey’s appetite.

Note: All character birthdays and ages are estimations, as the show often gives conflicting information over the ten seasons. Also, all current actor ages are from when this article was written, October 2023.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

Jennifer Aniston on the left, and her character Rachel Green in Friends on the right
Image (left): Kathy Hutchins /
TraitJennifer AnistonRachel Green
Age (Season 1):2624-25
Age (Season 10):3433-34
Age (Now):5452-53
Birthday:February 11, 1969May 5, 1970/1971
Height:5’5″ (165 cm)5’5″ (165 cm)

Born on February 11, 1969, Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most recognized and adored actresses. Her early days on Friends saw her at 26, playing the young fashion enthusiast, Rachel Green. By the premiere of the series’ final season, Aniston was 34 and a global icon.

Fun Fact: Before achieving fame as Rachel, Jennifer Aniston appeared on several TV shows, including a short-lived series called Muddling Through. To ensure Aniston stayed on Friends, NBC executives reportedly tanked the other show’s ratings through “crafty” scheduling.

At a height of 5’5″, Rachel Green starts her journey in Friends as a pampered, fashion-forward elite in her mid-twenties. Her fiery determination to become independent made her a standout character.

Born on May 5, Rachel’s Taurus nature reflects her love for luxury, beauty, and steadfast determination to achieve her goals. Rachel’s relationships, especially with Ross, made her one of the most relatable and beloved characters.

Rachel was between 24-25 at the show’s onset and approximately 33-34 by its end. Today, the fictional character would be in her early 50s.

Fun Fact: Rachel’s iconic hairstyle from the early seasons, known as “The Rachel,” became one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1990s. However, Jennifer Aniston has admitted in interviews that she wasn’t a big fan of the hairstyle and found it hard to maintain.

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller

Courteney Cox on the left and her character in Friends Monica Geller on the right
Image (left): lev radin /
TraitCourteney CoxMonica Geller
Age (Season 1):3025-26
Age (Season 10):3934-35
Age (Now):5953-54
Birthday:June 15, 1964March, 1969/1970
Height:5’5″ (165 cm)5’5″ (165 cm)

Born on June 15, 1964, Courteney Cox stepped into Monica Geller’s shoes at age 30. She gracefully portrayed Monica’s energetic, sometimes obsessive-compulsive nature as well as her deeply caring side.

While the show never states Monica’s specific birthday, Courteney Cox is a Gemini. People with this star sign are often recognizable by their duality, adaptability, and communication skills. With her prolific and diverse acting career, Courteney Cox exemplifies all of these traits.

Fun Fact: The producers originally offered Courteney Cox the role of Rachel. However, Cox turned it down, feeling a stronger connection to Monica instead.

Monica Geller starts Friends in her mid-twenties with an unyielding love for cooking and a penchant for cleanliness. With a height of 5’5″, Monica’s small stature contrasted her large personality and mother hen role among the group.

As the series unfolded, Monica evolved from a neurotic, slightly insecure chef to a confident woman with a loving family. Today, Monica would be in her early 50s, probably still happily married to Chandler and managing her own restaurant.

Fun Fact: In the show, Monica’s apartment changed numbers from 5 to 20 in the first season. The show’s creators realized that “5” wouldn’t denote an apartment on an upper-level floor in a large New York block. So they updated it; Monica’s became 20 and Joey and Chandler’s across the hall became 19.

Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani

Matt LeBlanc (left) and Joey Tribbiani (right) from Friends
Image (left): Kathy Hutchins /
TraitMatt LeBlancJoey Tribbiani
Age (Season 1):2726
Age (Season 10):3635
Age (Now):5655
Birthday:July 25, 19671968
Height:5’9½” (177 cm)5’10” (178 cm)

Born on July 25, 1967, Matt LeBlanc entered the world of Friends with an infectious charm at 27. He was only slightly older than Joey’s on-screen age of around 26.

Matt’s charismatic grin made Joey a heartthrob, but it’s his signature “how you doin’?” line that made him an iconic figure in television history. As a Leo, LeBlanc has traits of warmth, charisma, and undeniable stage presence evident in all his roles.

Fun Fact: Matt LeBlanc dislocated his shoulder while filming the episode “The One Where No One’s Ready.” This real-life injury led to his character Joey wearing a sling in subsequent episodes.

Joey Tribbiani, the endearing, if sometimes dim-witted, aspiring actor, is in his mid-twenties at the start of Friends. Joey’s height of 5’10” combined with his boyish good looks, made him a heartthrob for both fans and other characters.

His journey from a struggling actor to landing lead roles like Dr. Drake Ramoray is both comedic and touching. With his childlike energy and loyalty to his friends, Joey is undoubtedly one of television’s most beloved characters.

Fun Fact: Matt LeBlanc starred in Joey, the only spin-off of Friends to date. The show only lasted two seasons, from 2004 to 2006. Afterwards, LeBlanc took a hiatus from acting until 2013.

