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Will There Be an All the Queen’s Men Season 4? Everything We Know

Will There Be an All the Queen’s Men Season 4? Everything We Know

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After dominating the BET+ ratings, Tyler Perry has reinvented himself by producing All the Queen’s Men. Better known for his Madea series, Perry proved he also has a surprisingly gripping knack for quality drama.

The series focuses on businesswoman Marilyn DeVille, the “Madam” of the Eden nightclub. Following similar story beats to Scarface and House of Cards, All The Queen’s Men showcases the corrupting influence of unbridled power.

For three seasons, the series has captivated BET+ subscribers and Tyler Perry fans. The fact that Marilyn DeVille is one of the best-written female characters on TV at the moment also helps set the show in a league of its own.

With Season 3 coming to a close soon, a new season seems almost guaranteed. With the story going in a wild new direction, let’s go over what we know about the inevitable Season 4 of All the Queen’s Men.

Season 4 Remains Unconfirmed

At the moment, Season 4 of All the Queen’s Men has not been confirmed. Considering the show’s popularity, though, it’s only a matter of time before Season 4 gets greenlit at BET+.

Currently, Season 3 is reaching its final episodes. The BET+ Instagram profile is currently running ads for Season 3, with no indication of a renewal in sight. It’s only a matter of timing, though. We should expect news of Season 4 arriving after February 22, when Season 3 ends.

All the Queen's Men main two characters starring at each other

Season 4’s Possible Plot

In Season 3, Madam took her political aspirations to a new level. What began as a show about the ins and outs of nightclub drama has quickly turned into a political thriller. Season 4 of All the Queen’s Men will likely see Madam delve further into her political career, as she attempts to take the Mayor’s office.

This change in pace is something fans expected. Season 3 saw her go head-to-head with some of her toughest rivals to date. Considering Tyler Perry will likely be the solo writer of Season 4, the series will retain the narrative style it has used for the last two seasons.

The Cast is Likely To Stay the Same

Considering most of the core characters of All the Queen’s Men have been unchanged for the past three seasons, Season 4 will likely feature the return of the same fan-favorite cast.

While new faces might join the plot, series regulars like Eva Marcille as Madam and Skyh Alvester Black as Amp are likely to return for Season 4. Other characters like Dion Rome’s El Fuego and Candace Maxwell’s DJ Dime are also likely in the cards for Season 4.

We’ll have to wait until production begins on a new season of All the Queen’s Men to confirm whether or not the cast will remain intact. Because, as we all know, anything can happen behind the closed doors of Eden.