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Who Is Carole Prentice? Bridgerton Tribute Explained

Who Is Carole Prentice? Bridgerton Tribute Explained

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In the final moments of Bridgerton season 2, a heartfelt tribute graced the screen to a woman named Carole Prentice.

This end credit left many of the avid followers of the Regency-era drama from Shondaland curious. Unlike the recognizable roster of actors portraying the Bridgerton and Featherington families, “Carole Prentice” isn’t a well-known name.

So, who is Carole Prentice, and what was her significance to Bridgerton that she received a tribute?

Who Was Carole Prentice?

Carole Prentice was a line producer on several movies and TV shows and was the COVID-19 coordinator on Bridgerton.

Close up of Carole Prentice
Source: Instagram/@sprenna

Carole Prentice was born on June 1, 1960 and went by the nickname “Cazza.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Carole graduated from the South Africa College of Applied Psychology in 2008. She worked as a life coach as well as in the film and TV industries.

For Bridgerton season 2, Carole Prentice was the COVID-19 coordinator. Carole ensured that the cast and crew stayed in line with local safety regulations. Season 2 began filming in March 2021, but it briefly shut down just four months later.

Without Carole mitigating the impact of COVID outbreaks, they could have delayed production even longer.

Before Bridgerton, Carole spent most of her career in Cape Town, South Africa, though Metro described her lifestyle as “nomadic.” She had a passion for travel, often sharing photos on her social media.

Carole worked on multiple movies in both Europe and Africa throughout her career. Her son, Sebastian, said that Carole worked mostly as a line producer.

Line producers are liaisons between high-level cast and crew members (writers, directors, etc.) and more “nuts and bolts” crew members like makeup artists and sound editors.

They also oversee most aspects of a film production including the budget and creating a shooting schedule. Carole’s job was a very important one and the films she worked on may not have happened without her.

Carole Prentice also has credits as a producer on 2015’s Momentum, 2014’s Bad Land: Road to Fury, and 2007’s The World Unseen. In addition, she worked as an additional crew member on 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, 1990’s Schweitzer, and 1989’s Damned River.

How Did Carole Prentice Die?

Carole Prentice died at age 61 on January 26, 2022, from complications post-surgery.

In a touching memorial post to his mother, Sebastian Prentice explained that Carole had undergone a necessary but risky surgery.

“She came through what was thought to be an almost certainly fatal operation and lived another 20 days, before she finally let go.”

Sebastian told that her death “took everyone by surprise.” He also said that Carole was “very full of energy and full of life up until she passed away.”

Carole was a “very avid Bridgerton fan,” according to Sebastian. “She was so excited that she was working on Bridgerton. She made good friends and I think she impacted a lot of people in a short time.”

Sadly, Carole passed away before season 2 of Bridgerton aired. But no one will forget her contributions to the show. Production made sure her to keep her memory alive by paying tribute to her in the show’s credits.

“I was so proud,” Sebastian said of the tribute. “She really deserved that, you know? Someone who poured her heart and soul into it. She really did deserve that recognition. I was overjoyed, I was so so happy to see that.”

Carole’s Family And Friends Response

The season 2 finale of Bridgerton honored Carole with an end credit reading “In Memory of Carole Prentice.” But her friends and family also celebrated her life in other ways.

Following her death, a gathering with the sole scope of celebrating Carole’s life and work took place in London. Carole was such a beloved member of the series that several members of the Bridgerton crew attended the service.

The Commercial Producers Association of South Africa also mentioned Carole’s name in a Facebook tribute. The CPA did not hesitate to call Carole a “pioneering woman” and “an inspiration to many.”

The organization also sent their condolences to her son, friends, and colleagues, while concluding that “she will be sadly missed by all who knew her.”

In the days and months following Carole’s passing, Sebastian Prentice sung his mother’s praises on social media.

“She always had and will have my back, until my dying day, as the lessons she taught me will stick with me forever.”

“She is the greatest person I ever knew, in the sense that she was uncompromisingly herself.”

Fans of Bridgerton also commented on these tributes to pay their respects to Carole after seeing her name on the show.

Sebastian dedicated a 100km event in November 2022 to Carole and has even more plans for honoring his mother’s memory.

Sebastian’s wish is to write a memoir about Carole, as well as a self-help book inspired by her. The book, titled Carolism: Lessons From a Single Mum, would capture the lessons that Sebastian’s mother taught him that will “stick with [him] forever.”

For him, his mother was a role model, a person “full of love and laughs and humor”, and someone who was “kind, curious, supportive and passionate.”

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