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

Actor David Schwimmer on the left and his character in Friends, Ross Geller
Image (left): Featureflash Photo Agency /
TraitDavid SchwimmerRoss Geller
Age (Season 1):2726-27
Age (Season 10):3635-36
Age (Now):5655-56
Birthday:November 2, 1966October 18, 1967/1978
Height:6’1″ (185 cm)6’1″ (185 cm)

Born on November 2, 1966, David Schwimmer stands out among the Friends cast – quite literally, as he’s tallest with a height of 6’1″. He began his journey as the endearing paleontologist, Ross Geller, on Friends when he was 27 years old.

David’s significant height adds an imposing presence, accentuating his character’s endearingly awkward moments. A Scorpio, David shares many qualities of the star sign—intensity, depth, and charisma – all of which he needed to make his character Ross loveable.

Ross himself is likely a Libra, a sign that can fixate on balance, especially in romance. Ross’s determination to find love throughout the show can certainly border on obsession. But his search for balance with Rachel in particular is part of what makes him so interesting.

Fun Fact: David Schwimmer was the first main character to be cast on Friends. In fact, the writers had Schwimmer in mind when they wrote the character of Ross.

Dr. Ross Geller, the passionate paleontologist with a complicated love life, starts on Friends in his mid-to-late twenties. Ross’s lanky stature often highlighted the awkwardness of strong emotional reactions.

Whether lamenting about his divorces or proclaiming that he and Rachel were “on a break,” Ross was a larger-than-life presence on the show.

Being Monica’s older brother, Ross’ interactions with the group often highlighted the sibling dynamic, complete with bickering and support. Ross was characterized by his earnestness, passion, and occasional outbursts of hilarious rage.

Fun Fact: David Schwimmer directed ten episodes of Friends as well as two episodes of the spin-off Joey.

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing

Actor Matthew Perry and his character in the Friends TV show, Chandler Bing
Image (left): Kathy Hutchins /
TraitMatthew PerryChandler Bing
Age (Season 1):2525
Age (Season 10):3434
Age (Now):5454
Birthday:August 19, 1969April 8, 1969
Height:6’0″ (183 cm)6’0″ (183 cm)

Matthew Perry, born on August 19, 1969, boasts a commanding presence at a height of 6’0″. When he first portrayed Chandler Bing on Friends, he was 25.

Based on references in the show, Chandler was likely born the same year as Perry. Together they matured with each passing season, one as an actor and one as a character.

Fun Fact: Matthew Perry’s real-life wit and sense of humor often found its way into the show. He specifically asked the show’s producer if he could say the final line of the series – which, of course, was a sarcastic one.

Chandler Bing, the group’s go-to source for sarcasm and humor, started his journey on Friends as a 25-year-old. Chandler is probably an Aries, a sign recognized for its ambition and bold qualities.

As the series advanced, Chandler navigated a path of personal growth, eventually finding love and commitment with Monica.

Chandler’s evolution from a man afraid of commitment to a loving husband and father is one of the most heartwarming arcs of the show.

Fun Fact: Matthew Perry was the first pick to play the sarcastic Chandler. But he was busy with another show and the producers had to audition other people. Writer David Crane said, “We were so sure that Chandler would be the easiest part to cast. It’s got the most joke jokes.”

“It’s sarcastic and kind of quippy, but no one [else] could do it. No one.” Luckily for Friends fans, Fox released Perry from his pilot, freeing him up to play Chandler.

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay

Actress Lisa Kudrow in 2023
Credit: Kathy Hutchins/
TraitLisa KudrowPhoebe Buffay
Age (Season 1):3127
Age (Season 10):4036
Age (Now):6056
Birthday:July 30, 19631966/1967
Height:5’8″ (173 cm)5’8″ (173 cm)

Born on July 30, 1963, Lisa Kudrow is a statuesque presence with a height of 5’8″. When she took on the role of Phoebe Buffay in Friends, she was 31, three years older than her character. That also made her the oldest of her castmates.

Lisa’s distinct voice and ditzy comedic timing has given her a unique presence in Hollywood. Her July birthday makes her a Leo, often associated with warmth, humor, and a magnetic persona.

Fun Fact: Lisa Kudrow’s real-life pregnancy was written into the show, with Phoebe giving birth to triplets. Phoebe served as a surrogate for her half-brother and his wife.

Phoebe Buffay, the whimsically eccentric member of the Friends group, was introduced to audiences as a 27-year-old in Season 1. But, perfectly fitting her eccentric lifestyle, season 7 revealed she was actually a year older than she thought.

This makes both Pheobe and Lisa Kudrow the oldest among their peers. Pheobe’s character was full of surprises like this. Whether she was playing guitar at Central Perk or offering her often unconventional wisdom, Pheobe always stood out.

Fun Fact: Lisa Kudrow played Ursula, a rather rude and flighty waitress, on Mad About You. Ursula eventually appeared on Friends (still played by Kudrow) as Pheobe’s estranged twin sister, connecting the show’s universes.