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Will There Be a Coraline 2? What We Know About a Sequel

Will There Be a Coraline 2? What We Know About a Sequel

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Released in 2009, Coraline is a true modern classic. Stop-motion animation beautifully brings to life one of Neil Gaiman’s beloved stories in the movie. Coraline also brought director Henry Selick back to his roots.

As beloved as it is, fans have waited years for a Coraline 2. Why did Coraline never get one in an industry that thrives on sequels?

The answer is more complex than one might think. A combination of lack of source material, Gaiman’s writing style, and Laika’s famously sequel-less approach could explain why Coraline 2 remains missing.

Is There Going to Be a Caroline Sequel?

As of November 2023, there won’t be a Coraline 2. The decision boils down to Neil Gaiman confessing he hasn’t come up with a story worthy of being Coraline‘s sequel. With a story as complex and well-written as Coraline, it makes sense. After all, Coraline‘s lore goes beyond what we saw in the movie.

Rumors of a Coraline 2 have been making the rounds for a while. Some fans even believed the sequel would come out in 2022. As we now know, that never happened. Still, where did these rumors come from? And, most importantly, why will there never be a Coraline 2?

Why Coraline 2 Will (Likely) Never Happen

Without a continuation of Coraline‘s 2002 novel, there’s nearly zero chance of a Coraline sequel film. As we discussed before, Neil Gaiman is against the idea of more Coraline – at least for now. However, Gaiman confirmed this in 2021 –  so maybe there were plans for a sequel before that?

It appears there never were any official announcements regarding a Coraline sequel. Coraline 2 was just wishful thinking from fans. In fact, Henry Selick, the film’s director, has always been vocal about his dislike for sequels. “It’s too homogenous. It’s way too much the same,” said Selick in a 2013 interview with Variety.

Screenshot from the Coraline (2009) trailer

This anti-sequel sentiment is something Studio Laika can strongly relate to. The studio’s CEO, Travis Knight, explained in a 2016 interview with Collider that Laika is against sequels and remakes. “I take a firm stand against sequels. My industry brethren are a little shocked at how firmly I’m committed to not doing sequels.” This admission alone is enough reason to dispel any rumors of a possible Coraline 2.

As for why Knight is so against sequels? The reason lies in Laika’s reputation for telling unique stories. “I don’t want to tell the same stories over and over again,” says Knight. When it comes to how they approach character and world-building, Knight also had this to say: “The way we approach our stories is we imagine each film as if it’s the most meaningful experience of our protagonist’s life.

Even if another studio wanted to take a shot at making a sequel, that would most certainly be a disaster, since Laika owns the audiovisual trademarks of the Coraline we know and love. Even if a sequel were to be released, it would look nothing like the movie fans already know.

The Endign of Caroline Did Leave Room For a Sequel

Coraline‘s ending lends itself to a continuation very easily. After all, there was no indication of the Beldam ever being truly defeated. Many fan theories speculate Coraline might still be trapped in The Other World by the end of the film. While not official, that’s more than enough content for a sequel.

Close up of the character Caroline in the Caroline (2009) movie

There are still many things we don’t know about the Beldam. Thinking she won in the end wouldn’t be too out of character for an interdimensional trickster like her. Gaiman has written a few sequels in his time, so maybe he’ll eventually come up with the long-awaited Coraline 2. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, fans could focus on the current status of The Graveyard Book adaptation. The novel, usually compared to Coraline, is another of Gaiman’s timeless stories. Recently, the movie adaptation was shot down by Disney. Still, there are rumors the movie might still happen with a different studio.

Better yet, Coraline fans might be pleased to know Neil Gaiman said he’d be willing to write Coraline 2 under one critical condition. Coraline 2 must have a story that’s “better than Coraline 1,” according to the fantasy writer.

As long as we don’t have a book sequel to Coraline, Coraline 2 seems unlikely. Still, with hundreds of Gaiman stories to pick from, fans can instead focus on reading the writer’s diverse catalog.