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9 Facts About Amber Marshall That Prove She’s Real-Life Horse Whisperer

9 Facts About Amber Marshall That Prove She’s Real-Life Horse Whisperer

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Heartland is a Canadian TV staple that’s been on the air for 15 years. Based on the book series of the same name, the show follows the Fleming family on their ranch in Alberta.

Amber Marshall plays Amy Fleming, one of the main characters on the show. She’s starred on the series since it began in 2007 and is an icon of Canadian television.

Fans of Heartland may know the ins and outs of Amy’s life on the Fleming ranch, but what about the life of the actor who plays her?

We’ve uncovered nine fascinating facts about Amber Marshall and answered the burning questions that fans want to know. Read on to learn all about Amber and how similar she is to the character she plays on TV.

1. Amber Marshall Has Ridden Horses All Her Life

The role of Amy Fleming isn’t all pretend for actor Amber Marshall. For instance, like her character on Heartland, Amber has a passion for horses that’s only matched by her love of acting.

In fact, Amber was riding horses from the moment she could walk. In an interview with Horse Journals, Amber said, “I first started riding when I was about three years old. My parents had taken me to this little local fair and there was a pony ride circle.”

“I totally fell in love with the pony I rode, so my parents talked to the man and asked if I could go out to the farm to ride.”

“They’d take me out once a week and I’d ride “Tony the Pony.” That lasted a year and then the owner had to sell the pony.”

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming riding her horse Spartan on Heartland

Amber said it was a while after that she got back into riding, taking hunter-jumper lessons at ten. She got her first horse, a palomino mare, when she was 13.

2. She Has Her Own Ranch And Country Store

Amber lives with her husband, Shawn Turner. Together, they own and run a ranch in High River, Alberta, near Calgary.

Furthermore, just like Amy on Heartland, Amber’s ranch is full of horses. According to her website, Amber Marshall has nine horses on her ranch!

Each one has its own profile on her website, as do the other various animals she has on her farm. Moreover, each animal has a special hashtag that fans can follow on Instagram.

She also runs her shop called Marshall’s Country Store. You can visit in person or shop online for apparel and accessories.

3. She Documents Her Ranch Life On Social Media

Amber Marshall makes sure she gives frequent updates on her social media pages about life on the ranch.

It’s not just Instagram: Amber Marshall also posts about her ranch on Facebook and Twitter, too.

4. Some Of Her Animals Starred In Heartland

Amber isn’t the only one on her ranch to show off their acting skills. As a matter of fact, one of her miniature horses, Talon, actually plays “Monty” on Heartland.

In addition, her cat Mouzer played a kitten that Amber’s character, Amy, brough home in her coat.

Finally, she had a dog named Remi that starred on Heartland as Georgie’s dog. Remi unfortunately passed away in December 2022.

5. She Was Parade Marshall At The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is a huge festival and rodeo held every year in Canada. The parade is what kicks off the entire celebration. Therefore, it’s an honor to be chosen to lead.

Amber Marshall received that honor in 2019, tagging herself as “ParadeMarshalMarshall” on X (formerly Twitter).

6. She Played Elizabeth Smart In A TV Movie

Before she was Amy on Heartland, Amber Marshall received critical acclaim for a much different TV role.

She starred in 2003’s The Elizabeth Smart Story as the titular 14-year-old kidnapping victim. Amber herself was only 15 at the time and received a nomination for Best Performance in a TV Movie from the Young Artist Awards.

7. She Has A Hub Of Charities Called Amber Cares

On her website, Amber has a central list of charities to which she donates under the name Amber Cares. In fact, a portion of every purchase from her site goes to help the charity or charities on the list.

For example, Amber Cares currently donates to the Canadian Animal Assistance Team. They set up local clinics to provide spay procedures and basic health services to dogs and cats.

8. Amber Marshall Published Her Own Magazine

Amber Marshall branched out from acting and ranching by publishing her own magazine. It’s called Amber Marshall Life & Style Magazine and is available through Marshall’s website.

The zine covers everything from facts about Heartland to running a horse ranch to kitchen recipes. In other words, all the things Amber Marshall loves!

Portions of the proceeds from the magazine sales go to various charities, grouped together under Amber Cares.

9. She’s A Former Veterinarian Assistant

Amber Marshall answered rapid-fire interview questions for Avenue Calgary Magazine in 2014. In the interview, she said that her first job was as a veterinarian assistant.

Not only that, but she also revealed that her childhood dream was to be a veterinarian. It’s clear Amber has had a lifelong passion for animals and its nice to know that basically achieved her dream.

More FAQS About Amber Marshall

Have more questions about Amber Marshall? We have the answers below!

Is Amber Marshall Married?

Amber Marshall married Shawn Turner on March 30th, 2015. They had their wedding on the ranch they still own together in Alberta.

Amber Marshall and her husband Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner & Amber Marshall

When Did Amber Marshall Start Acting?

Amber Marshall’s first acting role was at age 13 on the 2001 children’s TV series Super Rupert. She played the character Ally for one episode.

How Old Is Amber Marshall?

Amber Marshall was born on June 2, 1988. She is currently 35 years old.

Does Amber Marshall Have Kids?

Amber Marshall doesn’t have any children and isn’t currently expecting. However, her character on Heartland, Amy Fleming, has a daughter with Ty Borden named Lyndy.