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Avatar 1 & 2 Cast and Characters With Ages, Heights and Previous Roles

Avatar 1 & 2 Cast and Characters With Ages, Heights and Previous Roles

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James Cameron’s cinematic masterpieces, Avatar (2009) and its sequel Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), have not only redefined visual storytelling but also brought together an ensemble of characters portrayed by a talented cast.

This guide delves into the details of these actors and the characters they depict, offering a comprehensive look at their ages, heights, nationalities, and notable film involvements.

From the radical transformation of Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully to the introduction of new faces in the sequel, each entry offers insight into the actors’ journeys and the evolution of their respective characters.

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully

Actor Sam Worthington (left) and his character Jake Sully (right) in Avatar 1 and 2
Credit (left): DFree/
Sam WorthingtonJake Sully (avatar)
Age in Avatar 1:3322-28
Age in Avatar 2:46c. 44
Birthday:August 2, 1976August 24, 2126
Height:5’9″ (175 cm)8’11” (272cm)

Sam Worthington, an Australian actor, was 33 years old when he first played Jake Sully in Avatar. Born on August 2, 1976, he stands 5’9″ tall. Worthington has garnered acclaim for his roles in films like Terminator Salvation (2009) and Clash of the Titans (2010).

Jake Sully, beginning the story as a pawn for the Resources Development Administration (RDA), becomes deeply connected to the Na’vi and Pandora over the course of the first film when he participates in the Avatar Program. His journey of transformation, from a disillusioned soldier to the leader of the Omaticaya clan, is central to the Avatar series. As a character, Jake symbolizes the fusion of human tenacity and Na’vi spirituality.

Zoe Saldana as Neytiri

Zoe Saldana (left) and her character Neytiri (right) in 'Avatar' 1 and 2
Credit (left): Kathy Hutchins /
Zoe SaldanaNeytiri (avatar)
Age in Avatar 1:3118
Age in Avatar 2:4431
Birthday:June 19, 19782136
Height:5’6″ (168 cm)8’7” (262cm)

Zoe Saldana, an American actress of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, was 31 when she took on the role of Neytiri in Avatar. Born on June 19, 1978, she is 5’6″ tall. Saldana is known for her roles in major franchises like Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Neytiri, a fierce and skilled warrior, is initially 18 years old in Avatar. In spite of her age, she plays a crucial role in Jake’s integration into the Na’vi society and eventually falls in love with him. Her character embodies the deep connection the Na’vi have with their environment and their spiritual beliefs. Neytiri’s journey from a wary guardian of her people’s traditions to an accepting and loving partner forms a central arc in the narrative.

Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine/Kiri

Actress Sigourney Weaver (left) and her character Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar (right)
Credit (left): Featureflash Photo Agency /
Sigourney WeaverDr. Grace Augustine/Kiri
Age in Avatar 1:6052 (as Augustine)
Age in Avatar 2:7314 (as Kiri)
Birthday:October 8, 19492103 (as Augustine)/2155 (as Kiri)
Height:5’11” (180 cm)7’7” (234cm)

Sigourney Weaver, an iconic American actress, was 60 years old when she played Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar. Born on October 8, 1949, she stands at an impressive height of 5’11”. Weaver is renowned for her roles in the Alien (1979) franchise as Ellen Ripley and Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters (1984).

Dr. Grace Augustine is a scientist dedicated to studying Pandora and the Na’vi. She is a central figure in Avatar, serving as a mentor to Jake and a bridge between human technology and Na’vi spirituality. Her character reflects the complexities of scientific exploration and cultural understanding.

In Avatar: The Way of Water, she assumes a new role, portraying Kiri, who is the biological daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine and is adopted by Jake Sully and Neytiri.

Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch

Actor Stephen Lang and his character Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar
Credit (left): DFree /
Stephen LangColonel Miles Quaritch
Age in Avatar 1:5751
Age in Avatar 2:70N/A
Birthday:July 11, 1952Unknown
Height:5’10” (178 cm)5’10” (178 cm)

Stephen Lang, an American actor, was 57 when he took on the role of Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar. Born on July 11, 1952, Lang is known for his intense and commanding presence, both on stage and in films. At 5’10”, he has a powerful physical presence, which he showed off in films like Don’t Breathe (2016) and Gods and Generals (2003).

Colonel Miles Quaritch is a formidable antagonist in Avatar. His character represents the militaristic and exploitative mindset of humans seeking to strip Pandora of its resources.

Returning as an antagonist in Avatar: The Way of Water, Quaritch’s determination and strategic acumen make him a formidable opponent to Jake and the Na’vi, setting up a dramatic conflict central to the film’s narrative.

Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman

Actor Joel David Moore (left) and his character Norm Spellman in Avatar (right)
Credit (left): Jaguar PS /
Joel David MooreNorm Spellman
Age in Avatar 1:3227
Age in Avatar 2:4540
Birthday:September 25, 1977
Height:6’2″ (188 cm)6’2” (188cm)

Joel David Moore, an American actor and director, was 32 years old when he played the role of Norm Spellman in Avatar. Born on September 25, 1977, Moore stands tall at 6’2″. He is known for his role as Owen Dittman in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Colin Fisher in Bones.

Norm Spellman, portrayed as a knowledgeable and somewhat idealistic scientist, becomes an integral part of the team exploring Pandora. His character, initially overshadowed by Jake’s military background, grows into a key figure in understanding Na’vi culture and bridging the gap between humans and the indigenous population of Pandora.

Jamie Flatters as Neteyam

Actor Jamie Flatters (left) and the character Neteyam he plays in Avatar 2 (right)
Credit (left): Featureflash Photo Agency /
Jamie FlattersNeteyam
Age in Avatar 2:2215
Birthday:July 7, 20002155
Height:5’11” (180 cm)8’2” (249cm)

Jamie Flatters, a young British actor, was 22 when his character premiered in Avatar: The Way of Water. Born on July 7, 2001, he is 5’11” tall, and is known for his role in the TV series So Awkward. His casting as Neteyam, one of the new characters in the sequel, introduces a fresh face to the franchise, signaling the next generation’s involvement in the epic narrative of Pandora.

Neteyam, a character introduced in Avatar: The Way of Water, is the eldest Jake and Neytiri’s children. Neteyam’s character emobodies the complexities of growing up in a world caught between two cultures: the human heritage and the Na’vi upbringing.

Britain Dalton as Lo’ak

Actor Britain Dalton (left) and his character Lo'ak in Avatar 2 (right)
Credit (left): Kathy Hutchins /
Britain DaltonLo’ak
Age in Avatar 2:20
Birthday:December 12, 20012156
Height:5’8″ (173 cm)7’7” (234cm)

Britain Dalton, an American actor, joins the Avatar sequel at the age of 20. Born on December 12, 2001, Dalton stands at 5’8″. Although relatively new to the acting scene, his role in Avatar: The Way of Water as Lo’ak marks a significant step in his budding career, showcasing his potential as a rising star.

Lo’ak, another new character in the Avatar sequel, is also one of Jake and Neytiri’s children. His character, similar to Neteyam, explores the themes of identity, belonging, and the challenges faced by the offspring of two distinct worlds. Lo’ak’s journey in The Way of Water adds depth to the family dynamics and the broader narrative of the Na’vi’s struggle to protect their home.

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as Tuk (Tuktirey)

Actress Trinity Jo-Li Bliss (left) and her character Tuk (Tuktirey) in Avatar 2 (right)
Credit (left): Fred Duval /
Trinity Jo-Li BlissTuk
Age in Avatar 2:137
Birthday:May 11, 20092163
Height:5’4” (163cm)5’7” (170cm)

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, an American child actress, is introduced in Avatar: The Way of Water at the age of 13. Born in 2009, Bliss’s exact height is approximated to be around 5’4”. Despite her young age, her role in the Avatar sequel as Tuk is a significant leap in her acting career.

