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Has the Eternals Sequel Been Cancelled? Everything we Know

Has the Eternals Sequel Been Cancelled? Everything we Know

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2014’s Guardian of the Galaxy was a surprise smash considering few casual viewers knew much about the characters. So, the odds probably seemed good for Eternals (2021), another movie based on niche comic book characters.

It even had an Oscar-winning director at its helm, so what could go wrong? Unfortunately, Disney and Marvel’s efforts didn’t pay off this time, and Eternals became the first MCU movie to have a “rotten” score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now MCU fans want to know if there’s any future for the Eternals storyline. Did Disney cancel the sequel after the disappointing reviews, or is there still a continuation on the horizon?

Did Disney Cancel Eternals 2?

Technically, Disney never announced a sequel to Eternals, even though the first movie had a clear sequel set-up. So, there’s been no cancellation of Eternals 2, but there also hasn’t been any development on its status, either.

In August 2022, actor Patton Oswalt mistakenly said the sequel was in the works. The actor appeared in one of the credit scenes of the original movie as Pip the Troll.

Close up of a Marvels Eternals characters

However, Disney didn’t make any official announcements at that year’s Disney Expo about a sequel. Additionally, another actor from the first film weighed in on Oswalt’s comments in November.

“I don’t think Patton was right,” Kumail Nanjiani explained to the Bingeworthy podcast. “I think that there was a hoax website – one of those where it’s like one letter off from the real one. They tweeted it, and it spread around, and I think that’s what Patton saw.”

Nanjiani, who played the Eternal Kingo, did admit that he didn’t really know anything for sure, though. “I’d love to come back, but I genuinely have no idea if or when.”

While the writers and actors strikes played havoc with release schedules, the last known movies planned for the MCU  as part of Phases 5 and 6 didn’t include an Eternals sequel.

What Is The Plot Of The Eternals Sequel?

So far, there’s no official plot for the next Eternals movie, but the first movie did set up several plot threads.

First, the core group of Eternals fractured at the end of the first movie. The sequel could follow Druig, Thena, and Makkari as they travel through space to communicate with Eternals on other planets.

Main characters in a Marvels Eternals scene

Or it could follow the cliffhanger of Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos’s kidnapping by Arishem in order to put them on trial on behalf of humanity.

Outside of the main group of characters, the first Eternals movie also introduces a few new faces and ideas right at the end. For example, the ending sets up Kitt Harington’s character as the comic book character Black Knight.

While the upcoming Blade movie has reportedly cut this character out, he could find a place in the Eternals sequel. Then there’s Oswald’s Pip and his companion Eros, played by Harry Styles in one of the Eternals credits scenes.

Again, there’s no news on a script for Eternals 2, or even official confirmation that the movie will happen. But if it does, it has plenty of storylines it can continue.

Does The Original Eternals Cast Want To Return For A Sequel?

Several members of the Eternals cast have said they would want to come back to their characters.

Kumail Nanjiani said in 2022, “I would love for Kingo to come back. I love playing that character…That one’s very fun to play, you’re just in a good mood. You do finger guns, you’re like a movie star – what’s not to love? You’re just in a good mood the entire time.”

Promotional image for the Marvels Eternals videos

He also said, “I shot that movie for five months and I think I smiled straight for five months, so I would love to come back.”

Barry Keoghan also said he’s interested in returning, saying, “I’m always optimistic, always. I wanna know what Druig [his character] is doing right now.”

Director Chloe Zhao, however, simply said “No comment” when asked if there were plans for her to come back for the sequel. However, she did have thoughts about some of the backlash her film received.

“When you’re in Marvel and when you’re dealing with an audience that big,” she told The Hollywood Reporter, “I truly treasure and respect that each of us is so unique. It’s exciting that we’re all so different, and we’re all changing and growing every day.”

“But with a global audience, it’s almost impossible to make everybody perfectly happy, and to do that is to say that everyone is the same.”

“So, I think there’s inevitably going to be that [difference of opinion], and you just have to stay true to the kind of film you want to make and who you are and the people you’re collaborating with. That’s all you can do, really, and have a good time. Everything else is out of your control.”