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Who Does Fiona End Up With On Shameless? Fiona’s Boyfriends Ranked

Who Does Fiona End Up With On Shameless? Fiona’s Boyfriends Ranked

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Fiona Gallagher leads a chaotic life as she tries to take care of herself and her family on the show Shameless. But the one thing even wilder than her family’s troubles is her relationship history.

For nine seasons, fans watched Fiona struggle to find the right person, and some partners were definitely more popular than others.

We take a look at who Fiona ends up with on Shameless and rank her relationships from best to worst. Does she end up with the right person?

Who Does Fiona End Up With On Shameless?

Fiona does not end up in a relationship on Shameless and leaves at the end of season nine as a single person.

Fiona Gallagher had several relationships during her time on Shameless. But every one of them ended badly for her. She also has a string of one-night stands but discovers that they aren’t good for her either.

During season 8, Fiona develops strong feelings for Ford, an Irish carpenter. It starts out promising, but like all of her previous relationships, ends in heartbreak. Ford is actually married and is having an affair with Fiona.

he realization devastates Fiona, and she falls into a drunken spiral. By the end of season 9, however, Fiona has pulled herself together. She realizes that she has to take care of herself, and that her family is also capable of taking care of themselves now.

Fiona leaves the Gallagher home on her own and flies to somewhere new where she can start fresh.

Fiona’s Relationships On Shameless, Ranked

Fiona Gallagher had several partners on Shameless. Some were just quick kisses or one-night stands, but others were full-blown relationships.

Although none of these relationships ended well, some of Fiona’s long-term partners were better than others. Take a look at her longest and most important relationships, ranked from worst to best.

8. Robbie Pratt

Fiona and Robbie Pratt on Shameless

Robbie Pratt ranks at the bottom because Fiona was having an affair with him while in a relationship with his brother, Mike. Affairs are not the key to a good relationship, as Fiona found out on several other occasions.

Not only that, but their relationship was mostly physical, and Fiona felt guilty about the whole thing. Robbie essentially blackmailed her into keeping things going, then ended up telling Mike anyway during an argument.

He also gave Fiona coke which ended up putting her brother, Liam, into the hospital. Robbie was just bad news all around.

7. Ford Kellogg

Ford Kellogg and Fiona on Shameless

Ford could have been so good for Fiona, and she really fell for the Irish carpenter. But nothing can change the fact that Ford lied to Fiona about being married for their entire relationship.

Ford does stand by Fiona and help her out with her attempts at real estate, though. But he does hurt her emotionally by lying to her, and the resulting upset really does a number on Fiona’s life.

Many fans also found Ford just plain boring. A thread on Reddit tried to say he wasn’t that bad, but the comments were flooded with people dragging the character. In terms of entertainment value, Ford is definitely at the bottom of the list.

6. Craig Heisner

Fiona and Craig Heisner on Shameless

Craig isn’t a good guy, but he doesn’t royally screw up Fiona’s life like some of her other partners. He uses the fact that Fiona had a crush on him in high school to get her to sleep with him.

But it turns out Craig is married, something Fiona explicitly doesn’t want in her partners – just look what happened with Ford.

So, not only does Craig use the past to have a quick fling, but he also cheats on his wife to do so. He’s just not a good guy, with or without Fiona.

5. Gus Pfender

Fiona and Gus Pfender Shameless

Even though their relationship was brief and didn’t work out, Gus and Fiona weren’t that bad together. Their problems came from rushing into things before Fiona really figures out what she wants.

Gus and Fiona have a passionate week-long romance before deciding to get married. It didn’t take long for things to blow up, as Fiona slept with her ex-boyfriend Jimmy.

She also develops feelings for her boss Sean while still married to Gus. Gus does get a little bitter about the whole thing in season 6, writing a nasty song about Fiona and performing in front of her during a show.

But it’s hard to blame him for feeling that way; it may have been a cruel response, but Fiona did really hurt him.

In the end, though, the two officially divorce and go their own separate ways without too much lasting damage.

4. Adam

Fiona and Adam on Shameless

Even though it was just a brief fling, Adam was good to Fiona. Their relationship could have gone somewhere if Fiona had been able to stay away from her ex-boyfriend Jimmy.

This is another case of Fiona self-sabotaging, unfortunately. Adam sees the connections Fiona still has with Jimmy and breaks off their relationship in order to protect himself.

3. Jimmy Lishman AKA Steve Wilton

Fiona and Jimmy Lishman AKA Steve Wilton on Shameless

Another relationship where lies ruin everything. Jimmy is introduced in season 1 as “Steve,” and that’s who Fiona knows him as throughout their initial relationship.

As her first love interest, Jimmy-Steve showed a lot of promise as a partner, and Fiona carries feelings for him throughout the entire show’s run.

But Jimmy is chaotic and lies to Fiona a lot, making for a very unstable relationship. He means a lot to Fiona despite their problems, so he does make it to the top of the list. But his destruction of Fiona’s life keeps him from being number one.

2. Sean Pierce

Sean Pierce talking to Fiona in Shameless

After Gus, Sean Pierce was the closest Fiona ever came to marriage and happiness. Like Fiona, Sean struggled with addiction but in a way that made the two of them understand each other better.

It isn’t until Frank reveals that Sean has started using drugs again that the relationship falls apart. Fiona does what’s best for herself and calls off the wedding, although she’s heartbroken.

Sean was a good match for Fiona, which is why he’s the best partner on our list. But he still breaks Fiona’s heart by relapsing and lying about it. So even the best of the bunch is still no good for Fiona.

1. Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt and Fiona sitting beside a tree and laughing on Shameless

Mike makes the top of our list because he’s just a decent human being who treats Fiona with respect.

He may have been a little too vanilla for the drama-attracting Fiona, but that could have been exactly what she needed in her life.

It was Fiona that botched the relationship with Mike, having an affair with his brother Robbie. Mike’s sister makes it clear to Fiona later how much the affair hurt Mike.

The fact that the break-up affected him so much just shows that Mike could have really been the one for Fiona.

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Did Fiona Get Married On Shameless?

Fiona was married to Gus but divorced him after a short period. She was also engaged to Sean but called it off because of he lied about using drugs.

Fiona does not end up in any long-term relationship, let alone a marriage. By the end of season nine, she is single and leaves the show with no plans to marry anyone.