Tuk, portrayed by Bliss, is the youngest child of Jake and Neytiri in the sequel. Her character represents the innocence and curiosity of the younger generation born on Pandora. Tuk’s perspective and experiences offers a fresh viewpoint on the ongoing conflicts and cultural interactions on the alien world.

Jack Champion as Spider

Actor Jack Champion (left) and his character in Avatar 2, Spider (right)
Credit (left): Fred Duval /
Jack ChampionSpider
Age in Avatar 2:18N/A
Age Now:1916
Birthday:November 16, 20042154
Height:5’8″ (173 cm)6’0” (183cm)

Jack Champion, an American actor, is 18 years old in Avatar: The Way of Water. Born on November 16, 2004, and standing at 5’8″, Champion is known for his role as Ethan Landry in Scream VI.

Miles “Spider” Socorro, a character in The Way of Water, is the child of Colonel Miles Quaritch and offers a unique perspective as a human raised on Pandora. He becomes enamored with the Sully family, spending a significant amount of time with them and other Na’vi. In more ways than one, Spider becomes a bridge between humans and the Na’vi, leading to an exploration of the future of human-Na’vi relations.

Cliff Curtis as Tonowari

Actor Cliff Curtis (left) and his character Tonowari (right) in the Avatar movies
Credit (left): DFree /
Cliff CurtisTonowari
Age in Avatar 2:54
Birthday:July 27, 1968
Nationality:New Zealand
Height:6’0″ (183 cm)9’7” (292cm)

Cliff Curtis, a New Zealand actor of Māori descent, joined Avatar: The Way of Water as Tonowari. Born on July 27, 1968, he is 54 years old, 6’0″ tall, and has been featured in a number of films and TV shows, including Whale Rider and Fear the Walking Dead.

Tonowari, a new character in Avatar: The Way of Water, is a leader among the reef people of Pandora, known as the Metkayina, and the mate of Ronal. He offers asylum to Jake and his family, and eventually joins them in their fight against the RDA.

Kate Winslet as Ronal

Actress Kate Winslet (left) at a movie awards event and her character Ronal (right) in the Avatar movies
Credit (left): Fred Duval /
Kate WinsletRonal
Age in Avatar 2:47
Birthday:October 5, 1975
Height:5’6″ (168 cm)8’7” (262cm)

Kate Winslet is a celebrated British actress born on October 5, 1975, standing at 5’6″. Best known for her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in James Cameron’s Titanic, she joined the Avatar franchise in The Way of Water at the age of 47 and played the Avatar, Ronal.

Ronal, a new character in Avatar: The Way of Water, is a member of the Metkayina clan and mate of Tonowari. Despite her character’s initial apprehension towards Jake and his family, she eventually grows to care for them and teaches them how to live in harmony with the ocean. Ronal’s role in the evolving story of the Na’vi and their interactions with humans was eagerly awaited by fans and was a welcome addition to the world of Pandora.

Carol CH Pounder as Mo’at

Actress Carol CH Pounder on the left and her character Mo'at in Avatar on the right
Credit (left): DFree /
CCH PounderMo’at
Age in Avatar 1:5750s
Age in Avatar 2:7065-75
Birthday:December 25, 1952Between 2095-2104
Height:5’7″ (170 cm)8’7” (262cm)

Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder, known professionally as CCH Pounder, is a Guyanese-American actress who was 57 years old during the filming of Avatar. Born on December 25, 1952, she has a height of 5’7″ and is best known for her performances as Captain Claudette Wyms in The Shield and as Dr. Loretta Wade in NCIS: New Orleans.

Mo’at, as the spiritual leader and healer of the Omaticaya clan, is a pivotal character in Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water. She acts as a bridge between the Na’vi and Eywa, the Great Mother of Pandora. Her character plays a crucial role in guiding Jake on his journey towards becoming a part of the Na’vi community, exemplifying the balance between strength and compassion.