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What Happened To Brandi And Jarrod From Storage Wars? Their Breakup Explained

What Happened To Brandi And Jarrod From Storage Wars? Their Breakup Explained

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Storage Wars takes a fascinating look into the world of storage facility auctions. This A&E reality show follows several different teams of modern-day treasure hunters as they bid on abandoned storage units.

One of these teams was the “young gun” couple of Brandi Passante and her partner Jarrod Schulz. The two were some of the youngest people at auction, but they had a fiery dynamic that audiences loved.

Unfortunately, their relationship on and off the screen eventually led to some changes on Storage Wars. Fans couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to the young couple.

Let’s take a look into what happened with Brandi and Jarrod on Storage Wars and how it affected the show.

What Happened To Brandi And Jarrod On Storage Wars?

Brandi and Jarrod tried to make their own spin-off show, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.

They also suffered relationship problems while filming Storage Wars and closed their thrift stores.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz began Storage Wars as a young couple who owned a second-hand store, Now and Then.

When the producers of Storage Wars approached Jarrod, they also asked if Brandi was available, too. They saw her working at the front of Now and Then and liked her personality.

Brandi and Jarrod agreed to join the show, but Brandi later admitted that she didn’t think much would come of it. “I really, honestly didn’t think that [the show] was going to go anywhere,” she said in the following interview with The Dad Diary.

Jarrod and Brandi were partners on the show for four seasons before trying their hand at their own reality show. Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job followed the couple exclusively rather than multiple teams of storage bidders.

In the end, the show only lasted eight episodes before being cancelled. Filming the show seemingly didn’t interrupt their appearances on Storage Wars.

They were both still on the original show during season 5 while their own spin-off aired. Unfortunately, they also revealed in season 7 that they had to close their second store due to lack of profits.

Brandi and Jarrod remained bidding partners until season 13 in 2021. Then, the pair announced that they were no longer in a relationship on the very first episode of the new season.

The pair didn’t divorce, though, because they were never married. Despite the title of their spin-off and references to the two as a married couple, Brandi and Jarrod never legally married.

The simply broke up and became solo bidders on the show.

Why Did Brandi And Jarrod Split Up?

While they’ve kept most of the details of their breakup private, Brandi said she didn’t feel like her own person during her time with Jarrod.

Season 12 of Storage Wars aired in 2018, but season 13 didn’t start until 2021. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see the show return, but also disappointed in the revelation it brought about Brandi and Jarrod.

Jarrod and Brandi from Storage Wars sitting on brown leather couch and both looking at the camera

“I’m not with Jarrod anymore,” Brandi explained on the very first episode. Jarrod verified the news, saying, “Just because me and Brandi aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t go to an auction — but separately.”

Later, Brandi shockingly revealed that she and Jarrod had broken up over two years before, in 2018.

Though they’ve kept pretty private, Brandi has said a little about what her life was like with Jarrod, which may help explain the breakup.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Spirit Talk, Brandi said she “wasn’t really allowed to have an identity for many, many years.”

She also told The Dad Diary that she was raising her children as a single mother “without the scary dad voice in the background.” Implying that Jarrod, the father of her two children, was a “scary dad” doesn’t sound very comforting.

Then, in 2021, after Jarrod allegedly pushed her in public, Brandi posted a picture of a tattoo on her Instagram. The tattoo features the word “Free” with a bird silhouette trailing at the end.

In the post text, Brandi explained the tattoo represented her escape from “a very difficult situation, that so many people fall victim to.” The picture was posted shortly after Jarrod was allegedly charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery.

Combined with her interviews on the subject, the tattoo could indicate that her time with Jarrod was very unpleasant and harmful to her.

What Is Brandi From Storage Wars Doing Now?

Brandi Passante is dating Clifford Beaver, the owner of a bar and grill in Lake Forest, California. She is also still starring on Storage Wars as of season 15.

In May of 2023, Brandi wished Clifford Beaver a happy birthday on Instagram. Beaver is not associated with Storage Wars, and instead owns Our Place Bar & Grill.

Brandi’s post used the Sam Cooke song “Nothing Can Change This Love” as the background music, a clear sign of their relationship status.

Later that month, Beaver returned the birthday wishes and seemingly confirmed their relationship. He told Brandi in the post, “I love you so much & happy we found each other.”

Outside of her love life, Brandi is still a popular figure on Storage Wars. Season 15 aired in August of 2023 and Brandi is still bidding solo.

What Is Jarrod From Schulz Doing Now?

Jarrod Schulz left Storage Wars in season 14 and currently owns a bar and grill in California. There is no confirmation about whether or not he’ll return to Storage Wars in the future.

Unlike Brandi, Jarrod has retreated from the public eye in recent years. His last Instagram post was from May 2022.

He was also absent from seasons 14 and 15 of Storage Wars. There’s been no statement from either Jarrod or the showrunners about his departure.